Yurtdışı Yatırım

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We returned to my small hovel. They didn’t take much with them but the rolls I had given them. Actually, Diana handed me 110 wyverns she claimed she had found. Well, humans couldn’t buy from demons, so the money was useless to her. Her mother nodded at me, and for the first time, I felt a bit of warmth for these humans. We wouldn’t go hungry after all. It turned out that many humans would bend over backward just to find a demon willing to make purchases for them. There were some that existed, but their exchange rate was usually horrific.

When they saw my hut, Diana giggled excitedly, running around the small room like it was a field.

“W-we can seriously stay here?” The mother asked.

She had barely managed to walk here, but when I offered a hand, she vehemently refused. She said if I was seen helping her, that would be bad. I took her word for it, but the result was that it was nearly night when she managed to get here. Her daughter had been helping, but upon entering the house, she had excitedly run off. Still, Elizabeth seemed to be doing better since I made her my minion. There must be something like a status buff with just being a minion.

“I’m sorry it isn’t much,” I said, glancing around the small place.

Elizabeth shook her head. “No, this is amazing. To be able to sleep in a place that doesn’t smell like garbage. Actually…”

She sniffed herself and then blushed.

“Ah, that’s right, a bath. I saw a well at the end of the street.”

“I’ll get it!” Diana said excitedly.

I secretly entered the Builder screen and summoned a bucket. It cost fifteen wyvern, but I figured water was a necessity. I pretended to pull it out of the backroom and then I handed it to Diana. She ran off to get it.

“It will be cold though,” I admitted to Elizabeth with a sigh.

The woman laughed softly, her voice actually sounding somewhat sensual, and her chest heaving slightly. I found myself staring for a second. She caught me and raised an eyebrow. I quickly looked away.

“Um… sorry.”

“You’re the first demon… heck, the first man who has looked at me that way in nearly ten years.” She said, “Once I clean this body, please enjoy it fully. For some reason, since meeting you, I’ve felt more energy than I have in years. I feel like, if it’s you, I can definitely perform!”

“I’m not interested in your body,” I said.

“Eh? Th-then why?” She stepped back.

“It’s really just a simple exchange. I need you to earn me money. In exchange, I’ll be able to get things and improve your life.”

“That… even if you say it, I’m a human. To demons, we’re basically useless. Since demons have better stamina and strength, you don’t even value us for manual labor.”

I shook my head. “I believe there is a market. We just have to seize the opportunity.”

“If… Master says so.”

“Call me Devon.”

“Okay… Devon.”

As the night fell, Diana returned with a bucket she could barely hold. I didn’t account for how heavy it was with water in it. However, she was determined to bring it all the way, so I patted her head when she made it. The two girls ate a roll each, as I said I could get more food with the wyvern tomorrow. After that, they cleaned up. With food in their bellies and a clean body, they both started to brighten. Diana, in particular, seemed to be smiling more. The more she smiled, the more her mother seemed to be content.

In the end, the only place to sleep was the floor. I was going to have the girls sleep in the room, but they absolutely refused, claiming the room was reserved for the master. In the end, I ended up lying on a wood floor, with nothing but my clothing on. It was very cold. This was definitely not the life I imagined when I came to this world.

Tomorrow. Our life starts tomorrow.

A week later, I was out of money. I had been eating meals very thin, but 100 wyvern wasn’t much. I really regretted buying a chair now. It was 30 wyvern for a dozen rolls. Two dozen rolls to feed three people for a week. The girls were somehow really happy about this, but I was absolutely starving. I had put a sign in front of the house, but there hadn’t been a single customer. Perhaps I was way too naïve. This place doesn’t even look like a brothel. I didn’t even have a bed.

I was just about to give up and go look for an adventuring guild when the door suddenly opened. A large, imposing man suddenly walked in. He was the first person to enter this place in a week, and by the look on his face, I was afraid he was the true owner of the previously vacant lot I borrowed.

“Hello, sir.” I decided to greet him politely any. “Glory to the dark gods.”

“Hmph…” The demon snorted and then glanced around.

“I noticed this place seemed to spring up overnight. What is it?”

“Ah… didn’t you see the sign?”

“The sign says… ‘Blow and Go’, I don’t know what that implies.”

“Ah… well, naturally, this is a place where you come if you’d like to receive a blowjob!”

“A blowjob… hmmm… how much is this… blowjob.”

“Right now, it’s on sale for 10 drakes.”

“10 drakes!” The demon bellows. “What do you take me for, a fool?”

“No, sir… it’s actually on sale. Next week, it’ll be 50 drakes!” I said defensively.

“50! Whatever this blowjob is, it’s impossible that this is worth 50 drakes!”

“Well, if you give up the chance to try it now, you may never know.”

He thought about it for a second and then gave another snort, pulling out some coins and tossing them to me. “Very well, then, provide me this blowjob.”

“Of course, please sit in the chair.”

The demon did so, and then I went to the back bedroom and opened the door, bringing Elizabeth out. The demon immediately stood up.

“A savage!” He said. “What is this?”

“Ah… sir… please, sit and relax. She will be the one performing your blowjob.”

“A savage doing something?” The demon growled doubtfully. “Can’t you do this blowjob?”

“Nope! Absolute not! Never!” I said. “Please, sir, you must have a bit of faith. Once done, you will understand why this is a job for savages.”

“D-D-Devon, what is going on?” Elizabeth asked.

Naturally, she didn’t understand what the demon was saying, but she did jump when he stood up suddenly.

“Remember how I said you were going to use your body to work for me?” I explained to her in a hushed whisper. “I need you to do that now. Do you know what a blowjob is?”

“Ah!” She gasped. “Y-you want me to su-suck… his…”

“You won’t do it?”

She glanced back at the cracked door, her daughter peeking through, and then her hands tightened. “I-I will…”

“Then, please, use your mouth. Try to make a good first impression.”

“Ah… okay…” She said, blushing. “I haven’t done this since… husband… but anything for my daughter. Can you keep her from seeing?”

“Yes, of course.” I then looked at the demon, who was tapping his foot impatiently. “She will now open your pants and pull your thing out.”

“My thing? That dirty organ I excrete from? Why does she need to take it out?” he demanded.

“She will be washing it, naturally.”

“A blowjob is washing my excrement organ? You say this is worth 10 drakes! Aren’t you just scamming me?”

“If you aren’t satisfied, I will give you your money back, okay?”

The demon finally settled down with that promise, and with him sitting calmly, Elizabeth finally made her approach. She went to her knees, and then carefully undid his pants. Her body was shaking, as the demon had his arms crossed and was glaring at her the whole time. When his pecker finally came out, she took a breath of relief. Although it was dark, nearly black, it didn’t look any different from a human penis. This one was even on the small size.

“Ah… it’s smaller than my husband’s.” She said in her relief.

I wanted to throw a shoe at her. Fortunately, he didn’t speak our language and didn’t know what she said. A moment later, she said ‘ah’ and put the thing in her mouth.

“What is mom doing?”

“You, don’t look, back on the bed!” I ordered her, although I was still watching the entire exchange.

The demon’s arms steadily came uncrossed, and suddenly he gasped. His penis had achieved full erectness now, and Elizabeth’s head was bobbing up and down.

“Hah… Hah… Hah…” He started letting out panting groans.

“Mmm… MMmnglll… gglll…” Elizabeth’s throat made various lewd wet noises on his member.

“Ahhhh… ahhhh!”

It barely went on for two minutes when his back arched and he came. Elizabeth swallowed it all down, continued to cum as the strong and intimidating demon spasmed and flailed like a baby.

She finally pulled her lips away, wiping her mouth. “It’s less salty, more sweet.”

That was information I didn’t need to know. However, I decided mediation was needed at this point, so I stepped back out. Upon seeing me, the gasping demon put his dick away and immediately stood. All of his arrogance and haughtiness were gone.

“Th-that was an excrement member bath! Sh-she used her mouth! So disgusting!” Although he said it was disgusting, the expression on his face was pure excitement. 

“Yes, you can now understand why this is a job that only a savage can do.”

“Of course…  I even released… uh… something, she even swallowed the discharge! Savages are clearly built for this kind of trash work. I’m just shocked at how good it felt!”

“Hehe… well, I did say you’d enjoy it. So, is it worth 50 drakes?”

“Haha… 50 drakes? I’d pay dragons for that! Somehow, having my member washed like this reinvigorated me. I’ve never felt so alive!”

“Then, please, come again.” I gave a bow. “Oh, and tell your friends.”

Like that, we had our first customer.

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