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It was two days later when that burly demon returned to our little abode.

During that time, I had tried to come up with little ways to improve our place.

One such way was to look around the city and shop. It turned out, when it came to cheap things, it was more affordable to just buy them in a store than to summon them using the builder.

For two drakes, I was able to get a table and another chair. I also bought some cushions to put on the chairs.  I found clothing for Elizabeth and her daughter.

I also managed to buy a few bodily necessities. Thankfully, this was a world that understood hygiene. Saltwater was used to wash your mouth, and a fatty soap was used to clean your body.

It didn’t smell particularly good, but I was also able to find a perfume for Elizabeth to use. I had to dilute it in water because it was too pungent.  

I had the girls try on their outfits. They were rather plain, a simple brown cloth made of cheap material, but they were both fully dressed, clean, and neat.

 Compared to before, Elizabeth was finally looking like a normal woman. She had even tied her hair up, although she said it was so she could more efficiently work using her mouth.

As for Diana, she was coming out of her shell more every day and frequently ran around the house excitedly.

The final thing I purchased was a giant chalkboard. Well, I couldn’t find that in this world, so I bought it using the builder system.

 If I had enough money, I could even buy modern conveniences and technology, despite this being a medieval world of magic.

However, most things of that nature were extremely expensive. Simply buying a solar-powered generator cost a whooping 5,000 dragons.

Nevermind the cost of setting up everything else, like electronics to use. The cost was really impossible.

I was just starting to write on the chalkboard when the door burst open and the three men walked in.

“I’m back!” The familiar face in front grinned.

I bowed respectfully. “Glory to the Dark Gods! How goes it?”

“I’ve come for another penis washing.” The man said, “Ah… that’s right… you called it a blowjob.”

“This place is really small.” One of the demons that came with him spoke with a displeased expression on his face.

“I came because you begged me, but I’m having my doubts.” The other demon said.

“Haha… friends, aren’t we brothers? You should trust your brother more.” The familiar one said, laughing off their comments. “Little devil, we’d like to buy three blowjobs, okay?”

“Ah, then please, sit down.”

Unfortunately, there were only two spots, which were taken by the eager returner and one of the guys. The other crossed his arms and glared unhappily.

“Elizabeth? Are you ready?”

“Mm… No, remember, no peeking!” She whispered to her daughter before stepping out into the room.

Her bed was put into a corner of the room, and I had hung a curtain to give them a bit of privacy. Comparing their room to mine, well, it was quite miserable, but the girls seemed happy to have that much. It also had a dual purpose.

As much as it lets the girls have privacy from me, it also gave her privacy when she was performing. Well, the business hadn’t gotten that far yet.

“A human?” The standing man snorted disdainfully.

“Is that the species of this savage? I can’t even tell them apart.” The other sitting demon snorted.

The only one whose eyes were slightly different was the returnee. His eyes seemed to hold a bit of excitement and lust.

“Y-you look much nicer now.” He said while licking his lips. “Clean. I approve.”

“Wh-what did he say?” Elizabeth asked me nervously as she realized he was talking to her.

“He says you look sexy.” I poorly translated it.

Elizabeth blushed, brushing a loose strain of hair behind her ear in a move that was quite destructive. The demon’s eyes widened, and he even panted for a second. Suffice it to say, I didn’t need to translate for him.

“Kraven, what are you doing?” The demon sitting next to him whispered.

“Ah, that’s… rather, please, clean this!” The demon hastily reached into his pants and pulled out his dick.

She couldn’t understand what he said, but she got the motions. “Then, I’ll begin.”

She calmly went down to her knees. However, she waited on going ‘ah’ for a moment, instead of grabbing it and using her tongue to tease him a bit.

She was definitely upping her game, and the effect was apparent. He had frowned when she didn’t go ‘ah’, but that only lasted a moment before her tongue started dancing up and down his shaft.

This view was also clear to the other two demons. If she just swallowed it, there would be nothing to see, so she skillfully did something that showed her actions a bit more apparent.

As for me, I openly watched this time. The demons didn’t seem to mind hiding this kind of thing from each other, so I wouldn’t be modest. Besides, I still worried about her safety, so it was better if I was close in case, I needed to intervene.

On that note, I noticed another person peaking from behind the curtain. This probably was no good, but if I did something about it now, it might cause more trouble. Elizabeth wouldn’t be able to concentrate if she knew Diana had seen, and I didn’t want the men to know Diana was there either. Maybe I needed to build them a room next. That’s a lot of money though. I’d need to increase the size of this building first. The next size up needed 100 drakes.

“Ah!” Elizabeth finally went ‘Ah’ and took his cock into her mouth.

“Ahhmmm…” The demon moaned happily.

“Enough! My turn!” The demon standing had grown impatient and pulled his member out, poking it at her cheek like he expected her mouth to widen to accommodate.

“Damn it, wait your turn!” The sitting returnee, Kraven, growled, upset that his cleaning had been interrupted.

“Gaahhaa…. Haaaa… “ Elizabeth gasped as the standing man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off his dick, then shoved his own at her face.

“Hey, do me!” The sitting guy with his dick still wet complained.

“What about me? I’m paying too!” The other sitting guy grew anxious and whipped his out too.

I took a step forward in alarm. Without missing a beat, Elizabeth reached out and grabbed each of the sitting man’s cocks, on in each hand.

Meanwhile, she opened her mouth and took the forceful guy’s cock in her mouth.  

She started to move her hands up and down their shafts, jacking off the two sitting men while sucking off the third guy.

Like that, she was satisfying all three of them at once. She didn’t look distressed, so I started to calm down.

However, the rambunctious standing guy, after having his dick sucked for about a minute, still wasn’t satisfied.

“Mmm, I like this!” He said, grabbing her head and then forcing his cock in her mouth deeply.

He started moving his hips, thrusting into her face.

“Aghh… ghhh… ghhhllaaa…” wet gagging noises came from her mouth as he used her face, and even her handjobs started to grow disorderly.

I stepped forward again, a surge of anger shooting through me. However, as I prepared to kick the guy out, Elizabeth’s eyes met mine.

They were red and tears were falling down her cheeks, but she shook her head subtly towards me.

She had an expression full of determination. It said if she couldn’t even handle this much, then she didn’t deserve to live here. I gritted my teeth and allowed them to continue.

I didn’t have to wait long, as the men started to cum, one after another. The standing guy came first, once he shoved his cock down her throat and came, he pulled back and sat his bare ass on my table while recovering.

Elizabeth’s face was a mess, full of spit, tears, and cum. She immediately threw up, white cum falling out, but even as she did this, she kept jacking off the two demons. They seemed to be completely uncaring of her state, and not at all turned off. Two streaks of white shot from each hand. She aimed their cocks at her, causing cum to strike her arms, tits, and body before lewdly dripping down.

As soon as she finished, the three demons put their dicks away and almost immediately ignored the cum covered woman on the floor. They all focused on me.

“10 drakes, right? To think, she can even clean them with her hands. It was almost as good as the first time! Well, someone took her best hole!” he handed me the coins while shooting the guy behind him annoyed look, as did the other man who had been sitting.

The third man snorted. “I guess this was alright.”

As he tried to hand me 10 drakes, I held up a single finger. “One dragon.”

He froze, “Wh-what?”

“For you, it’s one dragon.”

“How is that?” His face grew into a snarl.

“Excessive wear on the goods.” I pointed down at Elizabeth, who was still coughing.

“You… she’s just a human. Useless!”

“Isn’t that 10 drakes you just tried to give me for something useless?” I shot back. “Besides, I eat on that table!”

The demon’s all looked back at the table, which still had his clear assprint on it. That caused him to flush for a second.


“Give over! Give the man the money, and don’t be such a fairy next time.” The other demons immediately admonished him.

Under the peer pressure, if nothing else, he handed over a dragon grudgingly. That was 100 drakes! I never imagined he’d do it.

“Hmph! But don’t expect me back here again!” He complained before storming away while the other two demons apologized and then followed behind him.

As soon as the door shut, I ran over to check on Elizabeth.

“M-master… I’m fine.” Even though she was covered in cum, her dress ruined with white splashes, she still seemed to blush when I helped her up and looked on worriedly. “It’s really nothing. I was prepared to be treated much worse. I might still be, one day.”

“No…” I said, helping wipe the cum from her body. “Never feel like you have to. Your body is important to me, so I won’t have you breaking it.”

I was going to say something else, but for a moment she looked up at me with a somewhat doe-eyed expression, so I hardened my heart and said something else.

She still acted slightly shy for the remainder of the day. As for me, I was focused on two things. One, the sudden influx of income. 120 drakes. It was enough to expand the size of the building and get a few more commodities.

The other thing that caught my eyes was a new indication in front of my eyes.

Your minion [Elizabeth] has increased to level 2.

She has 1 minion point to spend. Would you like to give her a perk?

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