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“So, how do I look?” I asked, presenting myself to the girls.

“Master is very handsome.” Elizabeth smiled while straightening my shirt.

I wasn’t exactly sure how the demons would dress at this demon meeting, but I decided to bring out some clothes that would fit for a nice occasion. After spending all of my money and refurbing the building, the time to the end of the month and the meeting between the demon factions had come. Business had been good, and we were quickly making back our losses. The brothel was always busy now, and hopefully after this I’d even have an alcohol license too.

“Alleya, are you ready?” I called out to the upstairs.

“It takes time!” A voice shot back down, however, Alleya left her room upstairs and began to walk down.

I had a feeling she had chosen to get changed in her workroom rather than her bedroom exactly for the effect of me watching her walk down the stairway. I wanted to dismiss it, but it was somewhat successful. Alleya was undoubtedly a beautiful woman and dressed up as she was, it was a sight to behold. Her blonde hair was done up, and she was wearing a fine purple dress she had asked me for. Her face was done up with makeup, and everything about her glowed. Even Diana looked up at the scene with her mouth open.

When she reached the bottom of the stairway, she blushed slightly. “Are you sure it is okay if I come?”

I shrugged. “Lieutenant Dire didn’t say I couldn’t bring a human. Besides, if they are going to fight for human rights, it’d be important to have at least one human of importance on their side.”

Alleya was a princess and the closest thing I had to an advocate for humans. Although she had become a prostitute servicing demons, she still had dreams of making the world a better place for other humans. I decided to give her that opportunity to make a difference. Although, if I was being honest, I mostly invited her because I feared the meeting would be boring, and I felt I could use her expertise when it came to any political intrigue. I didn’t have a mind for any of those things, so Alleya would let me know if she caught anything happening that I should pay attention to. In short, she was my political advisor on this visit.

“Are you sure I can’t go?” Elizabeth asked the opposite question.

“The brothel will be opening up soon,” I replied. “I need you and Daphne working the floor. Just because there is a big demon meeting doesn’t mean the underlings aren’t still looking to have their dicks cleaned.”

“I see…”

I could justify bringing Alleya as a princess, but I couldn’t justify bringing all of them. There was money to be made and Elizabeth was still my top income girl. Besides, this was a good test run. Not only was this the first time I’d be fraternizing with any large group of demons, but this would be the first time the girls were working the brothel without me. I had prepared Diane the best I could and she knew numbers well enough to manage the rather simple transactions we currently handled. There was also Charak there if anyone caused problems. I had cut him off on drinks, which he was unhappy about, but I needed him sober for tonight. He needed to be more mindful than usual since I wasn’t around.

“If you guys will manage, then I guess the two of us will be off.”

The girls seemed more anxious about this than I. Alleya was also acting meeker than usual. She took my arm and kept her mouth shut. Compared to the talkative and arrogant girl I remembered, this version of her was rather nice. The pair of us walked off into the night, leaving the brothel behind.

The place of this demon meeting was in the middle of town, in what was formally a rich merchant’s mansion. The strongest and highest rank demons had all taken up residences in the largest and nicest homes that once belonged to humans. They had no concept of power, so while the demons typically took large mansions, they ignored the actual capital buildings and seats of power, which if not smaller, were less ornate and gaudy.

One thing demons had picked up since the war was the idea of wealth. That was why they had a currency and used it. Demons enjoyed the appearance of wealth, and from what they took from humans, wealth was having a lot of gaudy looking things. The locations they favored were often the most decadent and colorful. If it came between an elegant marble building or a bright red and green gem encrusted one, they would pick the colors.

We didn’t head straight to the largest mansion in town yet. Rather, we went to a smaller mansion, which was where the lieutenant asked me to meet with him and his party. I knocked on the door with Alleya in my arm. The door opened, and to my surprise, we were greeted by a human wearing what likely constituted a servant’s attire.


The woman lowered her head. “My lord, please, this way.”

I snorted. “I’m no lord.”

“Of course.” She kept her head down as she turned and guided the pair of us into the mansion.

We ended up in a study filled with five other demons. I recognized two of them as having visited my brothel before.

“Devon, it’s good to see you!” A larger man waved his hand.

He was wearing a sleeveless vest. If it wasn’t for his blue skin and giant horns, he’d look like a day laborer. I nodded to the man to acknowledge him since I didn’t remember his name. I was never good with names. Even remembering the girl’s names was troublesome.

“Human, bring us drinks.” One of the men said in a husky voice as the one who guided me in tried to depart.

As we watched her leave, I raised an eyebrow. “A human servant?”

“It’s well known that some humans have become servants and laborers to established demons.” One of them said. “Of course, they aren’t allowed to hold money, so we can’t pay them, but it’s remarkable what a human will do for food and shelter.”

“I see…”

This was already changing some of my misconceptions about a demon and human society. I had thought that the demons had written off humans entirely. Perhaps, that was how it looked in public, but in private, demons seemed to be happy exploiting humans for their own comforts. Well, I wasn’t one to talk. I took that logic to the natural extreme.

“Boss will be arriving shortly.” A man I didn’t recognize spoke up. “I see you have brought one of your human girls. I’ve heard about this cleaning service of yours. Since we are waiting, let us be entertained by being refreshed by this creature.”

As he spoke, he had already pulled out his cock. It was a scaley thing covered with warts. Did my girls have to touch such things? Probably, but I usually didn’t need to see it. He even wagged the thing at Alleya. She tightened visibly, looking at me with anxious eyes.

“She’s not working tonight,” I responded casually.

“Huh?” The man’s eyes narrowed. “What are you saying? We’re all allies now. So, give me this girl to play with for a bit.”

He took a few steps forward. One of the men who were more familiar with me and Alleya tried to step between us, but he shoved him aside, his eyes already looking her up and down. There was a somewhat lewd expression on his face. Although I had never met him and he acted like this was his first dick cleaning, he didn’t come off like the naïve and childish demons I was used to. This man had some experience.

There were rumors that during the war, some demons raped and brutalized women. It wasn’t like sex simply did not exist. These deviant demons who lusted after women were just rare. They learned their perversions, often by destroying dozens of innocent women in the process. If I had to guess, this man was one such demon, and now he had his eyes locked on Alleya!

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