Yurtdışı Yatırım

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There was a beautiful blond elf girl tied up in restraints. Her arms were behind her back, and her large tits hung loosely. She was swinging from the ceiling. Although her feet could touch the floor, she didn’t seem to have any strength to stand on her own. Instead, she swung there, twitching, her eyes filled with lust.

I had errored a little in the beginning. I suppose you could say I was a little inexperienced when it came to bondage. However, I was learning quickly, and I had an elf partner that I was able to test many things on. It was now a week since she had first came to the brothel, and while the other girls continue to work and restore some of the money I had spent, she had spent her time in this room, being trained. Her reactions seemed to be going in the right direction.

“I didn’t think you’d get so aroused just by tying you up a little.”

 My latest trick was tying her up and leaving her there. I didn’t depend on the vibrator this time. It was just Elizabeth’s mood alterations mixed with the rooms sensitivity along with her being strapped naked. The second I walked into the room, she started panting like a dog who just heard their food dish being filled.

“It’s not true…” She responded weakly. “You cock, give me your fucking cock.”

I reached out and pinched her nipple. She let out a cry, her body shaking in her bonds.

“You should ask politely. Damn, your nipples are so hard. You’re so turned on right now. I’ll play with them a bit. “It feels good, doesn’t it?’

Her body shuddered as I twisted my thumb and finger over her nipples, squeezing, pulling, and teasing them. She had been in this room all day again, and no one could estimate the strength that this room caused arousal.

 I had tried it on Elizabeth while Daphne was still passed out, and it was enough to drive her wild with passion. Our massage after was postcoitus, and Elizabeth was so sensitive that rubbing her bare chest against my back was enough that she came again and again.

So, there was no underestimating just how stimulating everything I was doing was. It was definitely at the level of sexual agony.

“Please… please…”

“Please, what?”

She swallowed as she panted. “Please, Master, I need your dick inside me. I can’t stand it anymore.”

I kissed her, my tongue exploring her mouth “Mmm… Mmnnn…”

Even this sensation was at a level where she could barely stand it. As for me, the room didn’t actually have an effect on me. All of the enchantments didn’t affect me. If I had known any magic, I’d be able to cast it as well. A noise at the door caused me to pull away and glance at the door. It was there that I saw a face I hadn’t expected to see.

Up until now, my sessions had been on my own, but now I saw Alleya standing there, watching with a mild degree of entrance. Elizabeth was far too good a girl. She’d do anything I told her to do, and she would never complain no matter how bad it was, but deep down, she wasn’t like her daughter. She still had a conscience and empathy. She still felt bad. She’d never be able to torture someone.

Alleya was a little bit different. She was a princess who had never gotten to have power. I could tell there was a bit of curiosity in her eyes as she looked at the elf woman. I had bedded her a few times with Elizabeth, and it looked like her interest in women had peaked. Although, there was also a little bit of a sadistic side in her. The elf had looked down at her with disdain, and even pulled a knife of her. It was clear she wanted vengeance.

“If you want to join, then join?” I responded as I moved to the side.

Alleya jerked, but then after a moment she closed the door back tight to cut the sound out, and then pulled off her dress. Daphne finally noticed the other woman there, and her expression turned strange.

“I-I’m not into chicks!” She said, but her voice didn’t have much defiance left.

“You say that like I’d give you a choice.” I chuckled.

Alleya’s eyes brightened, and then she grabbed one of Daphne’s tits while I grabbed the other. The pair of us sucked on them, one in each mouth. With her sensitivity topped, her body shook and she let out cries of pleasure. Alleya quickly got bored of it, while Daphne was pleadingly looking down at my erect penis.

“How do these ropes work? Alleya asked. “Ah, if I pull her, that will pull her off the ground!”

She gave them a yank. This caused Daphne’s breast to fall from my mouth as her lower body dropped. She let out a cry as her legs were hoisted into the air. She was now swinging on the ropes sideways. Alleya looked on with delight, but Daphne’s head ended up falling dangerously close to my cock. Seeing it there, she began to stick out her tongue, barely able to touch the head as she desperately tried to put it in her mouth.

“Hungry for cock?” Alleya asked, a sadistic look on her face as she examined the shuddering elf.

Daphne didn’t respond, but she looked on desperate and pitiful. Feeling just a bit bad, I leaned forward, and she was able to take in the tip of my cock. She started to suck on it like it was candy. Meanwhile, Alleya bent down under Daphne looking up at her. In particular, her eyes were on Daphne’s chest, and her big floppy tits. They now hung down to the side, pulled by gravity. This was something Alleya naturally never had a problem with. No matter what direction I put her, her small pert breasts always faced forward.

“They really are just cow tits.” She muttered. “They even sag like them.”

Daphne was too busy hungrily sucking my cock to react. Her eyes were closed and her cheeks were flushed. She had her head leaning back so she could bring as much cock down her throat as she could fit into her small mouth. Alleya lifted up her head and bit the elf girls nipple. She let out a cry, muffled by my cock.

Alleya started to suck on her tit, and the other woman shuddered, juice leaking down the side of her leg until it dripped down from hip to the floor. As Alleya got more into it, she started fingering herself with one hand. Then, her second hand reached out and found Daphne’s cunt, and she plunged two fingers into Daphne as well.

“Mmmnn! Mnghhh…” Daphne shivered and moaned as she was penetrated by the other woman.

As for Alleya, she probably hadn’t known it when she came in, but she was just as susceptible to the sensitivity spell as Daphne. Her eyes were rolled up in her head, and she was sucking on Daphne’s tit so hard that half of it was in her mouth. She was fingering herself aggressively, and liquid was dripping on the floor almost as much as Daphne. She had plunged another finger into Daphne and was now full on thrusting her fingers into her up to the knuckle.

Alleya spit out her tit and laughed. “Hehe, you’ve totally become a cock slut! You’ve just become ruled by your carnal desires.”

She mocked Daphne who was excitedly sucking my cock, but when her eyes landed on it, she couldn’t look away either.

“Foolish girl, you’re just as much of a slut as her…”

“M-master… no…”

“If you don’t help clean my cock, then I won’t put it in you tonight.”

“S-so cruel!” Alleya abandoned her position torturing Daphne, and a moment later she kneeled right next to her, trying to suck my cock as aggressively as the other girl.

I leaned back as a princess and an elf desperately tried to satisfy my large demon penis. Sometimes, it wasn’t bad being in a fantasy world.

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