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I began to give the girls a tour of our new home and workplace. I supposed it was a full-on brothel now, but I preferred to call it a house of pleasure or something like that. I’d work more on the name in the future.

The first big change was that the place was roomy now. The area where the women would be taking their Johns was upstairs and out of earshot. I made sure the walls were thick and padded for every room, and while it wasn’t at the level that I had soundproofed the sex room, these rooms would allow them privacy and those in the main common room some peace and quiet. Naturally, they still included the bell alarm in case the girls were ever in trouble.

The common room would eventually be filled with tables and chairs for people to sit and lounge, even if they weren’t hiring the girls. I saw a time when my girls intermingled with the men who visited the tavern. When a demon decided he liked a girl, he’d pay the bartender, and then she’d take him up to her room. Why did I say bartender and not myself? Well, naturally, I’d eventually like to replace myself with a bartender so I could free up my time for other things, like napping.

Winter was coming soon, so I had included a large brick fireplace at the end of the commons room, and it led into a properly built brick chimney that met the standards of my own country. The rest of the house was wood, just like a saloon, so I didn’t know how heat efficient it would be. At least, the firepit would be a source of warmth on top of the furnace. Honestly, I just liked fireplaces and wanted to have one. The sound of the crackling fire was peaceful and I enjoyed the radiant warmth on a cold night. It was for me more than the guests.

In the back of the commons was a door. This led to a hallway, revealing eight rooms. Five of them were of identical size, and they were set up for each of the women to choose which one they wanted. Naturally, Elizabeth got the first pick and it went down the line from there. No, I didn’t have a room for Diana. She would have to share it with her mother. The two free rooms were for two future women. I had to plan for that.

The sixth room was my room, and it was about 50% larger than the other rooms. Since the women frequently came to my room at night, it made sense I had a larger room, as well as a larger bed. Thankfully, the girls all had the good sense not to become obnoxious and bug me about fairness. I thought it might have come from Alleya or Daphne, but they were still exclaiming and making excited noises as they looked around.

Other than the sixth bedrooms, there was a bathroom and a kitchen. We previously didn’t have a kitchen, and Elizabeth did all of her cooking around the stove, which also heated the home. This time, I had created a furnace, and the stove here was purely for cooking. I also managed to get the oven, refrigerator, and microwave. There was a pantry we could stock with food as well. Finally, I wouldn’t have to be bothered to be Elizabeth’s ingredient store when she cooked. She could just place a bulk of stuff in here.

The kitchen also included a small break table where we could sit and eat, although there was only enough room for four. If we all wanted to eat together, we’d need to set up in the common room.

I briefly showed Elizabeth how everything worked, and she got more excited from one thing to the next. The ability to refrigerate food was naturally foreign to her, but even this world understood the concept of keeping food in cool, dry places. They had wine cellars, after all. So, she understood the value of a box that was always cold.

How was I powering this? I naturally had a generator in the back. I had found out after some rummaging and managed to get a barrel full of something called lightning stones. They generated an electrical current. They were magical, or something like that. I wasn’t an electrician, but with the right setup, I was able to connect the generator to the bucket, and every time a stone zapped, the power ended up slowly charging the generator, which in turn charged the house.

The demons saw no real need for them, as they didn’t generate enough power on their own to be considered dangerous, but harnessing an entire barrel of them should be enough to keep the place powered. Once again, they all took the access to electricity in stride. They seemed to just expect I could do these things. If the barrel proved to not be enough, I could get more. By the way, Charack wasn’t touring this part of the tavern. He had already plopped down in his seat, closed his eyes, and took a comfortable nap.

I then led them into the shared bathroom. Technically, it wasn’t one room, but many small rooms with dedicated purposes. In an open section preceding the closed doors, there were three sinks, not unlike what you might see in a public restroom. It was an open concept so you could use them and get ready without needing to occupy the whole bathroom. After living with four women for months on end, I realized the necessity of this. As for the rest, two toilets were separated from the rest of the bathroom, as I didn’t want to be in a situation where I needed to use the restroom and couldn’t.

The main focus of my bathroom was the bath part. Rather, I didn’t create a bath at all. I abandoned the tub from the previous design and instead created a shower room. It had enough space to fit all of the girls, and when you turned on the levers water rained down on you. The tub took too long to fill, the girls couldn’t all fit and get clean at once, and of course, I wanted the room to enjoy them in the shower too.

We left the living area in the back, and then I took them to the stairs. They led to a balcony that covered two sides of the saloon, revealing the upper floors. They were in full view of the bar so that I could keep an eye on everything. There were five rooms up here, each one included a shower.

The girls no longer had to run out covered in spunk as they ran to clean up for the next john. Sure, the demons never complained about it, but I did. Now, they could wash off from their business before they left the room. They could also make the demons wash off first if they happened to be leaning on the filthy side. Even though I sold a cleansing service, that didn’t mean they could come filthy. There had been a handful of demons I had kicked out and refused service because their stench was too bad.

Each room was extremely simple and the bed took up most of it, but it still offered twice the room of the previous. Daphne looked unhappy until I showed her the sex room, which I had also moved up there as room six. Like my room, it was bigger, although this would be for something like another ten-demon train. It had the same enchantments and amenities as Daphne’s previous room, but I had to remind her that this was now a shared or overflow room, and was to be used as needed, not for every john just because she was a horny freak.

With that, I had utilized all of my money gathered for months plus the lieutenant’s generous donations and also filled up my lot. There was no longer any semblance of a yard, and the place almost perfectly fit the lot like we had been built that way from the start. If we wanted to expand any more, we’d need to purchase the properties next to us or create a third floor.

After I was done touring, the girls were extremely appreciative. We snuck past the snoring Charak, and Diana was sent to bed while the rest of us went into the roomy shower. By the end we were clean, but many dirty things happened before getting there.

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