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Of course, I wasn’t going to trust Luna to this guy and hope for the best. The room I had given them was the same room that Daphne had previously used. After giving Diane and Charak a heads up, I went upstairs and then slid back into the hiding spot. By the time I entered, the demon had already taken off his pants. Part of me thought that this might be a violation of privacy, but in this world, there were no privacy laws, so I didn’t care.

He sat down on the bed, his pecker already hard. That was why experienced customers were better to use on inexperienced girls. If the demon didn’t know what the heck he was doing or what he even wanted, it might end up like with Daphne, although maybe less deliberately. A girl had to coax a demon unused to erections until he was fully stiff, and then bring him to climax, all while he didn’t know what he was feeling himself. That was something Elizabeth excelled at, and she had been countless demons first-time, including this one, not that I was keeping track of how many cocks my women sucked.

Luna approached him uncertainly, her eyes lingering on his dick, but still filled with such resistance. He reached out and grabbed her ears, immediately pulling her head down. I worried that I had gone too far when I called them a handlebar. I had said it as a spur-of-the-moment thing. I knew some demons could get enthusiastic, and I didn’t want her ears to be half ripped from her head by a demon who didn’t know boundaries.

Thankfully, most of the experienced demons knew I had a ‘you break it, you get broken’ policy. Every demon had to sign a contract that Diane explained to them before they engaged in their service which explained the expected rules. The biggest rule was that they could not harm, injure, hurt, or force the girls to do anything they refused. Although my enchantment prevented aggressive attacks, an overenthusiastic demon could cause damage with just carelessness.

I had only needed to cash in on this policy once before when a demon had struck Alleya, giving her a black eye. It had been an accident, but it was still my merchandise. Thankfully, she already had her Regeneration at that point and it quickly healed. As for the demon, Charak had taken him out back and thrashed him. I also charged him double. Ever since most of the demons were careful with the girls. I didn’t know if it was the coin or the thrashing they feared, but both sat as a deterrent.

In reality, this had never been a big issue. Elizabeth was a mood setter, so she could control a demon’s lust and prevent him from acting too enthusiastically. She could instill in him gentle desires if she wanted to, or even just make his mind sleepy, although she probably didn’t do that all the time. As for Alleya, she had Regen and Demon’s strength. It was difficult for her to be harmed. Daphne was a masochist, so she probably liked it rough. Plus, she was a manipulator with a lot of street knowledge. If anyone knew how to get out of a bad situation, it would be her. That meant that of all my girls, Luna here was the first who might be at risk. I immediately hoped I’d level up and get another minion slot soon. I could start to patch her vulnerabilities once she had a few special abilities.

In the meantime, I watched to make sure the guy didn’t get too violent. He pulled on her head, and she eventually had no choice but to fall to her knees. I was worried she’d pull away, but thankfully she reached out and grabbed his dick like a good girl. Then, she stuck out her tongue and licked. He closed his eyes and moaned, causing her to freeze for a second, but then she moved again. She started tonguing his cock little by little.

Luna’s technique was extremely sloppy. Calling it a technique at all was misleading. Perhaps, I had assumed too much about her current knowledge base. From what I could see here, Luna didn’t know what a blowjob or a handjob was, despite my original assumption that she was experienced. When I had called her an untouched specimen earlier, I made sure to specifically frame it to this brothel. I had thought that she had probably done it several times, with every hole. However, watching her now, I was beginning to think this was the first. Earlier, when she made that hand gesture, she must have just been replicating the motions she had seen other women do without understanding it herself.

In some ways, it was hard to criticize her. The service I provided was dick cleaning. This was naturally a façade. There were far easier ways to have your penis cleaned, and such a method had nothing to do with the dick being clean at all. This was about demons realizing their sexuality, and growing to have a desire and purpose for human women in this world. Most demons knew that dick washing had nothing to do with cleanliness, and was all about sexual satisfaction, even when they didn’t know what an orgasm was. Yet, Luna didn’t get this memo.

Her movements appeared like she was trying to clean it with her tongue, although she ultimately failed. She didn’t put his dick in her mouth but was instead sloppily licking it with long strokes of her tongue. She had drooled all over it, and his dick quickly grew slimy in her spit licked every part from the tip to the shaft. Her head went up and down with each lick, looking more like a puppy enjoying a meatstick than a woman giving a man pleasure. The demon, on the other hand, rolled back his head and moaned, quite enjoying her messy self, even if drool was running down her face and his dick.

Thinking back to the night I rescued her, her negative reaction had been when he tried to shove it down her throat. Perhaps, she didn’t understand that this was part of the service. I was worried about his continued satisfaction, but at some point his hard cock rested on her small face as she licked his balls, and it was a sight that even turned me on a bit.

“Ahhh… yes, cumming!”

It wasn’t enough for me, but these horny demons that didn’t know of any other release could be more easily swayed into orgasm. The completely unprepared Luna only stared blankly as he pulled his dick away and then pointed it at her. Except for the occasional accident like with Alleya earlier, this was usually the time when the girl opened her mouth and accepted his load, that was when he didn’t deposit it right down her gullet. Luna did nothing as the white stuff shout out.

She winced as it hit her in the face. With her mouth closed, she only bared it as he hosed her face down with his cum. When he was done, all of the white stuff had landed on her face as was dripping down. She was still wearing a sack. I hadn’t gotten her better clothing yet, and it was quickly becoming even filthier as cum dripped onto it.

“Well, as long as he came, I don’t see any problem with this.” I thought out loud.

“Mmm! Mmmm…” A voice murmured next to me.

I turned to see Daphne tied up in the corner. Her mouth, arms, and legs were bound. I also had stuck a dildo in her ass and pussy and turned them to full. There had been a light hum the entire time I was watching Luna. I waited until the demon left the room. Luna remained behind, still covered in cum as if she didn’t know what to do next. I sighed and started to leave.

“Mmmmm!” Daphne cried out.

“You have longer to repent.” I slammed the door, sealing her in the dark wall once again.

I stepped into the room and tossed a towel at Luna. “Clean up.”

Towels were one thing from my world I had invested in greatly. I made sure there were several in every room, just in case.

“Master, good?” She asked.

“You did fine.” After she was cleaned up, I carefully put a hand on her head, making sure I didn’t touch any unwashed parts. “However, tonight, we’re going to start your training.”

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