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Whether another brothel had started offering vaginal sex or not, it wasn’t any concern of mine. I had my methods and my ways of doing things.

Besides, my ultimate goal wasn’t to become wealthy or famous. God had tasked me with the goal of getting human women pregnant. Naturally, vaginal sex was required for that.

“Hmph… I do not understand this new place at all.” One of the lieutenant’s underlings muttered. “The point is to get your pecker cleaned. After sticking it in, the penis smells rank!”

Alleya who was still hiding behind me flushed when she heard him say such a thing. I let out a dry chuckle.

“If it smells unpleasant after sticking it in, then that speaks to the quality of the girl,” I explained. “Besides, a woman of class cleans up the mess after she makes it.”

The demon who had spoke raised his eyebrow with interest. The one who had the nasty look and had coveted my employee narrowed his eyes hatefully.

“Well, Devon, you are the expert on these things.” Lieutenant Dire spoke up, trying to ease the tension after such a declaration. “I’ve suspected that the girls at Sal’s Sex Shoppe are being mistreated.”

“May I ask, who is the person, Sal?” I decided to do a little bit of inquiry.

“Sal is a foul demon.” Another one of the demons spoke up, wearing a clear look of disgust. “During the war, he not only did not fight but spent his time indulging in depravity.”

That much I could have guessed. Most of the demons in this city were originally warriors. There were other kinds of demons, but they remained in the demon lands while the warriors were sent out to invade.

In the decade since the war, most demons who were in the demon lands remained in the demon lands, while it was the soldiers who had the urge to move out. Thus, it wasn’t strange that this city was disproportionately the soldier demons, tall and brutish creatures with two legs and two arms.

Well, I was one such figure, although I didn’t have as imposing a physique as these men. My skin was the same color as a human and if it wasn’t for the horns on my head, one would be excused for confusing me for one.

Most of these men were a head taller than me and had red or blue skin, except for Lieutenant Dire, who was a complete ikeman.

Either way, these weren’t the kind of demons who would think of indulging in sex. They were warriors and also had a sense of honor. Not every demon would be like them. Some would be lewd, greedy, and opportunistic. It would take such a demon to think of starting a brothel, myself excluded.

“As Virmir says, Sal was in charge of logistics.” Lieutenant Dire explained. “He was responsible for moving supplies to the front line. He also worked in moving prisoners back to the labor camps before they were disbanded. He was often accused of taking more than his share. Female prisoners often disappeared under his care. He grew fat on the work of soldiers, but he’s got many allies high in the military and is essentially untouchable.”

So, it was something complicated. I furrowed my brow as I thought about this. I was content leaving this Sal be, but I had a feeling he wouldn’t let me be.

It seemed like he was a human trafficker even during wartime, so such a thing would come naturally to him. He also likely killed those women. What he did to them before death, well, I didn’t care to imagine.

“Since you’re telling me about this now, should I assume this Sal will be at this summit?”

“He will, and he will likely be a major speaker on the opposing side.”

“Opposing side…” I pondered. “You said this side favors a future working alongside humans. I wouldn’t think Sal would wish to exterminate them.”

Dire nodded his head. “You’re right. Some demons still believe in the complete extermination of all human life, but they are exceptionally few.

“Our faction believes in working alongside humans. We wish to give them jobs and allow them to slowly start participating in society. Since we won the war, the demon race has been stagnant.

“We need the human’s ability to create infrastructure if we wish to continue to survive the years to come. Well, that’s my personal belief, not necessarily every man here.”

“Of course.” I nodded, although I noticed the unpleasant demon from early had made an ugly face at Dire’s words as if he didn’t agree with them.

I had a feeling that the only thing about humans that he was for was their exploitation. That did leave me curious about the other side though. Thankfully, Dire continued.

“There are numerous positions, but the one that had gained the most power and my direct opposition believe in slavery. They wish to finish the subjugation of humans, controlling them completely.

“All humans will work for demons, and in turn, they will be fed and clothed. Only demons can be trusted to run things, while humans will work.”

If I was being honest, it didn’t matter to me which side won. My goals would be met if humans were treated as equals or slaves. This battle between the equalists and the subjugators just sounded like a headache.

However, feeling Alleya’s hand tighten anxiously on my back as Dire spoke, I began to feel like perhaps equality should be the direction we should push for. I wasn’t a monster. If I had a choice between the two, why not equality? I was just saying that my stake in it wasn’t that high.

I reached out and touched Alleya’s arm. She jerked for a second, but then moved forward and pressed against me. I found myself putting my arm around her shoulder protectively as she hugged me tightly.

I guess this kind of talk about the future of her people did bug her. She had been the princess and future queen of humanity, so why wouldn’t she worry?

The demon with the ugly look to him watched her cuddling up to me, and his expression turned even uglier.

Lieutenant Dire, however, saw this exchange and smiled. “I guess I know which side you are on. This is why I wanted you to come to this talk. It’s about time we headed there.”

He seemed to get the wrong idea about me, but I didn’t care. He was paying a good amount of money, or rather he already paid it and now I needed to pay my half.

I followed him out the doors of the building. There were several carriages with horses waiting for us. This surprised me. It was a bit decadent for demons. It never ceased to amaze me how many habits they managed to swipe from humans.

Dire’s faction boarded the carriages, and we were all carried off to the location of the summit. As luck would have it, I ended up in a carriage with the one who had spoken earlier, the one with the ugly look, and Dire himself. I kept Alleya close to me. I didn’t like the look of that guy.

“Excuse me, my introduction earlier was a bit hasty. Allow me to introduce you all again. Devon, this is Dogath and Bolmaz.”

Dogath was the one with the bad look, and Bolmaz was the other guy. I nodded to them, trying to remain polite.

“Rumors have it, Devon, that you have been giving your humans a wage, is this true?” Dogath demanded with a sneer.

“Dogath!” Dire tried to chastise him.

I held up my hand and he closed his mouth, but he still gave me a worried look. “It is true that I offer them a daily allowance. However, such money is never used to purchase anything. The coin is all returned to me, and it does not directly buy any good sold in this city.”

That was all true. The coins that I gave the girls were exclusively used in my store to purchase supplies. Whether it was makeup or feminine products, my ability accessed better items than I could find in the city.

It was a bit more expensive, but I left it for the girls to manage what they needed with an allowance. That way, I didn’t need to think about it. Everything else I bought and gifted them.

“You should watch yourself,” Dogath responded. “You’re walking a dangerous line.”

“I’ll take your warning into advisement,” I answered nonchalantly.

His threat had layers to it, but I didn’t care to delve into it.

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