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As the women spread out into the crowd, I could instantly see that Sal’s style differed heavily from my own. First off, these girls looked like they had just been plucked off the street. Many of them were still emaciated. Their levels of beauty seemed to vary, as well as their ages. Most of my women were rather youthful and beautiful, but that didn’t seem to exist in these women.

In a way, his actions made more sense in retrospect. Most demons saw humans as nothing. There was no point in finding them attractive. I had started the dick washing service in those terms exactly because the concept of beauty didn’t exist for many demons. Thus, they’d take anything they could get, and if an ugly woman got pregnant instead of a beautiful one, was their really a problem?

That wasn’t to say I didn’t believe this obese monster didn’t have a good concept of beauty. They had even mentioned that certain women would go missing. My guess was the abnormally beautiful women, in other words, women like mine were personally taken by him and possibly some of his cohorts. I could also guess that he didn’t set any rules. Demons could do to the girls whatever they wanted. A few of these women had bruises that they were trying to hide. There might be women in even worse condition, although those wouldn’t be the ones he’d parade out here.

Ultimately, I didn’t like what I saw. Something about his methods put a bad taste in my mouth, and it wasn’t just the terrified look on Alleya as she clung to me. I realized that Alleya had tensed up for a particular reason, and I followed her vision to see that the notorious Sal had been staring at her. As soon as I caught him looking, his eyes drifted away, seemingly like he hadn’t been looking in her direction at all. Oh, yes, he had an interest in beautiful women alright.

I watched in distaste as various demons grabbed the human women and shoved them to their knees. The looks in the eyes of these women seemed devoid of hope or reason. They barely reacted even if they were grabbed. They simply moved where they were put, almost like ghosts. For those who were familiar with Sal’s business, they lead the way, grabbing a woman, shoving her down, and then grabbing her mouth.

They allowed the demons to do whatever, allowing them to not only position the girls but then pull out their cocks and shove them down their throats. Some of the women gagged or coughed as their mouths were used as sex toys by these demons. Sal gave such women a dirty look, and I had an eerie feeling that these women’s lives would not be pleasant later. What did he expect? These women just take a demon clumsily stuffing it down their throats without reaction.

That’s really what it appeared like. The women kept their hands to their sides, and they barely even reacted as the demons pulled on their heads and used them. They didn’t do much sucking beyond keeping their lips closed. They were holes for these demons, and nothing more. There was no skill. There was no class.

“Master…” Alleya whispered, looking up at me worriedly.

I had been the one to tense up this time. This was an abomination of the sex trade profession! As little as I told myself I didn’t care about the things around me, at the end of the day, I was a professional. There was a trade that I worked in, and that was the sex trade. As a result, there was such a thing as having pride in what you do. I sold women for sex, and Sal was showing a method that lacked any such pride.

More demons grew interested as the women’s mouths were brutally used. A tear fell on one girl’s cheek, but that was the only emotion she allowed to touch her face. This would be the only way that she’d eat tonight, so she had to do it. Most of the others had already been broken completely, if not by Sal, then by the squalid conditions they were forced to live every day. A few other demons started pulling out their dicks, overwhelming the women.

Their hair would be yanked from side to side as the demons tried to take her mouth for their own. It was painful, and they were often forced to go from one filthy cock to the next, often without even getting a breath in. Sal did absolutely nothing to protect the women as they were tossed around and even fought over.

At one point, one demon got so rough he ripped out a chunk of her hair. She let out a cry and bit down, biting on another demon’s cock. He let out a roar, pulled his dick out, and then slapped her across the face.

“Get rid of that one!” Sal declared, and several demons who were clearly part of his faction came out, grabbed her, and dragged her away.

She didn’t even let out a wail or struggle as they pulled her off, likely to be thrown to the street or worse. Sal snapped, and a new girl was pulled from the back. She was shoved forward and then down, landing on her knees. Soon, she was being molested just as much as the other women. Whenever a girl failed to hold up, she was quickly replaced.

That said that Sal had many more women back there. In fact, he had enough women back there that every demon could have their own. It didn’t have to be this way where the demons were fighting over them and they were being overworked and abused. It took me a moment to understand why he did this. I realized it was to build up demand.

With only twenty women and a few hundred men, there was bound to be a pile-up. There simply weren’t enough women to go around. This gave the demons the illusion that this treatment was sparse, and even though it was clear he could endlessly provide women, he could also drive up the cost. Those that didn’t get satisfied today like they wanted would have no choice but to run to Sal later to get their fix at whatever rate he charged.

As I looked around the room, I originally took a note of the demons who were getting their dick sucked. It wasn’t all of them. Some were watching, while others were impatiently waiting. However, some had ignored the humans entirely. My thought was that the ones getting sucked were my potential customers, the ones I should be aiming to take from Sal and make my own. Now, I wasn’t so sure. I found myself putting more time looking at those that didn’t take up Sal’s offer.

Most of these were demons of higher positions. Dire and his entire group had chosen to refuse, and there were others besides. For some, it was merely a matter of disdain. They hated humans and couldn’t understand this new trend. However, some were curious, but whether it was because of their positions or something else, they abstained from this free service as well. Perhaps, these were the men that would go for something a bit better. However, as it were, I was in the commoner part of town, while Sal’s unsophisticated shop was located in the noble area. It was just a matter of location.

Another girl had broken down. This one had ended up throwing up when a demon blew his load down her throat. Whether his taste was just too disgusting, or if her gag reflex had just been hit wrong, it didn’t matter. Sal flicked his finger, and another girl was replaced.

This time, the next girl brought out caught many eyes. This was because she was the first girl to appear that wasn’t human. She was rather beautiful, which made me wonder if she had been bypassed by Sal by accident or if her looks just weren’t to his taste. She had floppy, rounded ears on her head, and behind her was a tail that was low down. Her eyes were big and brown and her hair was a mixture of black, brown, tan, and white. She appeared to be some kind of beastkin. She was a dog girl?

There was something off about her, something that caught my eyes. She was young, likely in her teens. All of my girls were over 21, besides Diana, of course, who was our mascot. No, it wasn’t that. There was something else.

She was dragged out and shoved down to the ground, and then I saw it. There was a flash there. It was a flash of defiance. She wasn’t completely hopeless like the other girls. She had a repulsed expression on her face as she saw the demons whipping out their dicks. She turned her head away, causing Sal to frown. In a second, she’d be thrown away as well.

One of the demons got angry and grabbed her head with both hands. He was just about to shove his cock in her mouth. Suddenly, she was pulled away. The yank was so sudden that the demon stumbled in surprise. The girl was pulled up and over. She was helpless as she was yanked away. A cloak was pulled around her, and she was pressed into a hard and warm chest. She could hear the sound of a strong heartbeat, not filled with fear, but steady and safe.

She slowly looked up to see me standing there, my arms wrapped around her. If there was a particular reason I had moved to grab her and pick her up, I couldn’t explain it. I had done this purely on impulse. Sal’s eyes sharpened on me, and I stared right back coldly.  

“This girl is mine.” My voice resonated throughout the great hall, causing every eye to turn to me.

Whether I knew it or not, the challenge bells had been rung.

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