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“I’m sorry, I’m still having some trouble understanding what you expect me to do.” My mind was finally starting to clear up and I was able to get a good look at the girls.

They were all wearing cloaks with their hoods up, but as my eyes adjusted to the light, it became much easier to see them in their hoods. There were a few teenagers in the group and the oldest woman looked to be not much older than forty.

When it came to their looks, I wouldn’t say they were all beauties, but there was nothing specifically unfortunate about them either. With a bit of makeup on them, they’d be perfectly presentable girls. There wasn’t a single ugly one in the group.

One could say they were a bit sexier than the woman from my world. My world was filled with cosmetics, fast food, STDs, and harsh chemicals.

 This world didn’t have any of that, so every girl was thin and most of them had fairly decent skin. They were also likely virgins.

The girl who had been leading most of the conversation was the most attractive of the bunch. She looked to be in her young twenties, and the very kind of girl who shouldn’t have struggled to get a demon to take care of her at all.

“We want you to close down those demonic businesses so things can return to the way they were!” The woman demanded nervously.

“You want things to go back to the way they were?” I blinked.

“Ah, it’s not that… we want better things for women, but this isn’t the way to get it. Prostitution is immoral!”

“Is it though? Didn’t the human kingdom have legal prostitution before the war?”

“I-it was a problem then as well!” One of the older women shouted. “Husbands were cheating on their wives nonstop!”

“Well, that can’t possibly be an issue now, since there are no husbands left,” I concluded.

“That as it may, this kind of payment for sex is degrading for women! We’re fighting for the rights of all women!” She declared, leading to the others add their agreement.

I could only shrug. “How has that worked out for you so far? Aren’t you regarded by the demons as less than things?”

“Exactly my point! You want us to be seen as sex objects for demons. We won’t ascribe to prostitution.”

“Why not? I once heard that the oldest profession among humans was once prostitution. Isn’t that basically what a wedding is?”

“What are you saying? What do you know of marriage, demon?”

“Women married and took care of a man, and in exchange, the man would protect and provide for her husband. Most men married because they wanted a woman to sexually satisfy them, right?”

“Th-that’s sexist!” One of the girls called out.

The lead girl held up her hand to silence them, still seeming interested in what I was saying, “Married women did far more than sleep with men. They reared children and took care of the house. You’re making a married woman sound like a slut.”

“Sure. Sure.” I waved my hand. “Married women can do other things, but it’s usually their beauty and sexuality that sold the man in the first place. In fact, it’s pretty easy for a woman to select a strong male partner. Men are the ones who have it tough.”

“That’s not true! A husband could be abusive, or a failure!” She glared, and some of the other women nodded in agreement.

“Sure, they could turn out to be a bad provider. They might not be strong, or they might be strong but not very nice. It’s only natural for women to admire and desire that strength though, and it’s only natural for men to seek out sexual satisfaction. I’ll admit making such an agreement can be risky for both sides.”

“How is it risky for the man? He can just drop her at any time.” She demanded. “It seems to me that the woman is assuming all of the risks.”

“Yeah.” One of the others backed her up.

“What are you saying? The demon must put all kinds of money and time into that woman, and she could turn out to not be able to satisfy him or take care of his needs. If she was bad enough, she could make his life suffer greatly!”

She shook her head. “You’re just trying to confuse us. This hasn’t anything to do with my point. We’re not talking about marriage here at all?”

“And why not?” I continued. “You said that women are being picked up by demons at an alarming rate. The woman gets food, security, and a place to live, and all she has to do is keep her demon sexually satisfied. That doesn’t sound much different from marriage to me.”

“Th-that’s because you’re a demon! You just can’t understand the intricacy of a relationship between a man and a woman. Demons can’t just come in and replace men.”

“All I know is that demons are physically stronger than women. Men lacked the strength to protect women, and they were wiped out by a superior breed. While men failed to protect women and keep them safe, demons might be able to. Many demons don’t look much different than men, and I’m sure a woman can be attracted to a demon, and I know the opposite is true. If women want to start relationships with demons, it might be the only way to regain the status women once lost.”

“You’re not understanding our plight at all!” She growled. “You’re just a pervert that wants women to give their bodies to these… these… men. It’s immoral.”

“Men?” I blinked as realization struck me. “You said that word immoral a few times already. You don’t even care if they are demons, do you? You just don’t like the idea of someone else gaining success.”

“H-how can you consider that successful? They’re whores!”

“Sluts!” Another girl added.

“Hussies!” Yelled another.

“Alright.” I pulled my hands out from behind me, causing the girls to gasp.

It wasn’t like I had done something remarkable. They had been very bad at tying me to the chair. Their knots were completely loose and they came undone with just a slight amount of tugging. I had only remained and engaged with them to make sure that they weren’t holding something back, like someone with a bit more sense.

“S-stay back!” The girl pulled something out, keeping her distance from me.

I saw a flash of metal, and I worried for a brief second until I recognized the metal in her hand as a metal pan. She didn’t even have a kitchen knife.

“Was that what I was knocked unconscious with?” I blinked.

It was a frying pan that they had used to kidnap me. I felt extremely annoyed.

“S-stay there!” She demanded. “You still are our captive.”

“If I contacted the demon guard and let them know some humans were revolting, what do you think would happen to you?” I asked.

Several of the girls gasped and stepped back, but the one holding the frying pan remained in place, although her hand on the frying pan was shaking.

“Y-you wouldn’t!” She cried out weakly.

“Oh? Wouldn’t I?” I asked, raising an eyebrow. “You knocked me unconscious and tried to hold me against my will. Remember, I’m the same demon who sells women for sex. Why wouldn’t I get rid of a problem child like you?”

As I spoke, I approached her darkly, using my size to appear more dangerous. As pushed her frying pan away I took another step forward, stopping right in front of her, my red eyes staring down with righteous anger.

“Ah-ah…” She could only get out a squeaky sound before she fell to her knees.

A moment later, I could smell a foul odor, and a small puddle appeared under her. I was shocked, but I did my best to hide it. I didn’t think I was that intimidating, but this girl wet herself! The other girls, rather than backing up their friend, had all run away. Most of them had already scattered from the building, but one or two remained, watching and hidden behind piles of abandoned junk.

I lowered my head as she looked up at me with terrified eyes. “No one will hand you a better life. You have to take it, and that may involve doing things you never thought you would do. However, if you do those things, you may not just live a better life of your own, but you may be able to make it so your descendants don’t have to do such things. That’s what I believe. Two days.”

I held out two fingers in front of her.

“Wh-what’s in two days?” She asked while shaking.

“Two days… I’m having auditions. If you want to work in my shop, that will be your chance. It’s time for an aggressive expansion.”

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