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“Master, is there anything wrong? You feel stressed.” I heard a light voice near my ear as two large soft things pressed against my back.

“Don’t worry about it,” I grunted. “Harder.”

“Mm… yes, Master.”

There was a splash of water as Elizabeth lifted her arm from the water and pushed her elbow into my back. She applied pressure, pushing in a circle as she massaged my aching shoulders. After slapping me the previous night, she had been extremely regretful. When I got home, she had nearly been in tears. This was ultimately her way of apologizing. I had some things to apologize for too, so I allowed it.

After being kidnapped by the spinster brigade, I had managed to walk away unperturbed. I returned home feeling cold and achy. Being knocked out and tied up in that chair had done a number on me. The mysterious mistress of Sal’s Sex Shoppe had also been a bit of a firecracker and led to some of that soreness too.

Elizabeth was still up, she had been worried about me wondering off after the fight earlier. I apologized to her, which she seemed surprised about.

“Master is master… he has nothing to apologize for.” She spoke, her voice a bit cold.

I knew things wouldn’t be resolved in a single day, but at least she wasn’t making things hard on me. I had her get the tub ready and we took a bath together. While she bathed and massaged me, my mind was on other things though.

I considered my encounter with Rhea. I wasn’t sure if she was an ally or an enemy. She did have the skill to back up her position, but how could I make use of that skill to expand my own business?

Up until that point, I had run my business with blowjobs and boobjobs. The market was starting to outpace me. Not only was Sal already offering full service, but it seemed like the demons themselves were seeking out relationships on their own, and some particularly insightful women were taking advantage of the opportunity to get locked into a relationship with a demon.

I was sure the demons just wanted sex, but women were clever. They would find ways to tie the demon down and force them into monogamy. It was their nature. Women had been tying men down for untold generations, so once they got over the difference in species, I believed the same thing would happen here.

Didn’t that mean that my job was finished? I had done what the god set out to do. The ball was already rolling, and that ball would only gain momentum, with or without me.

However, I had already been sent to this world. The only way I saw myself leaving this world was if I died. Since I had already completed the god’s mission, then really all I had left to do was watch out for myself.

I didn’t want to wind up dead or homeless. Since I started this path as a sex peddler, then I needed to follow through. This was my home now, and I owed it not just to myself, but to the women who had helped me come this far.

“You’re tensing again.” Elizabeth pouted. “Ah!”

I grabbed Elizabeth and pulled her around and onto my lap, straddling me. Even though my dick was pressed against her entrance, she spread her legs and looked up at me openly. Elizabeth was always loyal. Even thought we had that fight earlier, if I told her to hop on, she’d ride me until I blew my load.

“Elizabeth, what do you want for your future?” I asked.

“Huh?” She seemed a bit surprised by those words. “My future?”

I nodded. “Where do you see your life in the next few years?”

“What are you asking? Won’t I still be here by your side?” She asked, cocking her head in confusion.

“You wish to continue to work at this shop, turning tricks?” I asked.

Her cheeks turned slightly red. “My life was nearly over when you found me several months ago. I never saw myself having a future. Even now, the best I can hope for is to use this body of mine for as long as it holds out and give my daughter the best opportunity at a life that she can.”

“I see…”

I knew this was ultimately all of their goals. Survival was the most important thing, and to survive, people were willing to do just about anything. Elizabeth was perhaps the most unique case because it wasn’t all about her. She had her daughter to consider as well.

“Why is Master asking this?” Elizabeth wore a worried look. “Are you planning on leaving us? This isn’t about earlier, is it?”

“No.” I shook my head, causing her to relax in my arms. “Rather, I’m just thinking about our future.”


“Mm…” I nodded. “I’ve decided it’s time we start expanding and offering full services.”

Her relief slowly melted into resignation, and her body seemed to lose strength. “Oh, that…”

“Is there any problem with that?” I asked, making her look me in the eyes.

“No, Master. I will always do everything Master desires.” She responded, although I couldn’t help but feel a slight degree of shivering, despite we were sitting in a warm bath.

This had been a dilemma I had been facing since coming to this world. I had found these women and brought them into the sex service. They had used their bodies to satisfy the demons and earn me profits. That had always been the arrangement.

Yet, no matter how many cocks they had handled, we had resisted a full service. Their vaginas had been reserved only for me. I had tasted those cunts plenty of times, but I was unique. Well, unique wasn’t the right word. They weren’t exactly virgins. However, since meeting me, I was the only one who had fucked them.

Of course, I was just a man or a demon, and I used the women for my gratification. I had thought that would be enough, and they would move on to full service. However, I had resisted that change. The market was growing, and my relevance would shrink if I didn’t grow with it.

In my original world, countless businesses throughout history started some clever and profitable ideas, but because of circumstances, they failed to seize the market. Then, someone else who was more business savvy came along and took their idea, making billions and being known for an innovation that they had only taken from someone else.

If I didn’t want to end up like them, then I needed to move forward, but that meant offering full services. It shouldn’t have been a problem, but I had found myself growing attached to these women. Elizabeth, Alleya, and perhaps even Daphne might be prostitutes, but they were also my women. In my old life, I had never been particularly attached to anyone. I told myself from the beginning that they were just tools for getting the job done. Yet, the more time I spent with them, the more I found myself unwilling to send them down that path.

Although I believed Elizabeth would do everything I asked, I could see that there was a certain degree of disappointment in her eyes. It might be hidden deep, something she wouldn’t even admit to herself, but it was clear to me that she wanted something more. I was pretty sure this was the source of my anger earlier, as well as the frustration of my girls. My silence seemed to only increase the tension in her heart, and she finally broke her eyes from me, looking down at my chest submissively.

I slowly nodded to myself as I came to a decision. “Tomorrow, I will be recruiting. We’re going to the market where we will find more women to serve at Devon’s Watering Hole.”

“Is…that so…” Elizabeth’s voice was quiet and meek, taking whatever I said at face value.

“I visited Sal’s Sex Shoppe today,” I explained. “I wanted to see what they offered.”

Her shoulders seemed to sag even more. “I understand.”

I tightened my lips. “Your… talents… are too valuable to me. As I bring in more girls, I’ve realized that I’m going to need someone to properly train them. There is a lead mistress there that is responsible for managing the ladies at the Sex Shoppe. Given your talents for altering moods, I believe this is a job you would do well in. That’s why, from this moment forth, I will be giving you a promotion. You will become my business’s Lady of the Night.”

Her eyes jumped up, a bit of surprise crossing her face. “L-lady of the Night?”

“Of course, you will no longer be paid based on service. You will become salary. Your responsibilities will be managing the ladies. You will take care of their training. You will manage their hours, work load, and emotional well-being.”

“Wh-what about Alleya?” She asked, a bit of excitement creeping into her voice.

“As we have more ladies, we will also need a form of regulation, an enforcer. While your duty will be to manage the girls, Alleya’s job will be to control them. She’ll do behind the scenes what Charak does in the open. She’ll be their private protector, and also their punisher should they act out of line. It’s something she already does with Daphne, right?”

“And… Daphne?” She came a bit hesitant.

“Daphne is a liar, a thief, and a manipulator,” I explained.

“Ah! Th-that’s true…”

“All traits of a skilled entertainer.” I continued. “My new entertainment division will need someone skilled at conning money out of pockets and making them happy to do so. Her job will be to get them drinking and spending.”

“Really? Seriously?” Elizabeth’s depressed demeanor disappeared and her eyes flashed with excitement.

“We have the room now, it’s time we stepped things up a notch. Will you take on your new position?”

“I will! Of course, anything for Master!” Her eyes started growing wet, and it looked like she might seriously break into tears.

I wasn’t the best at dealing with a crying woman. “Ah, if you’re satisfied, why don’t you work your hips a bit and show me your appreciation.”

A big smile formed on her lips, and she lowered herself down on my cock until it slid snuggly inside her. “Yes, Master. Everything I am is yours.”

She proceeded to back those words up for the rest of the night.

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