Yurtdışı Yatırım

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The rest of the day went by without an issue. I was still checking over Diana, but I saw no physical difference. I had complicated feelings about that. On the one hand, I wanted her to be the cute little girl she was forever. It’d be a shame if she turned into something unfortunate looking during the demonification process.

On the other hand, I wanted her to look like a demon, and start exposing the men of the world to female demons. That would do a lot toward changing the nature of this world. It would also allow her to get accepted by this city and be able to run my shop and make money without me. Perhaps, a decade down the line, we could start opening more shops.

Other species couldn’t own or run shops, and I was uneasy with giving demons a charge over women. They weren’t fragile or understanding enough, not like me. They might end up abusing the women or making them work too hard.

Thus, it was my goal to put minions that had proven themselves to be handy, turn them into demon women, and get them jobs. Diana was my test for that. First, she had to look like a demon. Then, we’d need to get them to pass her on as having the same rights as men. If demons asked, I could reveal her half-demon past to get them to accept her. Once that was done and the laws were set, they wouldn’t be able to do much when other demon women started showing up.

I spent most of the day thinking about such things while ignoring the moaning noises of men and thinking that maybe I should put anti-noise fabric on the walls of every room just for my happiness. It used to be fine, but after enjoying the peace and quiet that the bondage room gave, I was feeling like it was insufficient.

Maybe I was just a bit grouchy knowing that eventually, the girls were going to end up in the next step. This was ultimately the goal, after all. The woman was introducing sex to the public. It had already been over three months since I had been to this world, and there wasn’t a single pregnant woman more since I started. It was about time demons sought out sex. It didn’t mean my girls were going to get pregnant. However, once demons became interested in sex, just like with the prostitutes on the street, they’d seek our companionship from women, and babies would inevitably follow.

While I was having such thoughts, the door burst open and a group of armed men walked in.  I straightened up, but Charack who was sitting at the entrance glanced at the men once and then closed his eyes, half looking like he was asleep. If I didn’t know the man to be extremely aware of his environment, even when he was seemingly passed out, I’d have worried he was slouching on the job. The truth was that he used to be an army guy, and he wouldn’t entangle himself with the demon lord’s army. He was happy to kick out rowdy or snobby demons with pleasure, but he wasn’t going to put his life on the line. He was still loyal to the demon lord.

It didn’t matter anyway, since I had already been warned. These men were here to escort the lieutenant. There were ten men in all, and none of them had visited this place before. They looked around the shop with interest in their eyes. They looked like rougher men, so it left me a little worried. A demon regular came out just as Elizabeth finished up with him. When he saw the group of armored men, he made a squeak and left the store quickly.

The store cleared out within a minute of their arrival. I patted Diana’s bottom and sent her to her room so there was no confusion. Demons who didn’t understand sex definitely wouldn’t understand the age of consent. I worried, but ultimately, I could only lead by example.

Elizabeth and Alleya were standing at their doors with their arms crossed, watching the men anxiously. As for Daphne, she was currently in her Bondage room. She wasn’t being punished, she just liked to be in that room that left her feeling sensitive and tingly. She tried to make it her bedroom, but that room was far too expensive to waste on that. Still, I had put a bed in it and it’d eventually be her sex room, once I allowed her to start taking guests. With the lieutenant coming today, though, we decided it was best if we left her clean.

After the hustle was over, that left me facing down ten intimidating looking demon men. I wished Charack at least stood next to me, so I didn’t feel like I was all on my own here. They didn’t say anything though, so we ended up staring at each other for a bit. I finally opened my mouth to speak.

“Can I help you?”

The men didn’t respond, but a moment later there was loud thudding sound, and the soldiers split up, creating a path for an incoming man. I barely kept my mouth from dropping as a large beast of a man entered the room. He was taller than the door and almost as wide. I wondered how he had managed to make it through. Each step caused the ground to shake… or maybe that was me shaking, I couldn’t tell. The men seemed to treat him with reverence as he walked up to the front of the store.

“Daphne?” He said only that word.

This was the man? He looked like he could tear me in half with ease. He was a terrifying brute. His face was covered in scars. He had a massive thick cranium, ugly brown and puke green skin, and long, curled horns. He was the most demonic demon I had ever met. Had I known this was the lieutenant, I never would have agreed to work with Daphne in a million years.

I gulped. “Daphne is in the back.”

“My men will be playing with your women. All at once. They are a team. They fight together, eat together, bath together, and… this will be done together as well.”

Looking behind his massive girth at all the rough-looking men behind him, I couldn’t help but swallow again.


“Tsk… knew it.” She muttered, walking up to my side and muttering. “I want chocolate truffles. And a pretty dress!”

“Done,” I said, half in a cough.

“Alright boys, it’ll be a tight fit, but I’ll take care of you.” Alleya rounded up the ten men, who crowded into her little room.

The ten of them standing barely fit. I saw her getting on her knees as the door closed behind her. With ten giant armored men standing in a circle around the little princess, it was a deflating scene. However, this was exactly why I had given her demon strength and regeneration. Not only did she have the moral fortitude to do her job for the good of the store, but if anyone could handle so many men, it’d be her.

“Sir, would you like…”

“I’ll take the one with the large chest.” The beastly man said. “I enjoy them.”

“I mean… that’s fine…” I frowned, a little confused.   

Elizabeth nodded and smiled at me. “We’ll be fine, Master.

“Yeah… but what about Daphne?”

The giant stepped to the side, and it was only then that I realized there was a man behind him.

“Sorry, I’ll be paying for this.” A man stepped forward as Elizabeth grabbed the brute’s arm and took him into her room.

Her room with just him looked almost as crowded as Alleya’s room. However, my eyes ended up focusing on the man who stepped forward. He wasn’t any bigger than me. If anything, he had a somewhat frail appearance. Most of all though, he was extremely attractive, with locks of golden hair and a gentle smile. His horns were barely noticeable, and he wore a fine military outfit.

“You are….?” I asked, but I felt I already knew the answer.

“I am Lieutenant Dire. I’m the one who sent you Daphne.”

That wasn’t something I had expected at all. The demon lieutenant was an ikemen!

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