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The door burst open, and a demon stumbled out onto the ground. He turned around, a look of fury in his eyes.

“This place is a joke!” He hissed. “I’ll take my services to Sal’s!”

Charak took an intimidating step forward, and the demon’s expression paled before he got to his feet and went into a full sprint, disappearing into the crowd of passing demons who had stopped to watch. I poked my head out the door and then gave a small sigh.

“Are they getting more frequent?” Charak asked.

“It’s the third one this week.” I sighed.

A week had passed since we had started training Luna, and since then, Sal had sent in problem people three times. It was difficult to predict who would be problematic. It wasn’t like I could just vet any new demons and keep out the riffraff. Sal would occasionally bribe long-running customers too.

The kind of people who regularly took advantage of my services weren’t exactly the most outstanding characters. They were demons, after all. So, I couldn’t always expect loyalty.

However, I did put up an official rule that people who started trouble would be banned permanently. That should keep most of the regulars from causing trouble. At least, that was what I was counting on.

The pair of us reentered the building. The group of customers waiting for their service had turned to look at us.

“I need some more entertainment,” I muttered.

“Entertainment?” Charak blinked.

“A stage… with singing. Maybe a dancing show…”

“What’s the point in that?” He asked cluelessly.

“To enter… nevermind” I let out a sigh as I turned to see his blank look before turning to the rest. “1/2… no… 20% off on drinks for the next hour.”

There was a large cheer, and Charak was the first to run to the bar and order a drink. Once one was poured, Charak returned to his favorite spot and chugged it down. A few others went to get a drink too, but the vast majority were only there to meet with one of the girls. Feeling tension in my shoulders, I walked over to the bar and sat down.

“What will you be having… Master…” Diana added the last part only after I crooked an eyebrow.

“You’re too busy managing the girls. You shouldn’t be bartending. You’re not even old enough to drink.” I grumbled. “Well, it’s not like these demons know what cocktails are. You just pour whatever they point at.”

“Master is welcome to help take orders?” Diana offered.

I rolled my eyes. Bartending meant you were on your feet all day. It was exhausting work. Greeting people were all fine, but as the number of people increased, this was starting to become work. I shouldn’t need to work. I was a businessman.

“Despite Sal’s efforts, it’s getting busier,” I complained out loud.

“Mother had been struggling. Her breasts and back are sore every night. Luna has helped a bit, but we either need more buxom women, or master needs to come up with better services.” Diana declared.

Her education had only been going a few months now, but she was quickly becoming extremely intelligent. She absorbed all of this stuff like a sponge. Not only was she getting increasingly better at math, but she was starting to learn other business stuff too. Since putting her on the job, I felt she had gained five years of experience.

“I know we need more staff. Not just for services, but waitressing, bartending, and alternative forms of entertainment. I think many of the demons waiting for service are getting bored. For every troublemaker spawned by Sal, there is another who just gets bored and irate.”

Originally, we had just been desperate for money. Now, the problem was that we couldn’t bring in the money fast enough. When I expanded the size of the place, I didn’t realize that would mean everything required more work. I felt like I had done this to myself.

“So? Master should hire more.” Diana offered her simplistic solution.

I snorted. “You say that like it’s easy. Most of my hires have been a major pain in the butt. Daphne still tries to test me every chance she gets, and while Luna is enthusiastic, she’s also excitable and prone to mistakes. Just yesterday she bit a guy who was being too rough with her. I had to give him his money back. Bringing more people brings in more complications.”

“That’s because Master is always thinking with his little master.”

“What did you say?”

“It’s what Alleya says!” She held up her hands defensively. “She says Master just likes pretty girls who need help.”

“Well, I’m not looking to hire ugly girls, if that’s what you mean!”

“If Master isn’t willing to lower his standards, then he must be more proactive in searching for people he can trust.”

“How can I know I trust them?” I asked.

“Maybe… you can give them something like you gave me… after you made me fill out all of that reading, you made me fill out that paper with the questions on it.”

“A test?”

“Yes!” She snapped her finger. “Master can give them a test.”

I leaned back in my stool, stroking my chin thoughtfully. “A test… huh?”

Ding! Ding!

I jumped out of my stool immediately. The rooms were typically soundproof. The dinging noise was a pully. It was to only be pulled in the event of an emergency. It wasn’t unusual that the bell was pulled once a day, usually by someone being thoughtless in the throws of ecstasy or a small issue of someone being rough.

However, this one was pulled extremely hard, and then immediately stopped. It gave me an extremely nervous feeling. Charak was already getting out of his chair to check, but I crossed the lobby and ran up the stairway to check on the room. I immediately threw open the door to hear a woman screaming. I hadn’t been paying enough attention to know which girl was in this room, but it turned out to be Daphne.

She was pinned to the bed. Her skirt had been ripped off and her legs were spread open. A demon had his thing out, and he was trying to get it inside her. My eyes went to Daphne, and in them, I didn’t see lust or arousal, but fear.

“Get the fuck off her!” I ran forward and grabbed the guy.

He threw back and elbow, striking me in the face. I fell back to the door, but Charak ran in next to me, moving much faster now that he was hearing the screaming. He grabbed the other man by the shoulders and picked him up, throwing him out the door so hard he nearly flew over the banister and fell to the floor below.

The demon turned back, a vicious look in his eyes. “What do you think you’re doing? I’m just having a little fun!”

“That’s not one of the services we’re offering at the moment.” Charak shot back.

“I want to stick it into her lower mouth. It feels wonderful. That tight pussy is meant to be fucked by a hard demon cock!”

“Did you instigate him?” I asked Daphne.

She gave a hurt look, but she shook her head as tears streamed down her face. I turned away and stepped into the hallway as the demon, someone I didn’t recognize, laughed.

“Get the fuck out of my store,” I said.

“Sal’s has started to sell pussy… Real pussy!” The demon turned and shouted to the demons below.

“What’s pussy?” One of the demons asked.

“Oh, it’s the thing he’s keeping from you. It feels so wonderful! It’s the best service a woman can give!” He shouted back, making sure everyone heard.

“Get rid of him,” I growled as I finally understood what game he was playing.

Charak grabbed him by the back of the shirt and started pulling him down the stairway. He stumbled along with his dick still hanging out.

“Taste the lower mouth!” He shouted. “Fill her pussy up with your seed! Come to Sal’s-“

His words were cut off as he finally was thrown out of the building. I looked down over the lobby where all the demons who had been waiting for their turn stared up silently.

“Um… 50% off drinks!” I called.

A few demons cheered. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done.

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