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I walked into the room with the woman who was tied up on the ground. There was a waft of erotic smell that had wafted out of the room. Daphne had been trapped in there for a weak, only get a bucket of water to wash herself and a second bucket to use the restroom. Days of being erotically tortured had covered the floor in her fluids and permeated the walls with her elfish hormonal stink. I’d need to send Elizabeth in to clean this place, but it still might never lose the smell of an elvish horror house.

There was a distinct difference in scent between humans and elves. While they felt the same, elves had a slightly greener smell to them. It was a slightly woodier scent than what came from a human woman. Countless days of playing with her and then nights of playing with the humans had gotten me familiar with those scents. I was pretty certain I could smell an elf woman just by her smell now.

Daphne was naked again, and also placed on all fours where she was bound to the ground. She had a vibrator in both her pussy and ass and they were both vibrating at full blast. I hadn’t left her like that, so it was probably Alleya who came in at some point and set her up. Her body spasmed every few seconds as she let out rough gasps and whimpers. It was unclear how long she had been in this position, but she had cum many times, and there was a wet puddle under her groin. I pulled the devices out of her body and started to undo her restraint.

“Penis… Master… Penis…” She begged in a hoarse voice once she became aware of me touching her.

“Yes, you’ll have a penis, but it won’t be mine,” I explained.

Daphne’s blank expression turned confused for a bit, but she knew enough not to speak. I finished removing all of her restraints and then opened the door.

“Come on out, you have a customer.”

She stared blankly at the door as if she didn’t understand what I was asking her to do.

Alleya grew tired of waiting at the entrance, walked in and grabbed a whip from the table and snapped it. “Go, Elf!”

Although she didn’t attack the elf, the sound was enough to jerk the elf out of her blank staring. She started to move forward, but rather than get on her feet, she crawled. She kept her head down, her once beautiful blonde hair scraping along the floor as she moved. When she reached the door, she stopped again. Very slowly, she looked up at me, her eyes wide with wonder and confusion, as if trying to understand why she was allowed to leave the room now.

I scratched my head. “Will you just go? If you work hard for me, then you won’t have to go in this room anymore.

“No!” She let out a scream that caught me off guard, and then desperately tried to crawl back into the room, leaping and wrapping her arms around Alleya’s legs. “Don’t make me go! Please don’t make me go!”

Alleya kicked Daphne off of her, even whipping her, to which Daphne moaned orgasmically. However, she then lowered her head and grabbed Alleya’s foot, and started licking it affectionately. I raised an eyebrow at Alleya. She looked away innocently.

“I didn’t teach her that!”

I shook my head and sighed. “In that case, if you do your job properly, you can return to this room as much as you want. Otherwise, I will banish you from it forever!”

Daphne’s tongue stopped in mid-lick, and then she turned to me. She nodded enthusiastically, and then crawled back to me. This time, she pushed her head against my leg affectionately like she was a cat. If this had been a catgirl, that might have been endearing, but this was an elf woman. Maybe, we went a bit too far with her training?

Alleya reached out and slapped Daphne’s bare bottom. “Go! You have a customer waiting!”

“Y-yes, mistress!” She cried out, her butt wagging as she crawled out of the room, a red print on it.

“You have demon strength; you really should watch how hard you hit,” I responded.

“You’re one to speak! You spank us way harder! Didn’t you realize you’re a demon!” Alleya sniffed.

Ah… I guess I forgot that sometimes. Elizabeth never complained, and Alleya always complained, so I didn’t pay it too much mind, but I guess I should treat their bodies more gently in the future. They were my money, after all.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like their butts were covered in bruises or something. I mean, one or two, but I slipped a little healing solution and it was usually gone by the end of the day.

“I-is that the elf?” We heard the voice down the hall.

We came out to see Daphne having half crawled down the hallway, stopping when her eyes landed on Charak. Since he worked for me now, he was going to be our first test john for Daphne’s charms.

“It is…” I informed him calmly as I came to her side. “Go on. This is the man you’ll be having tonight.”

“…” She didn’t respond, just remaining crouched on the floor and watching him warily.

“I didn’t recognize her.” Charak shook his head. “You did change her a lot. She seems more… feral than the others. Are you sure she’s safe?”

“… yes.”

“I see…”

I didn’t know if she was safe or not. That was exactly why he was going to be a test. If this went well, I’d slowly offer her to all my more frequent and most trusted johns and steadily acclimate her into the job. Only when she proved she wouldn’t lose it or try to do something dangerous would I finally accept her as an employee for good.

“Pull it out then. Call her over.” I said, growing impatient and not wanting to spend my whole time after work dealing with Daphne.

“Okay.” Charak whipped out his nicely sized member.

 It wasn’t quite as long as mine, but it was just as thick. Like every demon, he didn’t think much of his sexual organ and would whip it out in public without embarrassment. So, he had no problem pulling it out with all the girls looking. Elizabeth rushed Diana into her room as she tried to get a look at it. Charak then wiggled it back and forth like it was a worm and she was a fish.

“Come on… put it in your mouth.”

Daphne looked up at me, but I nudged her forward and she finally started moving, slowly approaching the demon. As she got within reach, I felt a bit of fear. What if she punched it, hit it, or in some way attacked Charak? The door was behind him, so if she incapacitated him, she could attempt to flee. Maybe I should have dragged her into a room with him already there rather than do it in the commons.

It turned out all of my worries were for naught, as when she finally reached him, she sat up and looked at his dick. She didn’t take it into her mouth at first and waited long enough that just as he was starting to grow impatient and about to do something, she grabbed it and started to suck on it. I relaxed as she started to show the same skills that she had shown on me that first day. Charak leaned back against the table and moaned.

As her hand worked the shaft, she moaned “Dick… dick… cock…”

“Mmm…” he nodded with his eyes closed. “Enjoy that dick.”

Suddenly, she stood up shoved him back onto the table. He let out a noise of surprise as she jumped on top of him.

“Daphne!” Elizabeth cried out.


“Dick!” She cried, her eyes aflame.

She squatted down and put his dick inside her. Charak let out a noise of surprise, but as she started to bounce up and down on his cock, that shock turned to pleasure and excitement. A pleased smile grew on his face. For me and the other two girls, however, this event was far more somber. I could only frown as I watched the monster I created do what I created her to do, but I felt no pleasure in it.

Charak was now having sex with Daphne. Perhaps he didn’t realize the implication of this, but if he talked to other demons about it… they’d want to start trying it as well. In a single reckless act, Daphne had opened up the floodgates. My brothel would need to progress past blowjobs and tit jobs. Pussy was now open for business.

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