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“It’s time that we put the elf to work!” Alleya declared as she walked out of her stall followed by a completed john.

She grabbed a drink in front of Diana and took a sip.

“Can you not drink from Diana’s cup after sucking off a john?” I grabbed the cup she tried to put back in front of Diana and tossed it in a sink.

Diana was sitting at a table, practicing her letters and numbers, while Alleya and Elizabeth were taking care of the demons who walked in throughout the day. It was business as usual. As for where the elf girl was… she was still bound in the sex room.

It had been a week since Alleya had joined in on her little sex sessions, and the pair of us had tag teamed her, bringing her to sexual heights multiple times a day, especially when the workday was over. Alleya in particular, after a day of sucking off demons, seemed to hold a lot of pent up sexual frustration.

She would often stick a vibrating toy in each of Daphne’s holes and then whip her until she came. I didn’t know if Daphne was a masochist before, but all of the abuse that Alleya had performed certainly made her a masochist now.

I supposed, I was responsible for some of the abuse too, but I wouldn’t take responsibility for it. Besides, Alleya and Elizabeth had both turned out alright, so it couldn’t be my fault that she turned out this way.

With a little more money coming in, I had gotten a recorder and speakers, and I recorded and started playing subliminal messages too. The voices were hidden under recordings of us having sex. I wanted to keep her mind and body aroused at all times because that served the messages, which were things such as ‘I am an onahole’ and ‘demons can use me as their cocksleeve’. This was done on top of Elizabeth’s daily mood attacks, breaking down her will and promoting her subservience and loyalty.

I didn’t know if I was going too far here. This had turned less into retraining, and more into brainwashing territory here, but I didn’t want to think about it all that much. I wasn’t some psychology person. I had to make do with what I was given.

Anyway, a week later, Alleya stormed out demanding that she be put to work. I couldn’t say I disagreed. I had spent nearly ten times as much on Daphne than either of the other two women, and she had yet to even earn me a drake.

“What brings this on?” I finally ask, bringing a new cup of juice for Diana, who takes it gladly. “is it another guest asking about tits?”

“Yes!” She snapped. “They see those cocks sliding between Elizabeth’s knockers and then no longer feel I’m sufficient! I’m already busy, but I fear Elizabeth will be overworked again.”

It was true that Elizabeth would work herself to illness if I allowed her. She did twice as many demons as Alleya, then cleaned herself meticulously and attended me as well. Last night, she had sent Alleya to attend me, which truly showed just how tired she was getting.

“Fine… tonight when we’re done with the johns, I’ll let her out.” I turned to a certain man sitting at the entrance. “Charack, why the hell are you here? You haven’t even paid for a service in three days. Just because I gave you that freebie yesterday for helping break up that scuffle…”

“Hehe… I was hoping to talk to you about that. It seems to me like your place needs some protection. I’m not good at too many things, but I like the girls and I don’t want anything bad to happen to them. I was thinking maybe you can hire me on.”

I thought about it carefully. In truth, Alleya was easily as strong as Charak. I had even had them arm wrestle once and the ended up at a standstill until I told her to lose on purpose. She even suggested that she might have been able to put out more strength and win. However, the thing about having a secret weapon is that it was no longer secret once you used it. Alleya was best off not being used as a bodyguard.

As was, Charak was a far more intimidating demon than me, and more intimidating than Alleya. He was a deterrent just by sitting near the entrance.

“I suppose you want favors from the ladies as well as pay?” I frowned.

He laughed, scratching the back of his neck. “Just one dragon a day is fine for pay, and then one favor a day as well. It’s as much as I was making in my previous job anyway.”

A dragon a day was probably the normal salary of most grunts. That meant that a service from one of my girls was usually a day’s salary. Some men came in almost daily, spending everything they made for favors, but most men only made it a weekly treat.

“You’ll get whatever girl is willing to deal with you that day. Same with what she offers.” I responded.


I nodded and we shook on it. “In that case, stay here after we close up. You’ll be the test subject on our new… girl.”

“New girl?” His eyes brightened. “You’ve brought someone in since the elf?”

“No… I’m talking about the elf.”

“The lieutenant’s woman! Are you trying to get me hanged!” He cried out.

“Calm down, will you? He already said she’s welcome to do as she sees fit. As long as she’s willing to serve you, then the lieutenant has nothing to complain about.”

He looked uncertain, scratching the back of his head. “I mean… she was pretty cute, but are you sure she was willing? She seemed to me to be pretty putoff-ish, and I heard problems that she was difficult on the streets.”

“What do you think I’ve been doing the last two weeks?” I snorted. “I’ve been ironing out her.. ahem… difficulties. She’s be as demure as a kitten… probably.”


“Well, all I can say is as a demon with high physical prowess… she wouldn’t be able to harm you… probably.”

“Sometimes, your words don’t fill me with any great feeling of confidence. You wouldn’t be a great general during wartime. Ah! I apologize.”

“It’s fine. Let’s just be glad it isn’t wartime, and I am no general.”

To some demons, what he said would be considered a grave insult. After all, demons were bred for war. Being told you weren’t a warrior was a good way to get into a fight. This wasn’t the case for every demon. After all, there were certain demons whose abilities focused on other things, like stealth. They weren’t warriors and wouldn’t be offended by being called weak. Rather, they’d stab that person in the back and cut off their head without restraint.

Most demons were pretty warlike. I was considered one of a new breed of demons who had started to go outside their previous programming. We were both idolized and mocked by current society. I was only vaguely aware of this, but since the day I opened my brothel, I had ended up creating my faction, which had many demons that were in favor of new business, and others who hated it. It was probably best I had someone around to protect the place. That was another reason that gaining the respect of this lieutenant was so important.

Elizabeth finished up her last few johns while Alleya sulked over her lack of a chest. I decided not to mention something that could cheer Alleya up. While Elizabeth was dominating the market currently with her large chest, that was because we didn’t offer other things yet. Once vaginal sex was offered and the demons adapted to it, Alleya’s young and youthful body would appeal to a lot of demons compared to a mother with a stretched-out womb.

There might be some demons who favored Elizabeth, but this world didn’t have enough experience to have fetishes yet. Simply put, she was older and frailer, and demons favored strength and exuberance by nature. With her demonic strength, Alleya may become the top girl once that service was offered. Since she was already arrogant whenever you complimented her even a little, I decided to not reveal this information.

Instead, I closed up the shop and then headed back to where Daphne was being stored. It was time for her big debut. Daphne 2.0, here we go.

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