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“We’re getting more customers. Where the hell is Daphne?” Alleya cried out, her hair covered in white stuff.

“Is that cum in your hair?”

“I need to go clean it now, but we have a long line, Master…” She looked almost in tears. “Daphne hasn’t been down since her last customer.”

I look behind me and then cleared my throat. “Daphne is repenting. You’re just going to have to cope with two.”

“S-seriously…” Alleya frowned. “I’ll do my best… but I worry about Elizabeth.

We both turned in time to see Elizabeth leaving her room, as another demon strutted away. Her tits were still hanging out, and they looked slightly red. Some demons had a cock that was like sandpaper. I had been meaning to start denying them tit service. They could manage with their mouths, but it was just too hard on Elizabeth’s titties. She was also holding her back, which told me she was probably getting back pain from having to titty fuck so many demons. It was a very popular service, after all, and one Daphne should be taking some of the stress off of.

Elizabeth wasn’t the type to complain, so she would work like this until she collapsed. I felt a little guilty. I had acted a little rashly after seeing Daphne abusing her position. I opened up my item store and started looking through for some balm and pain killer. It was an expense I usually didn’t worry about, but I decided to make an exception for this day. That’s when I saw someone wandering out in the lobby below.

I took the stairs and immediately walked up to Luna, who had somehow escaped the room I locked her in. Well, it wasn’t like it was a jail cell. I had just wanted her out of the way. I reached out and grabbed her, but before I could say anything, I heard someone talking at the counter.

“I’ve been waiting nearly an hour!” One demon roared. “Where is my dick cleaning?”

“It’ll be just a while longer. I apologize, we’re just very busy today.” Diane spoke in a normal voice.

“Shut up! Human!” He snapped. “How about you service some demons rather than talk back to us all the time?”

He reached out to grab her, but before he could move, a seat pulled back with a creak and a sword suddenly stopped just before cutting off his hand.

“Move it or lose it,” Charak spoke in a lazy voice. “No one touches the girl.”

The demon made a face before pulling his hand back. “If this place is going to be so tedious, perhaps I should try Sal’s.”

It was regrettable, but nothing could be done. The demon was a regular and hadn’t caused too much trouble. He wasn’t at the level where I would have trusted Daphne with him, but he was usually fairly tame. Since he pulled back, I wasn’t going to kick him out, but it was unfortunate that we’d lose someone.

That’s when I felt a light tug on my shirt. I realized I was still holding Luna. I looked down at her, and she pointed to the man. I raised an eyebrow. She responded by making a jack-off motion near her mouth.

“You want to service him?” I asked, a bit surprised.

“Bitch work… Bitch eat… yes?” She spoke very quietly.

“I told you your name is Luna. You will be fed until you’re ready to work.”

She looked at me, and then at him. “Just suck… and swallow, yes? No teeth?”

“You don’t have to swallow, you can spit it out if you prefer.”

“Then, Bitch… I mean… Luna will work.”

I looked at her, and then back to the demon, who was heading for the door. With a sigh, I put a smile on my face and then walked over and threw my arm around his shoulder.

“Wait, friend.”

“Who? Oh, it’s you.” He grumbled.

“I’m sorry about the long wait, but how about I make it up to you.” I declared.

“How?” He asked flatly.

“Well, I have a brand new and untested girl. I’m allowing you to try her out first.”

“Inexperienced?” he made a face.

“No… I prefer to call it, untampered. A girl’s first is a very special thing. You’ll be taking something from her that she never will get back. Every time you’ll see her, you’ll have the bragging rights to be called her first.”

“R-really?” He seemed to perk up slightly with that. “Then, who is this girl.”

I turned him around and pointed to Luna, who was still just standing there. “This lovely beauty is Luna.”

He made a face. “What’s with those weird things sticking out of her head? They’re offensive.”

“Not at all!” I cried out. “These are a unique feature of Luna. They’re called handlebars. You just grab onto them, and then you can control her head this way and that!”  

As I spoke, I had grabbed her ears and yanked her head left, and then right. She remained standing there, letting me do everything without resistance.

“Ohhh… well that’s interesting. It might even be better than those big round things.”

“Breasts…” I corrected.

He nodded as if he was thinking about it. “And you said something about bragging rights?”

“That’s right. I just hired her on. She has been uninitiated by the art of cock cleaning. Your dick will be her first. They say the scent of a woman’s first cock will never leave her tongue. She’ll remember your taste forever. Any man who has her after will have to compete with you!”

My words weren’t just heard by him, but several others in the lobby who were listening. Some were waiting patiently for their turn, while others were just drinking. I had gotten the alcohol license this morning from Lieutenant Dire as I was promised, and now had the rights to distribute spirits, so few demons became as bored as this guy. I had spent a pretty penny getting a couple of brews from Earth, but I was quickly finding a stronger brew was needed for demons. Even if the alcohol I had wasn’t strong enough to get them drunk, they could still entertain themselves as they waited.

“Well, damn, that’s even better than the coin I was offered outside!” The demon suddenly declared.

I blinked. “I’m sorry, what do you mean?”

“Oh, some guy outside said if I came in, caused trouble, and left after saying I’d go to Sal’s, he’d pay me one dragon.” He announced, and then upon seeing my darkening expression, he grew frightened. “I can still be Luna’s first, right?”

“Yeah…” I responded. “Take this key, room 10.”

I gave Luna a nod, and she followed the demon upstairs, but my expression was dark. After what he said, the common room had seemingly gone quiet.

“Who else was approached by this man outside?” I asked.

Several demons slowly lifted their hands, but one spoke up. “I wasn’t going to do it, I swear!”

“Sal’s place smells like fish!” Another declared.

I nodded and reassured them that this wouldn’t affect my services at all. Then, I turned to Charak and Diane.

“Do you want me to find him and break open his skull?” Charak asked.

“No.” I shook my head. “He’s someone expendable, and even finding his connection to Sal will be dubious.”

“What should we do then?” Diane asked.

“Just keep an eye out,” I responded.

Sal wasn’t a fool. He knew exactly what he was doing. He had probably had someone hired at random with such a job. The intent was obvious. It was to smear my business and to drag people to Sal’s. If enough people stormed out claiming Sal’s was better, then that would affect service. I hadn’t expected him to move so fast. It had only been a day since the banquet, and he already had made a move on me. It was a small move, and I had deflected the first shot. Thankfully, most of my customers were loyal to their girl of choice, and those that weren’t were dumb like the demon currently getting satisfied by Luna.

One thing was certain though. This was going to get worse before it got better.

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