Yurtdışı Yatırım

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While Daphne continued to hang from the ceiling, tied up in various ropes, she desperately sucked on my cock while Alleya kneeled next to her, also eagerly licking away. In this room, sensitivity was cranked up for both women, and they had grown out of control with their desires, both girls not even restraining themselves from exchanging saliva as they gobbled down my cock. As the elf sucked in the shaft, the princess licked my balls. Neither girl could stop themselves, but it was absolute agony as they grew hornier and hornier.

I had a feeling those candles I had burned still had a bit of an effect in this room. The aphrodisiac lingered around the soundproof sealed room and perhaps permeated into the cotton fabric of the walls. It was perhaps enough to drive any woman crazy.

“I’m ready to stick it in.”

Both girls looked up with hopeful expressions, but Alleya who knew me better already understood that I was talking about Daphne right away. She snorted and stood up, standing over Daphne and looked down with her arms crossed. She moved into the position I abandoned.

“Suck my clit, slut.” She ordered.

“N-no…” she shook her head weakly. “I’m not into that… especially not some human!”

“This is princess pussy, you won’t get any better, you whore.” Alleya grabbed a chunk of her hair. “You heard Master, he wants pussy. If you don’t satisfy me, then I’ll be the pussy he fucks. Either lick it, or no dick for you.”

I didn’t say anything as I walked behind the swinging elf, but I could see her shudder in terror. Of course, I had made no such promise. I planned to fuck Daphne, and what Alleya wanted didn’t factor into it.

That didn’t mean that Alleya wasn’t an opportunist, and was willing to use Daphne’s doubt and confusion to make her do things she normally wouldn’t. I wasn’t going to bother correcting her.

If Daphne was dumb enough to fall for Alleya’s tricks, then she deserved it. As for Alleya, I knew she didn’t have any lesbian tendencies, she wanted my cock, but she wasn’t so far gone that she would take anything she could get.

In normal circumstances, she’d rather finger herself than be made to do something in desperation. After all, she had a strong spirit in her way.

However, this wasn’t about sexual satisfaction to her. It was about something else. It was about making Daphne submit and putting her in her place.

Even after breaking Daphne, she might try to assert herself as the top bitch. Alleya was taking this opportunity while she was weak and vulnerable to make her know who was in charge.

Elizabeth was in charge. Alleya knew she was the head of the household. Alleya might have demonic strength, but Elizabeth didn’t even need to use her hands. She could break a woman with a look, and it should be no question that her actions had contributed so well toward breaking Daphne.

Alleya never hoped to get ahead of Elizabeth, but she wouldn’t be last either! So, for her, this was about making the elf understand she was the brothel’s new dog.

Daphne folded, her tongue floating out of her mouth and touching Alleya’s pussy. A cruel smirk appeared on her face, and she lifted one leg onto the table while she continued to hold onto a chunk of Daphne’s hair.

“Yeah, eat it, you like the taste, don’t you?”

“I-I don’t!”

“Then, get a bigger lick!” She pulled her hair, pushing the elf girl into her crotch.

At that point, I lifted her leg and found her pussy. Unceremoniously, I shoved my demon cock into her elvish pussy. I was slightly disappointed since it didn’t feel different from any other pussy. I had thought elvish pussies might have a different feel. She wasn’t as tight as Alleya, and she wasn’t as warm and soft as Elizabeth.

“Ahhnnn… mmmm…” She let out a cry, but as soon as her mouth pulled away to get a breath as she moaned, Alleya shoved Daphne’s face into her crotch, grinding it there roughly.

“Lick that fleshy mound… yeah, don’t act like you don’t know how a girl likes it! Suck it… suck it!” She laughed as her body shuddered in pleasure.

“Mmmn…Mnnn…” She was trying to say something, but neither of us allowed her to speak.

With one leg in my arms, resting against my chest, over my shoulder, and past my head, and the other stretched down, nearly touching the ground, I thrust myself into her sideways. With each thrust, she swung on her ropes, but she didn’t have too far to move since her face was being smashed into Alleya’s crotch on the other side.

“What is it?” Alleya pulled away distastefully.

“Ahhn… Ahhn… Fuck! Fuck, his demon dick is so big! It’s fucking crushing my womb. I’m going crazy!” Daphne moaned, her eyes filled with arousal and lust, drool dripping down her cheek Alleya’s lust all over her mouth.

Any appearance of a reserved elf was completely gone, although Daphne had never been reserved.

“Hey!” Alleya reached out and grabbed her tit, yanking it like she was milking and utter. “Your mouth should be doing something other than talking!”

“Ahhn!” she cried, but reached out and started licking again.

“Yeah… like that… you absolutely can’t cum until you make me cum.” Alleya ordered.

I didn’t care about what Alleya was saying. I just kept pounding away, shoving my dick hard into her wet snatch, creating loud wet sounds that I knew wouldn’t leave the room. The moans and cries were loud enough that it would ruin Diana, so it was best that she wasn’t able to hear any of this.

Although I didn’t give a shit when she came, she had seemed to take Alleya’s words at heart. Perhaps, she was so lost in lust now that she was just believing anything she was told. Perhaps, she was so aroused that she didn’t care what the truth was. She was sucking Alleya’s pussy aggressively now, not showing any timidity as she noisily ate it, sounding a bit like a pig as her tongue rustled around in there.

Alleya, who had been doing it just for her satisfaction had started to be affected by the licking, and was no longer trying to humiliate Daphne, but was genuinely trying to get off. She had Daphne’s head in both her hands and she was rocking her hips against Daphne.

“So good! Yes… there… there… there…” Alleya cried out. “Master…”

Alleya looked at me longingly. I rolled my eyes, feeling just a bit like a softy over the princess’s erotic look. I shoved forward, pushing Daphne. Her leg was surprisingly flexible, and I bent her as much as she would go. Her head ended up between Alleya’s legs and under her. Her face was completely lost as Ellaya was straddling her head in midair.

Meanwhile, while still thrusting into Daphne roughly, and getting even deeper as I folded her like a pancake, I reached out and grabbed Alleya. Reaching down, I began to finger Alleya’s clit, which was currently sandwiched against Daphne’s chin. I drew her head toward me, and the pair of us kissed with Daphne being smooshed between us.

I felt it as her body started to spasm. Alleya’s thighs tightened around Daphne, and she gave Daphne no room to breathe and she came right on her face. Her legs nearly gave out, and she was putting most of her weight on Daphne’s head as she came. I would have thought this would make it tough for Daphne, so I was surprised a moment later when her own body started to cum too.

She caught me off guard because her pussy was sucking my cock in like a vacuum. Her vaginal muscles must have been really strong because her orgasm was really strong. Compared to Alleya and Elizabeth, Daphne’s pussy seemed to want to take my entire dick in. Alleya finally pulled her leg up over Daphne and got off her face, but only because she had lost the ability to stand. Panting, she collapsed to the ground, liquid dripping from her crotch as her body continued to shudder.

“It’s deep! It’s deep! Fuck Fuck Fuck!” Daphne cried out as soon as her mouth was free, spit, and Alleya’s juices flying from her mouth without any finesse.

“I was going to cum in your mouth and have you swallow it, but your womb seems to want it so bad, I guess it wants my seed bad.”

“N-no! I don’t want to get pregnant! Pull out!”

“Fuck… even if I wanted to, you pussy is sucking it back in, so take my damn seed into your thirsty womb!”

“Shit! Fuck! Damn… I feel it… your warm cum is pouring into me. So-so much! Shit… I don’t care… keep cumming! Just keep cumming! Haaah… Haaah…”

I filled her up with everything I had before my dick finally went soft. When I finally let her out of her restraints, she collapsed to the floor like a ragdoll. She lay there right next to Alleya. Both girls were dirty messes. If anyone told you they were an elf and princess, they’d never believe you.

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