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Since I had gone to the effort of putting on a disguise and coming to Sal’s Sex Shoppe, how could I leave without first checking out the merchandise? As for why I went for untouched goods, it probably had more to do with my ability to stomach anything else.

 This shoppe was a place that didn’t care much about the human merchandise that it was selling. If I saw someone being abused, I’d fear I might react out of character again as I did with Luna. I didn’t want any more inconveniences like that.

As long as I looked at untouched girls, then it wouldn’t matter what happened in the future, I wouldn’t be around to see it. I couldn’t provide too much sympathy for these women. They knew what they were getting into when they came here. Enough women would have had bad ends by now for them to reason out that this wasn’t a safe place for them. If they still chose to come, it was on them.

I could add that not a single woman had wandered into my tavern looking for a job. I mean, I had a store sign that said not hiring, and I almost certainly would have kicked them out if they tried to annoy me, but it was the principle of the matter.

Charak and I were led into a back area with a small amount of seating and a stage. We were invited to sit down and offered something to drink. I took notice of the hospitality. At least, Sal knew how to flatter his customers. As we sat down, a line of women began to walk out.

I had thought that the women would be average to ugly, so I was rather surprised to find the majority of the women were quite pretty. Perhaps, they weren’t as well-fed as my girls, but there had been some effort to provide them dresses, perfume, and makeup so that they could smell and look nice. It was more than I had come to expect from this place.

“How do they compare to your previous selection?” I whispered to Charak.

“Mmm… they are better.” He spoke, sounding somewhat reluctant.

It wasn’t hard to reason out why this situation was different than Charak’s first time here. At that time, he would have been seen as some no-name soldier who scraped together all of his earnings for the best he could get. He probably said things like ‘what’s cheaper’ and ‘I hope I can afford that. They responded in kind by giving him the cheaper stock.

This time, he appeared to be my servant, and even if I was ugly, my clothing was fine enough I might be confused for someone who had some wealth. After immediately requesting pricier girls, they provided me with the best they had in stock.

All of this was informative to me. It appeared that this wasn’t a joke of a business. The people Sal had run this place could separate the difference between a beautiful woman and an ugly woman. That might sound silly, but most demons had no standard of beauty for a woman, and as long as a woman wasn’t deformed, they might be forgiven for accepting any of them.

Yet, they had tiers here and were able to aim women toward the most lucrative profits. This was the benefit of a place on this site. With me and my four girls, how could I compare? If I had to guess, including the five girls brought out in front of us, maybe one hundred women were working at the sex shoppe on any given night, with possibly another 100 in reserve.

Compared to the rough number of 10,000 women who likely still lived in this city, that wasn’t much, but my current tavern couldn’t compare in the selection or reach.

“Charak, pick whatever women you wish. That will cover your work for today.” I responded.

Charak gave me a slightly suspicious look. He knew that I was particularly stingy with money. Even he who lived on an army pension and worked for booze and blowjobs felt a bit expensive. Was it that surprising I hadn’t started hiring more staff just yet? I’d rather not pay anyone with coin if I could help it.

I gave Charak a reassuring nod, and he finally stood up and walked to the edge of the stage, making sure to examine each girl. In the end, he picked the woman who appeared the closest to Elizabeth. That was to say she had the largest chest.

I supposed that Charak fancied her the best. She had been with me the longest, and her ability to set moods calmed even the wildest heart.

That wasn’t to say that Alleya didn’t have her fans. She was able to take on more abuse and was much less fragile than Elizabeth. I had told her repeatedly that if anything got out of control, she should pull the alarm, but so far she had handled most problems with her demonic strength.

In my mind, she was only the second prettiest girl there. There was another girl that was a step better, although she wasn’t quite as shapely or mature as the one Charak picked.

“I must ask for payment upfront.” The shady man’s eyes flickered to the curtain the girls came out from before looking at me.

I casually reached into my pocket and pulled out ten dragons, dropping them in his hand. Charak’s mouth nearly fell open staring at the money I casually handed out. Thankfully, the guy didn’t notice as he was too busy checking the coins in his hand.

Of course, my heart hurt too. I had a part to play as someone wealthy, but that didn’t make me miss my money any less.

The host was finally satisfied, putting the coins away with a flick of his wrist. He gave a nod to the woman on the stage who put her hand out. Charak reached out and took her hand, gently helping her down from the stage.

She looked slightly nervous, and a bit frightened, but Charak gave her a goofy grin, and her cheeks turned red for a moment.

Another attendant appeared, and he led Charak away with the woman in his hand. I hoped that he had a fine night with her. If this led to him asking for more aggressive things from my girls, though, I would vehemently refuse.

“Sir, would you like to choose your woman for the night as well?” The host asked, his cordial atmosphere growing more intense now that I had shown myself to be able to pay.

I stood up and approached the stage. I carefully looked at each girl as if I was carefully considering my pick. In truth, I had already decided, but I didn’t want to come off as too eager. When I reached the last one, he gave a slightly encouraging smile.

“Have you decided?”

“Can I inspect them closer?” I asked.

The man’s smile only slipped slightly before he swallowed and nodded. “Of course, sir.”

Without another word, I jumped up onto the stage. Each woman seemed somewhat fearful in her way. One girl came off as shy, while another came off as defiant. A third girl seemed to be trying to look seductive, although, in her inexperience, it was obvious.

I carefully looked at each, and as I got close, they would shiver or look away, perhaps a little frightened about what would happen next.

“Can you guarantee they are virgins?” I asked.

“Sir… they were checked…” His eyes flickered once again to the curtain.

“I see. You’ve said that I can choose any woman in this room?”

“Of course, just pick one, and she will be yours tonight.”

I nodded in thought, walking around the girls with my hand on my chin as if I was checking out their backsides. However, just as I reached the midway point, I stopped.

“In that case, the woman I choose is her!”

I grabbed the curtain and swung it open. The demon let out a cry, but as the curtain opened, it revealed a woman who was sitting there. She was as dressed up as the women on stage, but there was something different about her. She was neither frightened nor surprised by my sudden appearance.

A small smile formed on her lips. “How interesting…”

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