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I had carefully bathed the two girls. It was quite difficult. They were very slippery and kept falling out of my hands. It was much better with Elizabeth or Daphne, since then I had some meat that I could grab onto.

These girls were simply too small, and they were also squirmy. They kept giggling and kicking out when I tried to scrub them. Well, that was mostly Diana, but Luna also seemed to struggle slightly when I cleaned some areas, her body randomly spasming as she made strange noises.

I managed to make it through the bathing process and then get the girls to bed. Diana, I dropped her off in her bedroom, and then I found one of the empty rooms to put Luna inside.

As I tried to push her into her room, I found that she had gripped tightly to my arm and wouldn’t let go. Her ears were down and her tail slouched, and she made a low whimpering noise as I tried to leave her there.

I eventually had no choice but to take her with me to my room. As soon as I did so, her ears perked up and her tail started wagging slightly. I closed the door and after drying my hair, I went to bed. Luna didn’t come into bed with me. Instead, she lay on the floor at the foot of my bed.

My mouth twitched slightly, but I decided to ignore it. This room had the same protection as the rest of the inn, so if she tried to attack me in the night, she wouldn’t get very far. Thus, I didn’t feel any particular need to worry.

The next morning, I awoke to hearing the sounds of something tearing. I frowned cleaning out my eyes as I sat up. I looked down on the floor to see Luna with a pillow in her mouth. She was tearing it apart using her teeth. That was one of my pillows!

“What are you doing?” I shouted at her.

She let out a whine, dropping the pillow. From where she was on her knees in the corner of the room, she looked at me with terrified wide eyes. A moment later, a puddle formed under her. Did… did she just pee on my floor?

I found my eye twitching this time. I grabbed a scroll that was sitting on my nightstand and jumped off the bed.

“What did you do? If you need to go to the restroom, just ask!”

“Ahhh!” She let out a scream and then bounded for the door.

I swatted at her, but she dodged it, opening the door and fleeing out of it. I followed after her, ready to smack her around, just a bit though. I ran into Elizabeth instead, bouncing off her chest.

“Master! What’s wrong?”

“That damned dog girl isn’t housebroken!”

She wasn’t a little girl like Diana. She had appeared to be in her teens. I didn’t think with a girl her age, I’d need to worry about these things. Also, what was with the pillow?  

“Master brought a beastkin home, what did you expect?” Alleya declared, walking out of the bathroom wearing a towel around her body and another holding up her hair.

“I expected her to be a human with dog ears and dog tail,” I answered honestly. “Once I cleaned her up, I expected her to be a nice exotic touch.”

“Master, all of the beastkin are beasts.” Alleya sighed. “Their intellect is diminished and their animal nature is amplified. You didn’t know this?”

“No…” I frowned. “Are you sure this isn’t just human prejudice?”

“The elves would say the same thing.” She defended. “It’s not that they can’t learn the common tongue and be taught etiquette, but they aren’t predisposed to it like humans. A beastkin that grew up in this kind of world is no better than an animal. How she got a job under Sal is beyond me.”

I wasn’t that surprised. She likely fulfilled a kink, and her wild nature might be a plus in bed. She’d fight back, but a large enough demon would only interpret that as fun. She likely had a lot of horrible nights leading up until now.

I let out a sigh. “Just, work on training her. I want her civil enough that she can work the floor.”

I dumped the responsibilities onto the pair of them. That was to say I functioned as a good manager and delegated the jobs out properly.

As far as what Alleya had said, I didn’t put my faith in the elves either. Just because humans and elves both held the same prejudice didn’t mean it was true. I wasn’t willing to immediately accept some kind of prejudice here. I was an equal opportunist, after all.

“If you ask me… we should just tie her in the back.” Alleya crossed her arms and sniffed.

“You know… this information about her wild nature might have been nice last night!” I glared at her.

Alleya’s cocky expression dropped and she lifted her hands. “M-master! Last night we were in public. I had to act properly for Master. Remember, I broke my arms for Master.”

“And how are those arms now?” I asked, grabbing them. “Can you manage a hand job, at least?”

“F-fine!” She cried out.” I can keep working!”

“Hmph!” I ripped off her towel, exposing her naked body and causing her to gasp.

I then tossed her over my knee and gave her three whacks with the scroll on her bottom.

“Ahhh! Master, what did I do?”

“From now on, you don’t act above yourself when deciding what I do or don’t need to know!” I declared, standing her back up.”

“S-sorry!” She sniffled.

A door across from the bathroom burst open and Daphne poked out. She also wasn’t wearing any clothing.

“Is someone being punished? Oh, hoh… has Alleya been a bad girl?” Daphne put on an irritating grin.

“Sh-shut up!” Alleya declared, her eyes still teary.

After being bullied by Alleya so many times, Daphne decided to seize the opportunity. She came out and rounded on Alleya, who was halfway in the bathroom, blocking her from running and shutting the door to hide until she could recover.

“Not so fast… I like seeing you this way.”

“Do you want to die?”

“Maybe I’ll be the one punishing you ne-guh!”

I kicked Daphne, sending her stumbling back before she fell into the bathtub Alleya had previously been using.

“Stop talking. You smell like a skank.” I declared. “Your morning breath is worse than a cat, and I’m not talking about the mouth on your face. Clean that slutty body of yours, and then clean the piss off my damn floor.”

“Master… hah… hah… berating me this early in the morning.”

It seemed like all of the girls had gotten above themselves this morning. With my mood only growing sourer, I turned away I went into my room. I grabbed a belt and returned to the hallway. Alleya and Elizabeth had scattered by the time I returned, having likely felt the mood, but the lewd elf was openly playing with herself with the bathroom door open.

“That doesn’t look like cleaning!” I shouted as I pushed into the bathroom.

“M-master! Fuck. I always need a morning wank to wake up!”

“I’ll give you a morning wank!” I shouted, jumping into the bathtub and getting water everywhere.

I thoroughly cleaned Daphne as well. I especially made sure that she got a deep clean. I supposed I had been a bit frustrated from the night before, going to bed without any relief and then waking up to my room being destroyed. Then there was the dog girl and the insubordination. I cleaned all of Daphne’s holes with my dick thoroughly before I left her to do the aftercare on her own.

In truth, I was just a bit worried. From this day onward, our business needed to move up a notch. I suspected we were going to start facing major opposition soon enough.

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