Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“You bastard! I’ll tell the lieutenant what you did to me! He’ll take your head!” The door burst opened.

“Master, Daphne has arrived.” Elizabeth gently shook my shoulders.

I yawned, looking up from the bed. I was shirtless, and Elizabeth was straddling my back and rubbing me enthusiastically with her bare oiled chest. It was the best way to go to sleep.

“Yeah… I heard her irritating voice.” I responded drowsily. “What do you want?”

My flippant attitude only seemed to make Daphne even angrier. It had been a full twenty-four hours since she had last been awake if the condition I found her in that room could be considered awake.

We were wondering how long it’d take before she woke up. I was hoping another day or two, so I wouldn’t have to deal with her. I had spent almost everything I had on her, making her no longer worth the bonus money.

Admittedly, several of the enchantments I had placed on the building had been ones I planned to do eventually anyway, so her presence expedited a lot of my goals, but I still felt like she was a general pain in my ass.

“I said I will destroy you! You’ll wish you had never crossed me!” She screeched irritably.

“Get off,” I ordered Elizabeth, who quickly jumped off my back as I sat up.

Of course, I was completely naked, and Elizabeth had been oiling me for a while, making sure to get everywhere. This was oil from this world, not from my shop, so it was a little on the greasy side, but it was fine.

My cock was already hard, and it wagged up and down as I ended up on my knees. Daphne’s eyes flickered to it despite her attempt to maintain an angry and aloof expression.

“What say you?” She demanded, crossing her arms and making a show of not looking at my muscular demon body.

“I say if you had any desire to report me to the lieutenant, then you wouldn’t have come to my room first,” I responded. “So, the real question is, what do you want?”

“Hmph… well, at least you’re not a complete moron.” She responded. “There are some things that I want.”

“Oh, really?” I brought my feet over the side of the bed and stood up, watching Daphne with a faint smile on my face.

“Of course… I want a better room, with a bed, and want fine clothing. Because of your actions further, I want a cut of your profits too as hush money.”

“That’s not what you want,” I responded with a shrug.

“What? Who do you think you are to say what I want?”

“You want dick… because you’re a little elf slut.” I grinned.

“To hell with you… ahh! Wh-what are you doing?”

I slid my hand up her dress. She wasn’t wearing panties at all, and my fingers quickly slid into her wet hole. She was already aroused and ready to go. As soon as I touched her, her body shook, and she let out a hot breath as her body fell against me weakly.

“You’re so wet… all you’re thinking about is my dick, right?”

“No… impossible. I’m not…hah…”

“If you’re not that kind of girl, then why is your hand stroking my cock right now?”

She looked down, surprised to see that as soon as I touched her, her hand went and started stroking up and down the shaft while she leaned her crotch into my fingers. Her lips parted and her cheeks were flushed, but within her eyes was an intense confusion, as if she couldn’t believe her body was reacting this way.

“Th-this is a trick!” She protested weakly.

“This is your reality. Did you think after a day in that room, your body would ever react properly again? You’ve faced such mind-blowing pleasure that you’ve become nothing but an onahole desperate for pleasure.”

She shook her head as if trying to deny the intense feelings my fingers were delivering. “It’s not true! It’s not!”

“You can’t control yourself anymore. Now if you want me to give it to you, just beg.”

“I-I won’t!”

“Tell me you want it, or I’ll stop!

“N-no… please… don’t stop!” I hadn’t even stopped my fingers but just suggesting it had thrown her into an intense panic.

She reached down and grabbed my wrist as if I’d pull my hand away. I looked at her with a cruel smile.

“Say it.”

“I-it’s your fault… you broke my body.” She fought back one last time.

“Whatever the fault, you can only listen to your body now. Or, I can just leave you on your own.”


“Please what?”

“Please… give me your dick… I need your dick.”

“Hehe… I’ll give you this once, but in the future, you’ll need to work for it!”

I picked her up and took her to the room where she had been sexually tortured earlier. She didn’t even seem to question it. She also didn’t pay attention to Elizabeth, who followed behind us silently until I brought her into the room. I turned back to Elizabeth and winked at her before closing the door. She blushed and nodded her head, but that was all the communication we needed.

It was simple. Reprogram her body? Turn her into a slut with a single body breaking day of sexual delight? If it were only so easy. I only told her these lies to make her feel helpless and confused.

The reality was much simpler. Elizabeth had the mood setter ability. She was able to influence people’s emotions, feelings, and moods. Since Daphne had been asleep, I had put Elizabeth on ramping up her sexual desire and eroticism.

On top of that, Elizabeth was proving to be a natural at Telekinesis. The reason I had an erection when I sat up is that while Elizabeth was rubbing my back with her chest, she was also stroking my cock and playing with my prostate with her telekinesis.

Prostate play is fine since she doesn’t need to use anything to access it. There is nothing in my butt, she just happens to strike and push that area using her mind. It does deliver the best orgasms.

Anyway, her telekinesis powers were only practice for when she used them on Daphne. She used soft-touch tactics, so even Daphne didn’t understand why her body felt like it was being stimulated all over.

As a result, Daphne woke up extremely horny without understanding why, and as soon as she laid eyes on me, she felt an uncontrollable need to have sex. Then, when I touched her, I borrowed not just my talents, but Elizabeth’s abilities to turn her into jelly.

Upon convincing her that this was all a natural reaction to her body’s changes, and she became unable to argue with what was happening. Once we returned to the room that increased sexual excitement, and she was all mine.

I stuck my dick into her and began to ride her as she was bent over a table. In her mind, it seemed like I was delivering her this pleasure, and providing her relief. In truth, Elizabeth was altering her mood into satisfaction after each orgasm. With Truth Seer, Daphne wouldn’t be able to fake an orgasm and see if this was what was happening. She had no choice but to believe she was an insatiable slut, and I provided her the only relief she could get.

Actually, upon reflection, Elizabeth’s powers were a bit scary. She was only a level 5 minion too. I looked forward to seeing how powerful she’d grow, as well as where Alleya’s abilities would take her, let alone Diana.

“Ahhhn… Ahhn… too much! Coming!” She exploded in an orgasm, liquid leaking down her thighs uncontrollably as her body spasmed.

I didn’t stop though. This phase of her retraining required a bit more of a hands-on approach.

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