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“Alright, so, to properly clean a penis, you don’t want to be too messy. Many of these demons don’t wash their pants too often, and if you let their cum get on their pants, they’ll have white stains on them for weeks! That’s why you need to keep the head of their cock covered at all time, and while sucking always make sure there is a low degree of suction.” Elizabeth explained in a teacher-like voice.

Luna nodded, her flappy dog ears bouncing up and down as she took on the older woman’s instruction with enthusiasm. They were both sitting on their knees in front of my bed, and I was sitting on the bed with my cock hanging out.

When I told Elizabeth to train Luna, I hadn’t been expecting to get dragged into the training process. I had thought they’d use a dildo or something, although I didn’t make the girls any sex toys for their personal use.

There were some sex toys for my use, but if any of the girls wanted relief after a day of getting worked up sucking cocks, it was my penis they’d need to relieve themselves on.

“Stop using your tits to stabilize his cock!” Alleya complained, kneeling on the other side. “Girls like me and Luna don’t have those assets to cheat with.”

“It’s not cheating, it’s using what you have. I’m simply trying to teach Luna to use other things and be creative. Besides, she’s still young, and her breasts may grow once she eats a little more. She may not be able to do the breasts service, but she should be able to do this much.”

“Hmph!” Alleya crossed her arms angrily. “You’re still doing it wrong. You’re holding it all wrong. You’ve grown too dependent on your boobs to get by. Meanwhile, I’ve been perfecting my blowjobs. I should be the one teaching this.”

“Alleya, don’t be so dramatic. You know I’m still the top income earner.”

As they were having this conversation, my dick was erect and nestled between Elizabeth’s healthy cleavage. I had already made sure the girls properly washed and brushed their teeth. This was a mandatory at the end of the day, and I wouldn’t let them even step into the residential part of the inn until they’ve had at least one shower.

Just for good measure, I encouraged a second before they were allowed in my room and to touch me. I had also given them a strenuous teeth brushing routine that require floss and two separate mouth washes. This world mostly just scrubbed with salt, but I didn’t hesitate to bring better goods to this world so that it was done properly.

They were also required to brush every morning and take another bath. These girls were probably cleaner than women from my own world given the amount of rules I had placed on them. I liked to think that cleanliness had translated to more sales from the demons.

How could one accept a dick cleaning from an environment that wasn’t clean? This was also a requirement at the end of the day. All of the girls had to scrub all of the floors and change all of the sheets at the end of the day.

Suffice it to say that it was already fairly late after they had done all of the activities I demanded before they went into my room for training.

Elizabeth had started, but when it came to teaching, she had taken regular breaks to speak. Her titties were already lubed up, and it was such a tease.

I was just about ready to pin her down and fuck them until I shot all over her face, but I didn’t want to spoil this learning opportunity and have to do it all again.

“Actually, Mother, she is right.” Another person at the side of the bed spoke up.

“Diana, what are you doing in here?” I frowned as I just noticed she had slipped in for the first time.

“D-don’t I have a right to also learn? Luna is learning, and she’s not that much older than me!”

“She does have a point, Master.” Elizabeth nodded. “This is a good opportunity to teach her as well.”

“If you want to teach her, teach her. She’s your daughter.” I waved my hand dismissively.

They were probably right about this. As Diana took on more of a management role, being able to assess the women’s performances would be an important skill to have. I didn’t care for Diana to learn such techniques to perform them herself, but an eye for talent might help in the future.”

Elizabeth nodded in acceptance before turning back to her daughter. “Now, what were you saying?”

“It’s true that Mother is the highest income earner at the moment.” Diana explained, causing her Mom to smile. “However, you’ve also had increasingly more boob jobs, and they make up nearly half of your services now. If we look purely at penis cleaning, Alleya gets more services. Furthermore, she’s picked up many of Mom’s clients.”

Elizabeth’s smile slipped, and Alleya wore a gloating look. Elizabeth finally lowered her head.

“I see… it seems my breasts really have been getting to my head. Please, Alleya, instruct me as well.”

In reality, Elizabeth didn’t understand numbers well at all, while Diana was growing more and more knowledgeable. Whether Diana was just misinterpreting these things, or purposely making things harder on her mother, I didn’t know. I had looked over the numbers too, and had Elizabeth truly been slipping, I would have had her over my knee and gave her proper punishment already.

It wasn’t that Alleya was getting more services, but that Elizabeth had maxed her own. Considering her unique assets allow her to give the boob service, and the boob service costs more money than mouth alone, we prioritize these visits over all others. Elizabeth couldn’t give more blowjobs, because there wasn’t enough time in the day for her to schedule every appointment after doing so many boob jobs. As for people leaving her, it was because she was overbooked, and so the only way they could get services was to settle on Alleya.

I decided not to correct anyone’s misconceptions about this. Alleya already had an ego, so it was good that she felt like she was obtaining some kind of victory.

It was also best for business that Elizabeth remained on her toes and didn’t become too comfortable in her place. As long as every girl was working hard to make me money, I was happy.

“F-fine.” As Elizabeth moved aside, Alleya was suddenly put on the spot.

It was clear to me that Alleya only meant to show up the other woman, and hadn’t been prepared to show her technique. As soon as she grabbed onto my cock, she gave it a look like she was holding a serpent ready to bite her.

It only made it worse that her work was now being scrutinized by Elizabeth, Luna, and Diana all at once.

“I guess, the best way to do it…” Her voice didn’t have quite the same enthusiasm as it had a few moments before when she was acting overly confident. “You grab it like this… and you want to make sure the tongue, like swirls around, the tip…”  

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. She was just making things up on the spot. She had pushed herself into this situation, and now she didn’t quite know how to get out of it. I had already been teased by Elizabeth, and now she was also taking her sweet time. I decided to help her out.

I grabbed the back of her head, and before she understood what was happening, I shoved her head down on my cock, impaling it immediately.

“GGglmmm!” Her throat constricted as my head slammed into the back of her throat.

I caught some teeth in the first thrust, but she opened up and relaxed her throat instinctively. She was properly trained, after all.

I started to thrust into her mouth, using her head and pounding my cock good. Alleya did kind of talk too much, so it was satisfying putting her in a position where she couldn’t speak. She tried to speak a few times, but I just kept thrusting away.

“Mmm! Mmmmnnnnmm…. Mmmm…” She groaned, eventually just giving up and allowing me to finish.

I did so, my cock exploding with hot white stuff down her throat. She sucked it wildly, making sure to drink every last drop.

It wasn’t until I had finished that I finally pushed her head off my cock. She fell back and gasped for air.

“A-and that’s how you do it…” She spoke, her voice raspy.

Luna clapped excitedly, her ears flapping up and down. Well, more training might be needed after this.

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