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“Master’s cock is always so big.” Elizabeth moaned as her hips rocked up and down on my cock under the heated water.

“Did you expect it to shrink?” I growled, my hands reaching out and grabbing her bare ass roughly.

“Ahn! N-no, Master.” Her eyes widened. “I don’t mean it like that. I’m just always surprised at how much you stretch me every time it goes in. I can’t seem to ever get used to how big Master is.”

I narrowed my eyes at her. “Are you trying to flatter me? You’ve seen a lot of cocks now and even gotten extremely familiar with them. I don’t appreciate dishonestly. I know I’m not the largest demon.”

“Th-that’s not true!” I gave her a flat look, and her face flushed, but she continued stubbornly. “Your dick is already at the limit I can handle. I said that it always surprises me. If I did with someone bigger, it would be painful and uncomfortable. I wouldn’t enjoy it at all.”

“That’s what every girl says.” I snorted.

“Master,” A serious expression formed on her face. “The idea of a woman being torn open and loving it is something that was spread by human men to compete and shame each other. Most women are only comfortable within a specific size, and going too far outside such a size isn’t enjoyable. Perhaps, they can come to get used to it, but the enjoyment doesn’t come from the size, but their feelings for their partner. It doesn’t matter what their sizes are. No one but Master can make me feel this way. If another demon was to do it, it would feel like nothing to me.”

“Hmm…” My lips tightened.

I wasn’t completely convinced of her words, but I also wasn’t a complete fool. I did know that there was an emotional component to sex and that women tended to be far more emotionally affected by sex. This was also why women could be prostitutes so easily and be so vindictive when they felt wronged. For a man, every sexual experience was roughly the same. Whether I had sex with Alleya or Elizabeth, other than the physical sensations coming from a more robust, softer body or the tight, flexible body, they both felt just as good to me.

However, for a woman, sex could be vastly different based on her emotional investment. She could coldly have sex with a hundred men, and since there is no emotional investment, she’d feel nothing. She could come home and kiss her husband on the lips because, in her mind, none of the other men meant anything. Meanwhile, a woman could weaponize sex to punish a man she was furious with, exactly because it had different meanings to her given the circumstance. This was why men in my world had eventually made infidelity for women illegal and gave it such a severe punishment, while guys were left alone.

Well, maybe I was just thinking too hard about things. Elizabeth pushed her large chest against me tighter, her lips pursed as she noticed I was still doubtful.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but your cock is similar to that of an adult male.”

“What are you saying?”

“As far as penises that resembled the other human species, you’re near the top in length and girth.” She explained. “Those that are larger are typically misshaped. The skin is often dry or scaly, and it has strange angles and curves. It doesn’t fit with a female’s parts properly.”

“A dick is a dick…” I started, only to feel surprised when she pinched my arm.

“If every woman just wanted a large dick, wouldn’t women just fuck horses?”


“Fucking a demon with a strange dick is like fucking an animal. Can we physically, do it? If we’re pushed to do it, sure. However, how many women fall in love and marry their horse?” She demanded, leaving me speechless. “Bah, since when is Master been so insecure? You know that we are your playthings to do whatever you want with. We have been since the moment you became our Master. No other man could substitute our Master… ahh!”

I stood up suddenly in the bathtub with a splash, picking up Elizabeth who was still impaled on my cock, and startling her. I wore a particularly nasty grin.

“You call me Master, but aren’t you getting a bit ahead of yourself? Who said I’m being insecure? I’m just making sure you understand your place!” With that, I tossed Elizabeth off me and into the tub.

As she splashed to right herself, I grabbed her head and shoved it over the edge of the hot tub. She ended up bent over the edge, her dripping wet body on full display. I stepped to the edge of the hot tub. While gasping, Elizabeth quickly got into position, spreading her cheeks and offering her backside to me completely. I took my cock and shoved it into her wet and waiting pussy.

“That’s a better position for you.” I chuckled.

“Ahhhn… Master can have… hah… every position.” Elizabeth moaned as I started to thrust into her from behind.

The hot tub had a tile shelf at the height of the tub’s edge, so Elizabeth’s big tits pressed against down on the cold shelf while I thrust my hips and plowed her from behind, the edge of the hot tub holding her in her spot so she had no choice but take the entire length of my dick. I grabbed onto her wide child-bearing hips tightly and rode that round and beautiful ass hard. The water splashed messily every time I thrust into her.

Her pussy was out of the water and on full display, but the roughness I thrust into her still caused the water to wane back and forth in the tub. Half of it spilled out onto the floor and the other have splashed up onto the shelf, racing up to Elizabeth’s tits and soaking them. She quickly started moaning, her body completely at my mercy as I enjoyed the feel of her. I preferred this feeling to the mademoiselle I had tasted earlier.

She was far too skilled and proactive. The experience could be enjoyable, but sometimes I just wanted to have complete control, and such a girl couldn’t possibly allow herself to become completely submissive. She’d always have to subtly act on her own to try to enhance the experience. I reached up and slapped Elizabeth’s ass, causing it to jiggle under my hand.

Her skin was already a little red because of the heat of the hot tub, but I could still make out the handprint on her butt cheek. I added one on the other side.

“Yes! Master… yes!” She cried out in pleasure, not daring to beg for more or less than what I was willing to give.

I grabbed onto a chunk of her hair and pulled her head off the tile. Her dripping tits hung from her chest and her back was partially bent as I shoved my mass deep into her, pulling in and out with hard thrusts. I had already emptied the tub of half of the water, so the splashing was no longer as bad.

“I’m going to cum in your pussy.” I declared, pulling her head up so I could whisper in her ear.

She turned to me, a euphoric look on her face of complete submission. It was a look that seemed to say that she had already given me everything, so there was no need to ask permission. I could use her however I wanted, whenever I wanted, and that it was all to my desire. A felt a passion trickle into my heart, and I couldn’t help but kiss her. My lips roughly took hers. I wrapped my arm around her chest and squeezed her tits as I pushed my cock as far as I could get it at that angle.

I could feel her pussy squeezing tightly on my dick, either because of the strange angle or because she was already climaxing, and with her tongue in my mouth and my dick in her cunt, I started to cum. My girls were all on the pill. I knew that the end goal was repopulating the earth, but these were working girls and I didn’t want an accidental pregnancy causing trouble, so they were all placed on birth control gotten from my system. Of course, I didn’t tell the girls that. They took what I handed them, which also included vitamins.

That also meant I didn’t need to hold back in the slightest. I unloaded inside Elizabeth’s womb. When I finally finished. I let go, and Elizabeth collapsed back onto the shelf, gasping in pleasure.

“Thank you… Master…” She panted. “Thank you so much.”

I gave her ass one last slap as I cleaned up and got out of the tub. “Make sure to clean this up before you go to bed.”

I left for my bedroom. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

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