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I decided it was time to upgrade the brothel. I had been saving up money for two more weeks. With the recommendations of the Lieutenant and the addition of a third girl, the profits had been recently increasing.

We were now busy almost daily, and I had accumulated quite a bit of coin. That didn’t even mention the Lieutenant’s extremely generous donations or the money I got from his upper staff.

That big guy had become a regular customer for Elizabeth’s suckling business, for one. I put some dragons away as a reserve so we never went hungry, but the rest I decided to allocate into expanding on my business.

I decided it was too late at this point to bother with keeping things secret. The girls had been at this place too long and familiarized themselves with the location too much for me to do any expansions in secret. They had typically ignored what I was doing anyway and just took it for granted I could do it. As for the demons, they just happened to be self-absorbed enough that they never noticed the changes, or assumed that I was doing them manually.

At this point, with five employees under me, it was pretty clear they’d notice, so I decided to get their input and just flat out say I was going to do it. To my surprise, no one was particularly amazed when I said I’d be making things larger. When I asked about it, it was Daphne who answered.”

“There have been many magicians throughout history who had abilities to raise buildings in a single day. I never expected it of a demon-like you, but I suppose since Master doesn’t exhibit in other impressive abilities of a demon, building must be your talent.”

As it were, most demons had a particular talent that they excelled at. For some, it was speed. Others had extreme strength or size, like the Lieutenant’s big boy. Of course, there were highly intelligent and strategic demons, and supposedly demons with tentacles, although I hadn’t met any demons that didn’t look like the traditional bipedal. I was glad for that. The day a tentacle demon visited my brothel, it’d never be the same.

Thus, after we closed the store down for the night, I went outside with the group. I didn’t want to do this with anyone inside. The magic probably compensated, but I didn’t need anyone getting squashed as I changed the store.

“What is your plan?” Charak asked.

“In a day or two is this meet. With that, I should be able to get an alcohol license. Thus, I’m going to be officially opening a tavern. It will resemble the saloons in those old western movies.”

Everyone gave me blank looks when I realized I was talking about things they didn’t understand. Sometimes, I forgot I was in another world.

“Will we have more room?” Alleya asked. “My room is so small, when I had those ten men in there, I thought I’d suffocate!”

“Yes, I’ll be moving to a two-story structure. Our bedrooms will be in the back, behind the saloon, and the brothel rooms will be on the second story. They’ll be the same size as the bedrooms. Well, it’ll be better if I just show you after I finish.”

“I lifted my hands, and the entire building began to glow. In the low lighting of the night, it would stand out, but demons were of a type that often kept to themselves. A few demons might have glanced in this direction, but then they went about their business.

I focused on all of the changes I wanted. As I moved rooms, shifted pipes, built bathrooms, and expanded the square footage, I kept myself from tearing up as I saw my money witling away quickly. Dragons in the thousand quickly became just a few drakes.

Of course, I had calculated how much I needed to do the changes I wanted to do, so I made sure I had enough coin to do it. I still had plenty of dragons put away for food and clothing, and the girls were always making more. I still had to remind myself of that a few times.

Plus, Lieutenant Dire had promised me more coins when I went to the annual meet and represented the humans.

The entire job ended up taking about thirty minutes. Diana naturally got bored after five, and Elizabeth did her best to keep her daughter distracted. Thankfully, despite Diana taking control of Elizabeth’s punishments one night, their relationship hadn’t changed all that much.

Daphne ended up saying something rude while waiting, and Alleya proceeded to punish her. I usually used Alleya to punish Daphne these days unless I was in a really bad mood. After realizing how much Daphne liked being punished, and usually wore a lewd face when Alleya touched her, she had pulled back a bit, but I had ordered her and improved morals made her feel it was her responsibility.

After weeks of it, Alleya had fallen into her role as a dominant to Daphne’s submissive, and it wouldn’t be unusual to walk in on Daphne on the floor while Alleya stepped on her. I think Alleya was starting to get off on the power. She was a princess before, so I guessed any taste of the power she was denied felt good, and eventually turned to erotic against Daphne’s moaning, drooling, and otherwise horny behavior.

Of course, she didn’t use Daphne for sexual gratification, or the punishments would be ineffective and result in even worse behavior. So, while Alleya abused her, she never let Daphne touch her sexually, or vice versa.

That was one of the reasons I let Alleya take over it. She could keep her sadism professional. For me, when I punished Daphne, her sexy, writhing elf body moaning and panting became too much. One minute, I’d be giving her a spanking, and then the next minute I’d be banging her ass while pulling her hair. She always got worse for a day or two after I gave her the abusive sex she wanted.

On the other hand, Alleya who used to only come on to me when Elizabeth made her feel inadequate became sexually aggressive on days where she had punished Daphne the most. In short, it was clear that Alleya got turned on by abusing Daphne, something she was doing at that moment. She had her knee on Daphne’s back and was pulling her hair while Daphne’s tongue was sticking out lewdly. It was an unsightly scene, so I was glad there weren’t too many people around.

Finally, the light faded, and even though the ability didn’t take mana or physical exertion, I felt like I had been working all day. It was more mental exhaustion than anything. However, now that everything was done, it was time to show the girls what I did.

I led everyone inside, and we walked into an extremely large room roughly the size of what our entire place had once been. I only had the one table from before. In time, I’d need more furniture, as there was room for about six or seven tables. There was the typical bar on the left, complete with seating.

“Is this place for me?” Charak asked.

In the corner was a particularly nice stool that sat along the side of the bar, in a slam ledge. If I was standing behind the bar, anyone who wanted to get to me would either have to leap over it or pass that location. Plus, Charak would have a piece of the bar to put his drink, and he had a clear view of the entire common room, as well as the 2nd story. I hadn’t thought of it, but since Charak pointed it out, I gave him a thumbs up.

“Just for you, buddy.”

Tears came to his eyes, so I quickly moved on before he thought about hugging me or something.

“Master, can you give us a tour of the place?” Elizabeth’s eyes lit up.

“This is just the beginning.” I nodded as I started to show them brothel 2.0.

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