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After Daphne was finished with Charack, I could see the excitement in his eyes.

“Devon, have you been holding out on us?” Charak asked, grinning. “I wasn’t aware that women had a lower mouth. Although it smells a bit, it’s not a displeasing smell. Plus, there are no teeth.”

“Perhaps, with the right minion skill.”


“Nothing, Charack. She finished with her upper mouth, so you should have no complaints about the smell since she cleaned it properly after.”

“Oh, I don’t have any complaints, I’m just surprised you haven’t tried to sell this sooner.”

“Well, this “lower mouth” that woman offer is a lot more straining and difficult. If Daphne here wasn’t trying her best, she wouldn’t have used it.” I tried to put a spin on the event. “While it is true, I will eventually open up the “lower mouth”, I’m waiting until the market is right.”

“I see… I don’t get it,” He frowned, but as I started to sweat he let out a laugh and gave me a slap on the shoulder that was just a bit painful. “Well, I’m not one of you creative types, so I’m sure you know what you’re doing!”

“R-right… so, while I gave you a taste of this, please remain silent for the time being. When the girls open their downstairs for business, I’ll let you know first. Just be prepared, the cost will be much more than using the upper mouth. So, can you be quiet for me?”

“Of course, I’m an employee now! I will take this to my grave! However, I’m also an eager customer, so please open up their legs soon!” He let out another boisterous laugh and left the store singing.

He had even still had his thing out from earlier, seemingly airing it off as he walked into the street. A passing demon had to snap at him to put it away before he finally noticed. However, he only gave another unembarrassed laugh.

I let out a low sigh. Thankfully, Charack was a bit of an idiot and easy to please.

“Diiick… more dick…” She was back on the floor, on her knees, and looking up at me with an erotic filled face.

“You can quit with the act!” I snarled. “I fucked you silly, not stupid. Even I can’t turn your brain to mush with just my dick.”  

“Hmph!” Daphne’s vacant expression turned lucid like that and she straightened her spine. “It serves you right after what you did to me.”

Alleya gasped. “She’s still the old Daphne!”

I nodded. “I figured it out shortly after she mounted Charack. I was thinking that if Daphne wanted to get back at me and didn’t want me to know, then she’d be doing exactly that.”

“After all those weeks, we accomplished nothing.”

“Nothing?” Daphne shot her an angry look. “Nothing! How can you say that… even now, I’m wet. My brain is going mad with desire. You broke me. You’re wrong about one thing, Master. I didn’t do it completely just to screw you over. My body could stop itself. You’ve turned me into a slut!”

“I don’t understand, Master,” Elizabeth spoke up. “You got Charack to agree to keep it a secret, so no harm has been done.”

I shook my head sadly. “That was just a delaying tactic. Charack may be an okay demon, but he’s eventually going to tell someone about this. The only other thing he likes doing other than sex is drinking. One day, he’ll be drunk, and he’ll tell a demon everything. The word will spread, and eventually one of the copycats or street whores will try to monopolize the field to offer her vagina.

“It’s not the worst thing that could happen. This was always what was going to happen. I could say it’s been a pleasant surprise that all of the women universally decided to keep their vagina’s a secret from demons and have stuck mostly to handjobs and blowjobs.”

“It’s not that surprising,” Daphne spoke up. “Demons had no reason to have an interest in that part of a woman. Even when I had offered it during my time on the street, the demons always declined, not understanding the point of it. The only way the demons could gain interest is if a woman forced him to experience it.”

“And you decided you’d be that woman, huh?” Alleya growled. “It looks like I need to punish you some more!”

Daphne lowered her head, but her eyes flashed in excitement. “Please, Mistress, anything but that!”

Alleya’s expression grew darker, but Daphne’s expression seemed to grow more excited. That’s when I realized that there was something different about her. She had called me Master, and Alleya Mistress. If our reprogramming had done nothing, then she definitely wouldn’t be using honorifics. I also noticed that she wasn’t swearing any more. Casually, I reached out and slapped Daphne across the face, surprising the other two women. She fell to the floor, but when she looked back, rather than hate, her cheeks were flushed and she was breathing hard.

“Damn… so I ended up with an ‘M’. “

Remembering before, she had genuinely not wanted to leave her room. I didn’t think that was an act. While she hadn’t been depressed to a simpleton, and still had her wits and brain, she truly wasn’t the same person as before.

“An ‘M’?” Elizabeth asked.

“Nothing…” I shook my head before squatting next to Daphne and grabbing her blonde hair roughly, pulling her head up to face me. “I’m going to sell your body to other men. You’ll work for me and be a sex toy for many men.”

As I spoke her, breathing grew more disordered, but her eyes were crystal clear. There was no horror, revulsion, depression, or fear. Instead, I could see anticipation.

“Wh-what do I get out of it?” She responded defiantly.

I had a feeling she was intentionally being obstinate so that I was more violent with her. If I reacted to it by punishing her, she’d act more obstinate in the future. Since that was what she wanted, I decided to meet her obstinance by completely ignoring it.

“I will help you manage your new sensitive body?”

Her expression turned complicated. “The only way you could do that is to keep me in that room and treat me around the clock.”

I leaned closer. “You’d be surprised by the kind of things I can do for you… and to you…”

Her body began to shake, and her face was filled with lust. At that exact moment, she was completely putty in my hands.

“Will you serve me, and take care of my needs?”

“Yes… Master.” She responded.

{Your Minion, Alleya, has increased to level 4.}

{Your Minion, Elizabeth, has increased to level 6.}

{Your Minion, Diana, has increased to level 2.}

{Minion has increased to level 4. You can now acquire 4 minions.}

{Daphne is now your minion. You have 4/4 minions.}


Name: Elizabeth

Race: Human

Minion Level: 6

Perk: Iron Stomach, Telekinesis, Mood Setter, Truth Seer

2 / 4

Name: Alleya

Race: Human

Minion Level: 4

Perk: Improved Moral, Demon’s Strength


Name: Diana

Race: Half-demon

Minion Level: 2

Perk: None


Name: Daphne

Race: Elf

Minion Level: 1

Perk: None

I let out a noise of surprise, letting go of her hair so she flopped down to the ground. That was something that had caught me completely off guard. I had gained a level in my minion skill. When I had asked, I hadn’t meant it as a minion pact, but Daphne became my minion anyway. Did I level because Daphne was willing to be my minion, or did she become my minion because I leveled? It was just one of those questions that I didn’t know. Either way, it would make her easier to control in the future. I wouldn’t be against having her gain a few levels and ultimately see what she has.

As for all of the other girls suddenly leveling, I was at a loss. They were watching me slap around and abuse Daphne, why would that suddenly result in all of them growing more loyal and leveling? I truly didn’t understand women at all. Well, I only had to sell their bodies, not understand them.

Before I could even think about going through their next level perks, there was a knock on my door. I went to answer it, to see a man from the army who had a letter for me. I took it, opened it, and then after reading it I put it in front of Diana to read. She read very slowly, struggling to pronounce various words, but she did manage to read it.

“In short,” I said after she finished reading it, so slowly and broken that it was difficult to grasp what she had said. “The lieutenant will be patronaging my shop tomorrow. He would like to spend time with the Daphne and check up on her progress.”

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