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Somehow, I managed to survive the night with my head despite Daphne’s best efforts. Elizabeth came out with the massive guy first, but she seemed perfectly fine. She had her usual gentle smile and no signs that she had been abused or hurt. She was usually good at hiding it, but I checked her out carefully until she assured me she was okay.

Alleya took a bit longer. She looked quite a bit of a mess after she left the room with the demons. I immediately sent her to a shower. The demons seemed happy though, chatting excitedly about their recent dick cleaning. Although the lieutenant seemed to understand what sex was, it looked like he hadn’t passed that information down to his men. Instead, he let them discover it on their own in my shop.

I had to give it to the man. He was thoughtful and not nearly as bad as I would have thought. After talking to him a bit more, while I wouldn’t say I liked him, after all, he was an ikemen, but I didn’t find him repulsive either. Once his men recovered, he even gave me another smaller bag as a tip specifically to be spent on the women. I didn’t care one way or another, since part of my expenses always went back to the women. This just meant I’d spend those expenses on something else while he covered my girls, and thus nothing would change to me.

By the time Alleya was out of the bath, the lieutenant and his men had already left. That was for the best because Elizabeth had given him a look that didn’t make me too happy. When she saw me glaring at her, rather than grow repentant, she started to look excited. I don’t know what she was so excited about, I was going to punish her tonight and remind her who her master is.

“That was rough…” Alleya stretched as she came out of the shower with one towel wrapped around her body and another rolled up on her head. “Elizabeth, you got that big guy. Be glad he doesn’t know what sex is yet or he’d break you in two! Are you alright?”

I was naturally curious as well since Elizabeth hadn’t said anything after leaving nor did she look distressed.

“He was fine…” She responded simply.

Alleya’s eyes grew suspicious, clearly unwilling to let it go with just that. “Fine? What happened? Is it big? Was he rough?”

“We didn’t do much at all.” She responded, this time blushing slightly, which only made it look more suspicious.

“Come on, what happened?”

“I mean it, we didn’t do anything with his penis. He actually… um… we did a different service.”

“I don’t have another service on my board!” I jumped in, starting to feel a tinge of anger.

Elizabeth waved her hands in a flustered state. “Master, it’s just a special service I offer some patrons who want something else! He must have heard about it somewhere.”

“Oh… so Elizabeth is doing side jobs behind Master’s back,” Alleya smirked, clearly enjoying throwing her under the bus. “I guess even the perfect one had to fall at some point.”

Elizabeth grew even more terrified. “It’s not like that at all!”

“What are you doing with them?” I demanded, trying to keep myself calm.

She looked between the smirking Alleya and my glower and gulped. “Master, it’s just… I take him… I put his head in my lap… and I allow him to… suck… suckle my breast.”

The anger in my face turned to surprise, and then a bit to disgust. “What?”

“I stroke their hair while they lie on my lap and suck on my breast.” She responded, looking just a bit more defiant.

“Tcht…” Alleya looked away. “Of course, it’d be something I can’t do…”

“Wh-why?” I asked.

“It’s just, I get tired after being on my knees all day, and a few of them let me sit down. They pay the same as for a premium cleaning, but instead of sticking it between my breasts, they lightly suckle them.”

My face was extremely incredulous. I hadn’t meant why did she do it, I meant why did they do it. However, as my mind started working again, I answered the question on my own. These demons never truly had mothers, but they’d probably seen motherly behavior and perhaps had some inherent desire to feel what it was like to be babied.

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine that hulking lug splayed across a bed that was three feet two short for him with his head in her lap while he sucked on her nipple like a baby. However, compared to my other vision, seeing him with a ten-inch beast wrecking her mouth, isn’t this much less alarming? Plus, it gave her a break from her knees. She’s not as young as Alleya or as masochistic as Daphne.

“You should have told me.”

“I’m sorry, Master.” Elizabeth looked down, and I truly believed she was guilty. “It sort of just started happening. At first, it was just one guy, then it ended up being five, and I wasn’t sure how Master would feel about it. My breasts aren’t very sensitive anymore, so I don’t feel anything.”

“I see… so it was like that after all…” I was nodding as I accepted everything she said, but then my head stopped. “Wait, when we make love, you go nuts when I play with your tits.”

Elizabeth froze this time, a look of realization and horror flashing across her expression before she gave me a disarming smile. “Master… only you can cause true excitement out of me. I don’t feel anything with other men, but when you touch me, it’s electric.”

“Liar,” I said in a low voice.

“Geh!” She nearly doubled over. “I’m sorry, Master. I do like being with you, but I can’t enjoy every act, so sometimes I fake it a little. Every woman does it!”

“Alleya!” Alleya let’s out a cry as I suddenly turn to her.

“I-I don’t fake anything!’

“Except orgasms!” Elizabeth accused.

“I-it’s not true! Master! Ignore this witch! She’s already lost. Just toss her out of your bedroom, and I’ll be your woman from now on!”

“You’re trying to replace me as the head already! You traitor! After everything I’ve done for you!”

I let out an ear-piercing whistle, causing both girls to grab their heads. It was a lot louder than I expected. I was good at it in this demonic body.

“Alright, I’ve heard enough. As for punishments.”

“-ments? Master? I haven’t done anything!” Alleya cried out.

“Zip it!” I snapped my fingers causing her to turn rigid. “Diana… you have been listening to this.”

The door to their bedroom opened up and Diana stepped out sheepishly with her head down. “Yes, Master, I’m sorry, I was listening.”

I shrugged. “I never told you not to. What are your thoughts on your Mother’s actions.”

Diana looked up at me in surprise, but then she glanced at her mom. “Mother has been a deceitful wench.”


“Shut it! She can talk and you can’t reprimand her!” I told Elizabeth, causing her face to flush. “What else?”

“Ingenuity should be rewarded. She found a new way to use her body to fill a need. Rather than condemn it, the potential for more money and getting more use out of her body should be commended.”

“I see…” I nodded while Elizabeth smiled.

“On the other hand, Master would have been able to capitalize on this sooner had Mother been honest. Although I don’t think it deliberate, she lied to Master and should be punished. However, that is only a small thing.”

“A small thing?” I raised an eyebrow as Elizabeth looked at her daughter warily.

“Mother lying about her sex drive is the biggest crime! Master owns her body, and thus he needs to know exactly what her body can and can’t handle! By hiding the state of her nipples, then Master would be unable to make an informed decision. For example, if Mother was sensitive and grew out of control sexually, then this method of making money wouldn’t work for her.”

“That’s enough.” I nodded, patting her on the head as she preened happily. “You’re right. This method likely wouldn’t work with Daphne, who wouldn’t act motherly. If she didn’t berate the men, she’d act perverted instead. This is something only Elizabeth can do.”

“Then… Master…” Elizabeth looked up at me hopefully.

“Your punishment will be administered by Diana tonight.”

“Huh? My daughter?”

Of course, I was grooming Diana to be able to handle a brothel on her own. It was time that she got some practice. Practicing on her mother just seemed like taking care of two problems at once. The other reason I picked Diana to do this was that her mother was a mood setter. Even if it was unintentional, she’d soften my mood and I’d never punished her fully. On the other hand, Diana was a sociopath. She wouldn’t feel things like guilt or remorse and would be able to punish her mother regardless of the mood. If she was happy, she might end up worse. Diana’s eyes had brightened to the point where they were slightly scary.

“For the rest of the night, you must obey your daughter. She will properly discipline you. You cannot order her, control her, or do anything she doesn’t allow.” I explained.

Elizabeth didn’t look like she understood, but she would. Diana nodded, a creepy grin on her face. I warned her in a hushed whisper that she couldn’t break her mother nor cause any more than superficial damage to her body. Diana looked disappointed, but I patted her bottom and sent her on the way to her room with her mother, not sure how their relationship would be come morning.

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