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While my girls were servicing all of his troops, I was facing down a surprisingly delicate and kind looking man. No, I supposed he was a demon, but unless you were carefully searching, he didn’t look like one.

I never would have imagined that this guy was the one who had become enamored and then used by Daphne the elf. I never imagined he’d be the kind of guy fornicating with prostitutes in any case. He was attractive enough that he could have any woman he chose just by pointing.

Even if he was their mortal enemies, he was the kind of man who moistened a woman’s underwear just by looking at him. Naturally, I disliked him immediately.

“You know, that elf, Daphne, was extremely troublesome,” I said.

My previous timidity when I had seen the scar-faced giant was completely gone now. Against this ikemen, I was barely able to remain civil.

Despite my crude words, the man gave a gentle smile and bowed his head. “My apologies. I know that you are just a demon trying to run a business, and I burdened you with my selfish requests. Please, this will pay for the women right now, as well as a little extra for your continued troubles with Daphne.”

I raised an eyebrow as he placed a large purse on the table that thudded with weight. I pulled out a finger to loosen the top and peeked inside, only to see a fortune inside. It was at least 500 dragons. I was planning to rip the guy off with multiplicative charges on Alleya’s ten demon orgy and extra stress on Elizabeth from gargantuan, but this exceeded even that amount by many times.

“I suppose you’ll want to be seeing Daphne then?” I said as I immediately pocketed all the coins and deposited them into whatever inventory-like account they disappeared in.

This was one reason that no one could rob me. Anything that went into my coin purse ended up in the account where I could purchase items from my skill. If anyone else reached into my coin purse, they’d find nothing. Thus, even Alleya had to get money from me, rather than attempting to borrow it, as I had caught her doing a few times in the past.

“Yes, please.”

“Then, I’ll take you to her room.”

I gestured for him to follow me, and then the pair of us walked back into the room where Daphne was staying. She knew that the Lieutenant was coming, and I had even offered her an award if she behaved, so she should have been cleaned, clothed, and proper when I opened the door.

I open her door, and as soon as there is no longer a sound barrier, I can hear loud moaning sounds.

“Mmm… ahhhhn…. Fuck, fuck, fuck…. Yeeeessss!”

Daphne was on her bed, completely naked. She had taken one of the dildos from the sex table, the largest one, modeled after the biggest dick I had seen so far from the demons, which was thankfully only a bit bigger than my own.

She was using it fervently, shoving the item in and out of her snatch rapidly. Her legs were spread open as wide as they’d go, aiming directly at the door so that it was easy to get an eye full. Her back even arched, her butt off the bed as she shoved it in her fast enough it made a lewd, wet noise.

“D-D-Daphne!” the lieutenant cried out in shock.

“Daphne…” I said in a lower growl, ready to strangle her.

Of course, Daphne knew full well what she was doing. Her actions were the opposite of what I had instructed of her.

“M-master, I’m cumming!” She cried out gleefully, and as if on command, a stream of liquid squirted out from her parts, sprinkling with enough force to end up halfway across the room.

Most of it came just short of us, but there was enough splashing that our shoes and legs were sprinkled a little. When she finished cumming, her ass finally fell back onto the bed, but she kept the big dildo stuffed in her tight pussy, giving it the appearance of a stuffed turkey.

As her moaning slowed and she let out strong pants as she recovered from her orgasm, it was the only noise that filled the room as the Lieutenant and I watched her finish up.

“Devon.” The lieutenant’s tense voice came to my ear.

“Give me a moment.” I stepped past him into the room.

Grabbing the dildo, I yanked out of her with enough force that more sprayed out. She let out a cry of surprise, her eyes shooting open to look at me defiantly.

“You think this little tantrum will go well for you?” I snapped.

“Hmph! Do you worst!” She shot back.

I looked at the dildo flopping in my hand. “You like big dicks? Then how about you take a big dick in your ass!”

I grabbed her and spun her around, bending her over in the process. “A-ass? What are you saying? That’s way too biii—aaaahhhh!”

It was already very wet from her previous play, so it slid right in with enough force. I started to plunge it in and out of her ass while slapping it with the other hand.

“Ahhn! Master, it hurts! It hurts! Fuck, I’m going to cum!”

“Complaining about pain when all you are is a little masochist bitch! You think this is it? I’m going to break your ass! I’m going to twist your nipples! I haven’t even tried electricity on you yet. I’ll hook up a fucking car battery to your nipples and shock you until you piss yourself.”

“Fuck! Master… I’m so turned on! Ahhh… and you even have someone watching! This is too much! I’m already cumming! I’m cumming!”

“Stop enjoying it! I’m going to break all of your holes! You wanted to crawl, well you can crawl from now on! You can eat from a dish on the floor! All you can eat is the cum from your charges! I’ll definitely… what did you say? Watching?”

I had walked over there to just cover her up, but then I ended up grabbing the dildo and I lost myself in anger. As the result, I was beating her but with my hand until it was bright red while sodomizing her with a giant dildo, and she was spurting liquid all over the bed while crying and making lewd moans. Then, I realized that I was doing this in front of the lieutenant. I stopped my violent actions and turned to him; my mouth opened. My mind ran attempting to come up with an excuse to explain myself, but nothing came forth. Just as I was starting to lose all hope…

“Heh!” He covered her mouth, but his shoulders were shaking and there was a bout of laughter he was trying to suppress.

That was it. He was in shock. I had caused him to lose his mind. Next, he was going to go on a killing spree, burning this entire place to the ground.

“Lieutenant Dire,” I said, stiffly, at a loss for words.

He raised his hand and shook his head while wiping a tear from his eye. “Don’t stop on my behalf! This is quite amusing.”

“I see…” I responded slowly. “But… didn’t you want Daphne properly trained?”

“I wanted her safe and properly looked after.” He responded. “Seeing the look in her eyes, I can see she’s quite satisfied under your hands.”

“I mean… I guess…” I was going to argue with him, but that seemed counterintuitive. “Didn’t you want her for sex?”

“Sex… hmmm…” he tapped his finger on his lips. “That’s where I stick my dick, in her vagina, and we make babies, right?”

I couldn’t stop myself from tensing slightly, but he laughed openly now and raised his hand.

“Don’t worry. I won’t say a thing. I figured you knew about such things, even though you’ve been keeping it to oral pursuits. Not every demon was a mindless grunt. All of the ranking generals are a bit more knowledgeable about the world. As for me, I learned about such things from one such general.

“Back during the war, it wasn’t just demons on the demon lord’s side. At one point, there was a Harpy General. Her name was Heartcrest. She used to like to capture and torture men from the other side. She also abused her troops. I was convinced that her troops would leave her at any moment. No one likes to be abused, or so I thought. After getting into a fight with a group of them after some careful questioning that went awry, I learned that those men were more loyal to her than most, and would fight harder and longer, and loved her dearly.

“I learned from my general at the time that they were masochists, and she was a sadist. She was good friends with my general. She died in the war, taken out by a hero. In many ways, Daphne reminded me of Heartcrest. That was why I sought to protect her. It turns out I was mistaken. She was more masochist than a sadist, but that is fine too.

“I may one day find a strong woman to become my partner and try this sex you speak of, but to qualify she’d need to be strong enough to defeat my strongest demon. Until then, I only made this selfish request to honor my former general and a woman he once idolized. I am content that you will care for her, and keep her loyal to you. Perhaps, you have the makings of a general?”

“I’d rather just be a pimp.”

“Either way, I expect great things from you. I’ll be keeping an eye out for your continued growth. Good luck.”

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