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That night, I went out to the local vendors and bought a small feast.

We didn’t just have rolls, but meat and vegetables too.

 It was too much for Diana’s tummy, who wasn’t used to eating rich warm foods in large quantities.

We put Diana down early so she could rest from her tummy ache. Even so, she was still smiling. She looked snug in her blanket as she lay down on my most recent purchase, a futon, and a blanket.

Futons were only one drake, so I bought two. One went into my small room, and the other went to Diana and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth originally protested them getting her own futon, but I told her that it was an investment. She finally understood she’d be conducting future business on the futon, and reluctantly agreed to the convenience.

While Diana slept, Elizabeth helped me finish off the feast with reckless abandon. Since she had become a minion, she seemed to be growing hardy. She could eat a full meal without getting sick. On top of that, some of her paleness went away and her gaunt cheeks were starting to flesh out.

She seemed to have more energy and was no longer walking around hunched over like she might collapse. If I wasn’t so bold, I’d say that some of her beauty was returning as well.

Unfortunately, she was still a level 1 minion. I’d need to give her more orders so that her chances to level increased.

“10 Drake to add a small stove.” I sighed as I went through my menu.

Money made the world go around, and we only had about 7 Drake left after the food and futons. I wanted to keep the girls fed, so I was hesitant to order more conveniences, even if the night was cold.

I shivered, rubbing my arms on my shoulders. Suddenly, two delicate hands wrapped around my body, and I felt two warm things press against my back.

I glanced behind me and my eyes widened to see that Elizabeth was standing in the middle of the room completely naked.

“Elizabeth…” I started to protest, but she put her finger to my lips and shook her head.

“Master… please. I’ll keep your bed warm.”

“You should worry about your daughter,” I said awkwardly, trying not to look at her large tits.

“She’ll be fine. I’ll warm you and your room up, and then I will go lie with Diana.”

There was no question about it. She was offering to have sex with me. As a man, how could my biology not respond? Well, technically, I was a demon.

“My husband was the only man I had ever laid with.” Elizabeth continued. “That man today… there will be a lot more of them?”

“Yes,” I admitted. “Are you okay with it?”

“This feast. These beds. It was because I did what I did?”

“Yes, it was.”

“Then, it’s fine. Even if this is as good as it gets, I would willingly give my body to maintain this life.”

“That’s fine, but you don’t need to… with me.”

She smiled, tears welling in her eyes as she shook her head. “Master misunderstands. I want you. If I’m going to start lying with other men, then I want you to be my first. You’re the first man to have me in ten years. Since by tomorrow, my pussy may be a tool used by countless demons, today, can I please be a little selfish and give it to a man of my choosing?”

“Ah, then… continue.”

She gracefully fell to her knees. This was an act that even yesterday might have been difficult for her, but it now came naturally. She pulled my cock out of my pants. Not even ten feet away, her daughter slept peacefully on their futon.”

“I used salt and water to rinse my mouth three times, so it’s definitely clean.” She said.

“Ah… well, it’s not like I mind that much.”

When she pulled out my member, her eyes flashed in surprise. “Yours is a bit bigger than my husband.”

“Ah, you might want to refrain from such comments with the guests. You never know when you might run into a demon who speaks your language.” I warned.

She blushed. “O-of course! My apologies!”

“Haha… actually, guys like it when you call it big, so feel free to be as impressed as you want.”

She giggled and nodded, “Then, please enjoy! Ah!”

She always said ‘ah’ as she took it into her mouth. It was silly, but also very erotic. My eyes rolled back and I moaned as her mouth sucked pleasurably on my glans.

I wasn’t a virgin boy in my old world. I didn’t have knowledge of ever having sex with anyone in particular, but I did have knowledge that I knew what sex was, what it looked like, and what it felt like. So, I was probably experienced in this area.

 Whether I was a monogamous religious zealot or a porn star, though, I had no clue.

“Mmm… glhh… hlmmm…” her head started to rock back and forth, and I found myself holding the back of her head.

“Gghhllll!” Ah… I got too excited and shoved it too deeply.


“No… Master, it’s fine…” She gasped as she spat it out. “Rather, I should get more comfortable with this. Perhaps I need to practice?”

“Yes, that makes sense.”

One of my worries with the big guy who came in earlier is that he’d grab her head and treat her roughly. Fortunately, the demon was too inexperienced to even understand what to do.

However, that might not be every demon and every encounter. Eventually, a demon was going to treat her mouth roughly.

I tried to control myself, but it was complete torture. It had been a week since I had been in this world and naturally, I had grown horny. With her mouth and her expertise, I was about ready to lose it.

“Ah… I’m going to cum.”

She removed her mouth from my glands and then stood back up. “Then, Master, should we go to the bedroom?”

“Ah, that… I don’t think I can last very long after…”

She laughed gently. “I don’t mind.”

“I can’t have you get pregnant.”

She was my first girl, so it would be unfortunate if I made her pregnant right at her debut.

“Can demons impregnate women?” She asked, her question seeming genuine.

“It’s likely.” I didn’t explain myself, so I just kept it vague.

Thankfully, she accepted it.

“Then, when you’re ready, please deposit on my chest.”

Turned out she was determined to have me be her first dick since her husband. I didn’t really mind. After this, she’d be a full-time prostitute, so having her first was okay with me.

I gently kissed her, ignoring the warm, salty taste on her lips. Then the pair of us entered my room and closed the door.

Elizabeth had me lie down on the bed, and then she got on top, straddling me.

A moment later, my dick slid into her pussy. The feel was absolutely extraordinary. Actually, it was too good. She had barely started bouncing up and down on me for a minute when I knew I couldn’t handle it anymore.

“Ah… cumming!” She cried out.

I pulled her out, spun around, and tossed her on the bed, even though her pussy muscles were clamping together, tightly.

“Ah!” She made a cry, but when warm white stuff started to splash across her chest, she quickly realized what happened.

She immediately held her tits together, accepting more and more streams of cum, even as some of it reached her neck and face. When I was done, she had white stuff all over her from her large, cleavaged chest to her lips. It was also a very erotic image.

“I’m sorry I didn’t last long.”

She blushed. “Me neither. It seems it really had been a long time.”

Although I came early, so did she. She must have been hornier than she let on thanks to that blowjob. She cleaned herself with the blanket, but the view was enough to make me grow hard again. The second time we lasted long enough that the room was nice and warm by the time she left.

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