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“How do I look?” I asked, holding out my hands.

“Hideous.” Charak shrugged.

“Hideous will do,” I responded. “Why would an attractive man go to a brothel?”

“That feels like a slight…”

“You imagined it.” I cleared my throat. “We probably should get going then.”

After some searching in the store, I was able to exchange some dragons for a demon costume. I had much larger horns, green skin, and I added a few distracting warts for good measure. The idea was that I wouldn’t be confused for the demon from Devon’s Watering Hole, and for that goal, I felt I had done a decent enough job.

“I’ll lead the way,” Charak easily accepted my words and turned to the door.

He was the type of guy who didn’t get offended all too easily. That was good because I had never been that good and dealing with people. The pair of us left the relative safety of my house, which had various enchantments that prevented any real harm from being done, and out into the dangerous and dark night. Well, it wasn’t like demon-on-demon crime was something unique to the night. Demons would attack other demons in broad daylight if they got angry with each other. Sneaking around at night was something few demons truly understood.

As we crossed a bridge, we left the merchant area of town that I had made my home and entered the richer area of town. The disparity in wealth had originally been created by the humans, but after taking everything by force, the demons didn’t suffer any difficulty adopting a similar system. The wealthy demons took the best locations, while the other demons were left to settle in smaller buildings. Few complained because a hierarchy had always been built into the demons. They instinctively ranked themselves from the beginning. The difference was that money hadn’t been attached to it before.

“That’s Sal’s?” I couldn’t help but open my mouth as we approached a certain mansion.

They didn’t put it in some kind of storefront, but had commandeered a rich-looking mansion and turned it into a brothel. It stood out from all of the others because the gates were wide open and there were lights in every room. It was also somewhat loud, and the sound of fornication could be heard out of various open windows. The posh exterior of a place intended for some lord mixed with the sounds of a whore house contrasted horribly, and I couldn’t help but stiffen as I approached the place.

There was a naked demon standing outside the place casually drinking while a woman serviced him. He seemed to ignore her completely while talking casually with another demon, who was also being serviced. This was a level of advertisement I wasn’t sure that I could match. It was so blatant and disregarded all sense of modesty and decency. It was something my human mind wasn’t able to grasp easily. Despite everything, I guess I was still too human to act so shamelessly.

This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I didn’t want the demons to abuse women. A flash of Daphne crying and shaking appeared in my mind for a second. It seemed like teaching these demons how to have and enjoy sex wasn’t enough. I was going to also have to treat them to respect women. That felt like a stripper teaching women about chastity, but if I didn’t do it, there would be only more heartache in this world.

As we walked into the room, a short and straggly demon walked up to us with a grin on his face that exposed all of his sharp canine-like teeth. “Welcome! Welcome! Are you new guests?”

“This is my first time,” I responded, taking the lead as Charak kept his mouth quiet.

The man looked at me with a smile. “I see, well, if you have the coin, then we have the women.”

“I don’t understand the point of human women anyway.” I decided to act like the typical demon customer I had seen, skeptical but curious.

Charak frowned in my direction but thankfully didn’t blow my cover. The host only smiled bigger. I understood why. It was typically those who were most resistant to the idea that often fell the hardest into debauchery. Those that crossed their arms and acted snobbishly, once having a taste, would often dump their entire wealth to continue to relive the feeling. Some of them didn’t even understand why after having a few orgasms, that their penis ceased to grow erect again. The girls had to explain to them that penises needed time to recharge, something that some of them took as a personal challenge, causing them to use the women daily to strengthen their sexual stamina.

The man put a hand on my shoulder and patted it. Charak was too tall for the man to reach his shoulder, but he had already pinpointed on me, seeing that I was the leader and perhaps that I was uglier in my current disguise.

“My good demon, human women are there to provide us pleasure.” His voice sounded a bit oily to my ears. “For a small fee, you can do whatever you want to her. She will use her body to make you have all kinds of experiences you’ve never had before.”

“Use her?” I blinked. “How?”

“If you can’t figure out a way to derive pleasure from her, then the girl is prepared to instruct you.”

“Pleasure… do you mean ripping her limb from limb?” I asked something that finally gave him pause.

These questions did roil my stomach, and even Charak gave a look of disgust, but I needed to find out just how they were being used. This was information that I felt was important.

“Of course… damaging the merchandise will net you… certain fees.” He spoke quieter, leaning toward me.

“It will cost you 5 dragons per limb. If she dies, that’s 50 dragons. If you’re going to play to such an extreme, you better be able to afford it.” His toothy grin no longer seemed inviting, but slightly evil.

“You allow demons to damage the women?” Charak seemed shocked by this.

The host shot him a glare, putting his finger to his lips. “Shhh! Officially, damaging the merchandise is against the rules. However, a small fee is all that is needed in recompense. Since Sal handles the city coin, paying us is paying the city. I do warn you though, failure to pay will have you punished by law. It could mean up to a month locked up.”

“Up to a month… for brutally taking a life.” I couldn’t help my voice from sounding dark.

He shrugged. “There are always more where they came from. The damaged goods are cheaper for our poorer clients, it’s a win-win! Are you interested?”

Charak opened his mouth, but I grabbed his arm to silence him. “We are.”

“Very good, are you interested in the cheap stock, or the expensive?”

“Untouched,” I responded.

“Ooo… a big spender. I’ll put together what we have left.” He grinned before bowing and slipping away into the back.

Unlike my place, there was no one waiting at Sal’s. As soon as you came in, you were offered an assortment of girls to play with as long as you want. There was no shortage of room or women. The two guys out front I came to realize were bodyguards on top of advertisers. This do-anything business model was very difficult.

“I… didn’t realize.” Charak seemed visibly upset.

“They hid it well.”

“You don’t understand… I went for cheap stock. I didn’t like… that the woman was armless.” His hand tightened so hard on his side that it shook. “Those wonderful hands of Elizabeth and Alleya… so soft… they’ve given me such pleasure. How could someone rip something so beautiful off?”

Charak wasn’t quite there, but he was close enough. I was glad to see at least one demon understood there were limits.

The man returned and smiled. “I’ve put a selection of untouched goods. Before I show them, you have the coin?”

“Yes.” I lifted a pouch full of dragons and casually shook it.

With that, his sharp teeth showed once again in a smile. “Then, please follow me.”

The pair of us followed him into the female selection room.

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