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“I’d like to go with you!” A voice rang out.

A woman who had been sucking cocks stood up and ran over to us. She was rather typical of the women in Sal’s group. Perhaps she wasn’t as broken as the others, but it felt more like she was an opportunist that saw the best time to jump ship. She created a great disturbance as she abandoned the demons she had been serviced, and the crowds broke to the side as she skittered over to me. Alleya and the dog girl were standing in front of me, and this girl shoved them aside. The dog girl clung to Alleya, who stumbled back slightly before shooting the woman an angry look.

She ignored them, her eyes solely on me. She instantly prostrated herself, falling to her knees and lowering her head to the ground.

“Great Master! Please, that demon is horrible. He abuses us and hurts us. Please, I’ll follow you!”

Overall, she wasn’t the worst looking of the bunch. She was around Elizabeth’s age, and while she didn’t have Elizabeth’s beauty, she wasn’t completely unfortunate. She had tried to enhance her beauty using gobs of makeup. It might have even worked at first, but after services countless cocks, a lot of the makeup had smudged and it was a bit of a mess. As far as I could recall, she wasn’t one of the replacements, she had been one of the first girls out, and had fulfilled her duty services countless cocks without complaint.

She looked up at me desperately, her eyes slightly crazed. She was grabbing at the hem of my pants, and I expected any moment that she would start trying to lick me. After looking down at her for a moment, I lifted a leg and kicked her away. She let out a cry as she fell back to the floor. Her eyes flashed for a moment, filled with hate and misery.

“I have my standards, whore. Know your place!” I glared back.

It was difficult to say why I rejected her outright. In general, she was attractive enough. Compared to some of the troublemakers I already had working for me, such as Daphne, she seemed more docile. Her willingness to work, even given abhorrent conditions, seemed proper. I wouldn’t say I was a decent judge of character either. Yet, despite all of that, something about her caused my skin to crawl. She gave me the feeling of a woman who would abandon you in a heartbeat for the chance at something better, which is exactly what she had done for Sal.

Our eyes met for only a moment before she flinched. This time, she broke into a wail, large tears flowing down her cheeks as she turned to Sal and rubbed where I kicked her as if to ask if he was going to allow one of his girls to be abused in such a way. It was extremely shameless, and given how Sal felt about me at the moment, it might have even worked if it wasn’t immediately preceded by her shameless attempt to defect. His stormy expression silenced her immediately.

“Get rid of her!” he snarled.

Several demons came and grabbed her, pulling her from the room. She started to try to fight them, letting out a scream. Most of the demons ignored her, but those that even bothered to look her way were giving her cold looks. Even those on Lieutenant Dire’s side didn’t seem to spare her any mercy. When she realized she had no one on her side, she finally went limp, allowing the demons to drag her out of the room.  As for what her fate would be, I couldn’t even guess, and I didn’t care either.

 I had selected the dog girl on a whim, and I had denied her because I didn’t want her. My aim was never to steal all of Sal’s girls, or somehow create a coup. Her actions had seemingly proved this reality to the rest of the demons in the room. That wasn’t to say that Sal wasn’t still displeased, but before he could say anything, Dire walked up to my side, laying a hand on my shoulder, his eyes locked on Sal.

“This entire meeting was started exactly for this purpose. I propose that we set aside the entertainment for now, and discuss things. As you have just seen, the folly of leaving humans be can potentially have bad consequences. That is why we need to come to a consensus on how humans will be handled in the future.”

Sal didn’t look pleased with Dire’s suggestion, but given everything that had just happened, the previous amorous mood had been obliterated and many demons, even on Sal’s side, were feeling a bit anxious to discuss this topic. He waved his hand and the women stood up and abandoned their roles. Those that didn’t move fast enough were grabbed by Sal’s bodyguards and dragged away forcefully. Moments later, tables and chairs were put out and people were quickly sat down.

From the sheer momentum of moving on, the dog girl was left in my hands. Attempting to get at her now would be in bad taste. That meant that Sal was very aware that she was still by my side, and that I was aware that this wasn’t over between us. What Sal’s next move would be against me depended much on how the meeting went from hereon out.

Whether the seating arrangements had been decided ahead of time or whether Sal had altered the arrangement, I found myself sitting exactly opposite of Sal. My table had Lieutenant Dire and the rest of his allies. If I had to guess, Sal sat his biggest supporters next to him, and those along the sides would be the ones who had yet to pick a side. I was sitting next to Lieutenant Dire on my left, but when another demon sat on my right, I glared at him.

“Move,” I demanded as a demon.

He frowned at me, but when he saw I intended the seat for Alleya, he snorted. “Humans don’t need a place at this table!”

I didn’t bother to check the expression on Dire’s face. This was one of Dire’s allies, the ones fighting for human rights, who claimed this, all while not willing to give a seat for a human. It just showed how desperate the situation was for them. Even those who sat on Dire’s side didn’t necessarily believe his rhetoric.

“I-it’s okay… we’ll stand.” Alleya declared, still hold the dog girl.

She had stopped crying, but she had her head down and was generally unresponsive. She was completely out of her element, and afraid. It was a time like this I somewhat regretted not bringing Elizabeth. Someone needed to watch after the brothel, and Daphne couldn’t be trusted by herself. Charak could watch it, but he couldn’t run it, plus there was Diana. In the end, I could only afford to bring one of them, but Elizabeth’s mood-setting would have been extremely useful right about now. It wouldn’t just calm down this girl, but it could have potentially influenced this entire talk in whatever direction I wanted.

“If you’d like your woman to sit, how about you stand?” The demon chuckled darkly.

I wasn’t surprised to see that he sat alongside Dogath, the demon that had previously given me attitude. It seemed like they were birds of a feather.

I ignored his snide comment, or the silent sneer Dogath gave me from behind him and pulled my chair back slightly. I reached out and grabbed Alleya, and then the other girl. Alleya cried out, while the other girl once again moved however, I pushed her. With my legs spread, I pulled Alleya onto one knee, and the other girl onto another.

A few of the demons started at the sight, but no one could come up with something to say against such an arrangement. With both of them next to me, I could smell the difference between the two. The dog girl had a slight wet dog scent, and it smelled like she had perfume tossed on her, but otherwise was still rather unclean. Comparatively, my girls who could bath daily with the finest soaps from my world had an extremely gentle and pleasing scent. However, I ignored both and instead focused directly in front of me.

As everyone settled, it was Sal who began things. Leaning forward across the table, his massive girth pressing against the table until it looked like it my bow in, he gave a sharp look across the entire assembly, as if to remind them of his power. His eyes lingered on me, sitting there with a girl on each knee, a bit longer than the rest. Oh, yes, we were enemies now.

“We’re here today to discuss a simple matter. The enslavement of all humans!”

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