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Dragons began to flow in once again as the girls went about business as normal. Elizabeth provided her services, taking particular advantage of her large breasts to satisfy any demon. Alleya depended more on hard work and charm, using her mouth and hands to earn money.

As for the new girl, I kept her in the back. The girls had found her hiding under a bed of a spare room, so we just locked her in there until I had time to deal with her. I’d feed her later, but I was busy.

After all, I had Daphne to worry about. Once she entered the room with a John, I looked around and once I confirmed no one was looking, I slipped into a side room adjacent to her own.  

I began to realize after I had found out about Elizabeth’s mothering service that I needed to know better exactly what was happening in their rooms. Since I couldn’t afford to set up a full surveillance system with my current inn build, I had settled for a one-way mirror.

On their side, it would only be an interesting mirror, but within the dark alcove, I could look in and see what they were doing. Whenever I had questions regarding one of the girls, I would put her next client in this room and come check on them.

In the case of Daphne specifically, she was only recently being let off the leash and on her own, so I wanted to make sure that she behaved herself and didn’t let her bad ways negatively influence my business.

“Th-this is my first time.” The demon responded nervously.

I hadn’t seen him around, and he was rather small. I had originally been having Diana give Daphne the well-established demons who were already set costumers and wouldn’t disappear just because they had one bad experience. They already had their favorite, and Daphne was just a different flavor. Of course, given Daphne’s body type, it was mostly Elizabeth’s people who switched to Daphne, hoping to gain another big-breasted woman to play with.

However, where Elizabeth was a mood setter who could tame even the wildest beast, Daphne was an instigator who seemed to be determined to piss people off. I had several men storm out after having her, although, in a strange twist, some of them wanted her again, and she became their favorite.

I wanted to see exactly what she was up to, but I had only gotten to the point of trusting Diana on her own to run the shop very recently, and so I couldn’t spare the time.

Now, I was standing in the dark in a stuffy little room barely wide enough to sidestep into, watching the demon. I gave her a new john and had even selected one that was on the docile side. This way, I’d truly get to see one of these interactions up close.

“First time?” She smirked. “Oh my… well, this is a problem.”

“A-a problem?”

“Did you tell the little girl upfront that this was your first time?” She asked.

“N-no? Why?”

Daphne sighed, giving a helpless shrug. “She’s supposed to ask. You see, first time, that will cost you extra…”

“E-extra? Why?” He asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? You want your dick cleaned, right?”

“Yes. Right… I mean, that’s what I paid for.” He said uncertainly.

“Well, that just means it’s never been washed before. Your dick is extra dirty. Why should I have to clean something so filthy? It’s going to take longer. It’s going to smell. Are you trying to get one over on us? Do you want me to suffer?”

“What? No! Not at all!”

“Then, naturally, since you got a filthy dick, you’ll need to pay more if you want it cleaned. Don’t you think that’s fair?”

“Oh… ah… yeah… I guess…” He scratched the back of his head. “Um, how much?”

“How much you got?”

“Um…let’s see…” He reached into his pocket, pulling out some coin. “I have 1, 2, 3 drakes, and 5 wyverns.”

“No dragons?” She narrowed her eyes and looked at his hand suspiciously.  

“I spent it on getting this far!” He responded, looking like he was about to cry.

“Fine…” She responded, holding out her palm. “I’m feeling generous. Just give me that, and I’ll do you good.”

“Um… after I get it cleaned, I won’t have to spend extra next time, right?”

“Well, that depends if you’ll be dirtying it up, now doesn’t it?”


I was grinding my teeth at this point. Was this the kind of crap she thought she could get away with? This was her first time getting a first-timer too.

She didn’t waste any time using it to exploit money. I had thought she had been properly brainwashed… I mean trained, but it seemed like some behaviors were harder to remove than others. I may have turned her into a masochist, but she still had some of her bad nature.

I didn’t want to interrupt just yet though. If she scrapped off a bit from the top, she’d pay for them, but as long as she still did the service, it was all fine.

“Well, let’s get on with it. Whip it out.” She remained standing at a distance, showing no signs she was getting on her knees.

He nodded excitedly, pulling out his dick. It wasn’t erect yet, but few demons were their first time. It was only after they experienced the joy of orgasm that they’d come with erect dicks.

Sometimes, their dick would be rock hard entering the store. They could be shockingly shameless when it came to that kind of thing. Well, a lack of shame made my job easier, so I wasn’t going to introduce it to them.

“Now what?” He asked as she seemed almost disinterested.

She glanced down at it. “It’s kind of small, ain’t it?”

“Is it?” He responded, not even knowing he should be offended by that. “I’ll take your word for it.”

“Here…” She lifted her shirt, revealing her breasts. “What do you think of these…”

“Those… produce milk, don’t they?” He asked.

“Fuck, you’re stupid.” She growled, firmly grabbing her breasts. “No, I mean, what do you think?”

She started rubbing her tits together. As she did it, she moaned slightly, and her nipples growing hard. He watched in a confused state, but his cock did respond by getting just a bit hard.

“Quick, grab it.” She pointed down,

He looked down at his cock, like he didn’t even know what was happening, but he went and grabbed it with his hand.

“Now, give it a tug.” She responded.

“Is this part of the washing process?” He asked.

“Of course!” She shot back. “Don’t stop tugging it. Let your hand glide up and down it a bit. Come on, look at these titties. Aren’t they nice? Yeah, there you go…”

His dick grew fully erect, although entirely from his machinations.

“I’m not sure if it’s getting clean.” He breathed out.

She leaned over and then spit on his cock. “There you go, that will help.”

She spat two more times, and soon his hand was going up and down smoothly, making soft wet sounds as he jerked off.

“Oh… wow…” He panted.

“Yeah, you like?” She declared, only having turned to him as she examined herself in the mirror in apparent boredom.

I wanted to reach through the mirror and strangle her, but I managed to keep my calm.

“Is this… cleaning….” He moaned.

“Yeah, baby… keep stroking it. I’ll let you know when it is clean.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be… doing something?” He asked through gritted teeth.

She turned to him and shot an indignant look. “Aren’t I working hard? Don’t you like these titties? I even gave you my spit. Doesn’t it feel better?”

“AHhhhn… oh… I… ahhhhhhhn!” He exploded out, shooting white streaks of cum out as his body convulsed. “A-amazing!”

“Yeah, baby… you’re rocking my world.” She turned back to the mirror, checking her hair.

He finally collapsed, a panting mess. “That was wonderful…”

“Yup.” She finally declared before tossing a towel at him. “Now wipe it up.”

When the door opened and the guy walked out, a content smile on his face, I was standing there with my arms crossed.

“Master… I made a satisfied John. W-will you give me punishment?” Daphne’s eyes were filled with excitement.

I flexed my hands. “Yeah, something like that.”

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