Yurtdışı Yatırım

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As the man approached with his disgusting dick out, the tension in the room seemed to increase significantly. Alleya stepped forward.

“I’ll do it.” She declared.

I could see the barely contained disgust in her eyes, but she was forcing herself to do it to keep the peace with the demons. As she volunteered, the other men took a breath, and the guy with his dick out’s perverted face grew even more disgusting. With a grin, he took another step forward.

Alleya moved to get on her knees when my hand went out. I grabbed her, and then pulled her back to me. She gasped as my hand wrapped around her, holding her close to me. The demon blinked, confused by what just happened.

“I said that she is not working,” I repeated coldly. “Did you hear my words the first time and choose to ignore them, or are you a fool who cannot listen?”

Alleya turned to look up at me, her eyes growing wet. “M-master…”

I didn’t know why she gave me such a look. I wasn’t doing anything like protecting her honor. The guy wanted to get his dick sucked for free. How could I allow such a travesty? Besides, this was Alleya’s day off.

One of the rules I made for the girls is that you only worked on the days you worked. If you had a day off, you didn’t work. I didn’t need the girls feeling like they needed to earn extra on overtime, so I was very strict about that.

“You…” His eyes started to narrow as he realized I wasn’t budging. “Do you have any idea who I am? You dare to-”

“Dare to what?” A pleasant-sounding voice came from the door.

The man jerked as he turned to look at Lieutenant Dire, who had just arrived. The lieutenant’s eyes dropped down to the man’s exposed pecker, his eyes giving none of his thoughts away.

“Apologies, Dire. I was in error.”

That was as much of an apology he gave as he put his pecker back in his pants and turned his back to me, returning to where he had originally been standing. Dire’s eyes darted around the room, and I had a feeling like he probably understood everything that had just happened.

That was good because I wasn’t in the mood to explain it to him. I hadn’t moved a step, and I was comfortable where I was, Alleya pressed against me. She was fidgeting a little, but she remained in my arm.

After deciding not to take things any farther, Dire gave a nod and walked the rest of the way into the room. The servant came in, bringing a plate of food and wine. She poured wine and gave each demon a glass.

Thankfully, she was an old woman, so she didn’t gain the interest of the perverted demon at all. His eyes still flickered to Alleya from time to time though. I was also certain he had given me a few looks that would have been considered aggressive, even for a demon.

“What do you think, Devon?” Dire asked.

With my spare hand, I was raising my glass to my lips when I stopped. I hadn’t been expecting to be addressed so suddenly.

“About?” I asked.

“This servant.” He responded. “I saved her off the street, as I had once tried to do with Daphne. She would have starved and died a long time ago.”

I glanced at the old lady, who looked up at me and gave a slight nod as if she was agreeing. Her eyes held a bit of warmth and approval toward me.

I think she had seen me protect the princess and had approved of the act. Either that or the god of this world had instilled in me some kind of human magnetism.

I certainly didn’t have that trait when I was a human, so I didn’t know why I would have such a trait as a demon.

“It gives me hope that there is a future between humans and demons,” I responded, giving the Milquetoast answer I was pretty sure he wanted.

He broke into a big smile, clearly pleased with my answer. He nodded excitedly.

“Yes! Yes, that’s what I’ve been saying. Human beings are a resource, and demons can make use of such a resource. We should be working alongside them, not against them.” He responded.

He sounded like an idealist and an optimist. I had no care whether it was humans, demons, or donkeys in charge.

This didn’t just come from my shining personality. I had already died once. I came from another world where demons didn’t exist.

It was a world overflowing with humanity. If a demon was dropped in that world, he’d be a minority, and it’d be the humans talking about treating the demon with compassion and equality.

There were probably still other worlds ruled by other cultures. There might be a world of elves, and a world of animalkin, and so on. Thus, none of this mattered.

There were always advantaged and disadvantaged. Equality was a myth. If every human in this world died out, it wouldn’t mean a thing in the grand scheme of things. My old world would still be filled with humans, and this world would still be filled with demons.

The best-case scenario would be that everyone banged each other and that the humanity got diluted out through the demon bloodline and we ended up with a hodgepodge of half-demons like Diane probably was.

Then, everyone could just go find something else to hate each other over, like skin color or horn size.

As for everyone else present, I was pretty sure that whether they agreed with the lieutenant or not, their reasons for being here were less altruistic. The perverted demon likely wanted a chance to get close to trusting humans to abuse them. The tall man with the ridged horns probably was looking for wealth or power. None of these so-called allies truly cared about humans. That’s what I believed.

“Perhaps, we should get down the business. The meet will be starting in less than an hour.” One of the demons spoke up.

“Right, of course.” Lieutenant Dire nodded. “Let me introduce everyone.”

He went on to introduce each of the men, but I forgot their names immediately. They all had positions of some rank. They weren’t all military figures. Some had positions in the various trade organizations, which were similar to guilds.

One of the men was on the trading council. Another seemed to be on the monster-hunting task force. Demons had slowly begun to build a society, it seemed. They were already building a means of gathering food and trade.

“I supposed that will make me part of the sex trade,” I muttered.

Dire glanced at me and then gave a serious nod. “It’s true. Your trade was previously nonexistent until you created it. Thus, it would stand to reason that you become the official overseer of such a trade.”

I shrugged. I didn’t want to become a councilman or anything like that. It sounded boring and difficult.

“Thankfully, I’m the only one in town, so I don’t have anyone to oversee.”

The men all gave each other looks, and I suddenly had a bad feeling. Lieutenant Dire gave his innocent smile, the one he seemed to give whenever he was delivering news he knew you didn’t want to hear.

“What is it?” I asked with a frown.

“It seems that you are no longer the only place in town.”


“Another place just opened up a few days ago. They call themselves Sal’s Sex Shoppe. They have two women working under them right now. They’re brand new, but they will be growing quickly.” Dire explained.

“Sex… Shoppe?” I narrowed my eyes.

High-level demons like these were more experienced with the world and knew about such things as sex. However, calling a place a sex shoppe was meaningless for most demons, as they would have no clue what that implied. Even those who had heard the words would only be confused by them. That’s why Devon’s Watering Hole was designed to slowly ease the culture into sexual exchanges. This place that appeared named themselves so blatantly, there had to be more to it than that.

“They’ve started to offer a service that your brothel does not.” The perverted demon shot a knowing and combative look my way.

“I suspect you can guess what that is.” Dire sighed.

I did. “Vaginal sex.”

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