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“You seem chipper this morning.” Alleya spoke dryly.

“Hmm? Do I?” Elizabeth asked, although her eyes darted to me and she blushed slightly.

Alleya noticed her glance, and her eyes narrowed. However, before she could annoy me, Daphne spoke up.

“Hurry it up. I’m hungry.” She complained.

“Shut up and wait your turn!” Alleya kicked her under the table.

Daphne’s eyes teared up, but her body shook as if she enjoyed it. I ignored most of what they were prattling on about, as my mind was more focused on what I had to do today. Elizabeth prepared food for me first.

Since I could get items from my world, I could technically eat whatever I wanted, although the price was quite a bit. Typically though, I tried to make sure we got foods that could be found in this fantasy world and this city. I didn’t like wasting money, so except for pharmaceuticals that couldn’t be obtained in this world, most of the food was local. This means that breakfast was a rather simple meal. It was just eggs, bacon, and bread with jam. All of those things could be found in the city far cheaper than with my overpriced store.

One thing this world didn’t have that I taught Elizabeth to make was a hot cup of coffee though. She placed it along with a steam plate in front of me. I had a scroll in my hand and I was going through numbers while I casually ate. Why did I put it on a scroll? I could get a notebook, sure, but that was more expensive and scrolls were dirt cheap. Most demons didn’t value literature much, so the remaining stocks of scrolls stolen from humans were mostly untouched from before the war.

I wasn’t there to enhance culture. I just needed to get babies being made and the world to keep progressing. It also wouldn’t hurt if I became rich in the process. Besides, demons would invent culture eventually for the same reason that men had… to get up women’s skirts. With a sigh, I finished what I was doing and put down the paper.

“Keek… Keeeek…”

“Wait your fucking turn you stupid skank!” Alleya cursed.

I looked up to see Alleya had wrapped a belt around Daphne’s neck and was strangling her. Daphne had tried to take the next plate of food for herself, and Alleya had escalated her punishment. If only Daphne wasn’t wearing a lewd look as the small girl strangled her with her demonic strength, the scene might have appeared somewhat dangerous.

“Enough, Alleya. Leave her.” I ordered.

Alleya gave me an indignant look, but when she saw my eyes she released the belt, allowing Daphne to fall out of her chair and onto the floor. She grabbed her neck and rubbed it while shooting Alleya a defiant look.

“Hah…I… hah… wasn’t even there yet.”

“I’ll show you there!” Alleya snarled, lifting the belt in a threatening manner, causing the other woman to flinch.

“We’re not going to be opening the shop today,” I announced, stopping the fighting between the two girls, and causing them to both look my way.

Elizabeth had already known about this development the previous night, so she didn’t react to it. However, Diana who was picking at her eggs with her fork reacted before anyone else.

“We’re closing today?” Her voice came out in a squeak. “Why didn’t you warn me? There are many things I have to consider! I’ll need to change various shipment arrival times and…”

“Relax, you’ll remain in today.”

“Oi, serious?” Daphne got back up into her chair, a happy expression on her face. “That means we’re on vacation?”

“You’ll be working directly for me,” I replied. “Make sure to dress your best, better than you’re typical. Today, you need to be top hoes.”

“The fuck? I don’t get time off and I don’t fuck?” Daphne glared at me. “You think we’ll just work for free?”

I slapped her with the back of my hand, causing her to fall off the chair again. “You’ll do what I fucking tell you to do.”

She stood back up, slamming one hand on the table while rubbing her cheek with the other. “You think you can just bully me into getting what you want? If Daphne doesn’t get her pay, she don’t do shit!”

“You’ll get your pay.” I snorted.

“Then why the fuck you hit me?” Daphne complained.

“Because your face is so hittable,” I responded icily.

It wasn’t like she could hide the clear perverted pleasure in her eyes that said she wanted to be struck more. I was just using an age-old method of honey and the whip. Unfortunately, this pervert treated the whip as honey. In that case, it was just whipping and more whipping.

“How much?” Daphne asked, pulling back so I couldn’t slap her again.

“You’ll get your average daily.”

“What kind of bullshit is that?” Daphne immediately complained. “I’ve been making more every day. My average would bring down my total!”

“You don’t even know what I’m going to ask you to do.” I rubbed my head, feeling the urge the slap her a couple of times.

“That doesn’t fucking matter. My time is what matters. If I can make more sucking dick during the same time, then I might as well suck dick.”


It wasn’t me this time. Alleya had finally struck Daphne with the belt.

“Shut up! You’re so fucking annoying. How about you just listen to what Master has to say before you open that skank mouth.”

“Hey… I’m just saying what we’re all thinking. I agreed to fuck for money. I ain’t no recruiter.” She glared at me. “Yeah, we know what you want. You wanna use us as recruiters for more pussy. We’ll dress up all pretty and the street hoes will think if they work for you, they can look all pretty too. Well, you’re asking me to help hire my competition! I ain’t fucking doing it. I can still handle more guys. I got three holes to use at once. We can have us increase our output if you just let us use what the gods gave us.”

Her words soured the mood as usual. Part of that was because there was a clear truth to them. I had been holding the store back from growing because I kept it a hand and mouth only situation.

I could charge more for other holes, and that didn’t even include multiple services or more than one person at a time. From that point of view, adding more girls might increase my business, but it would take the business away from Daphne and the other girls.

At the end of the day, these were working girls, and they needed to get paid. When it came to Alleya and Elizabeth, perhaps they felt a bit of loyalty to me that went beyond what I could do for them, but Daphne had always been an undisciplined bitch.

“Your complaints have been noted.” I reached down and unbuckled my pants.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Daphne looked suspiciously at my crotch as I leaned back in the chair.

“Since you seem to prefer talking over listening, I’ll give your mouth something proper to do while you listen to my proposal. Alleya?”

“H-hey! The fuck? Don’t gra… mggggmmm!”

Alleya might appear small, but her strength was demonic and even if she was hurt, she’d quickly heal. Daphne was larger, but she was helpless when Alleya manhandled her. She grabbed Daphne by the head and forced her down on my cock. With my cock in her mouth, Daphne was helpless to say anything except wet moans.

Alleya did the work, holding Daphne by the hair and forcing her head up and down. Daphne could bite down, but she knew that if she did so, she’d be severely punished, so she did her best to keep any teeth from being felt.

As the wet gagging sounds came from my lap, I used a blanket to hide the scene from Diana’s curious eyes and then began to explain my plans for the future.

That included my plans for Daphne, Elizabeth, and Alleya. Alleya was so surprised by the announcement that she had stopped rocking Daphne’s head up and down on my shaft. However, Daphne’s head kept moving anyway, because deep down Daphne was always a cock sucking slut.

“So, does my proposal sound reasonable to everyone?”

“I will do whatever Master wants, always,” Elizabeth spoke predictably.

“I really won’t have to service demons anymore?” Alleya looked at me with wide eyes and a hopeful gleam.

“Not unless you want to.”

“Want to?” She spoke incredulously. “Why would I want that?”

I raised an eyebrow, and then she let out a cough and spoke quietly. “That’s not the same thing.”

“Anyone else?”

“Gmmmmlllllmmmm!” Daphne let out a muffled cry.

“Is she protesting?” Elizabeth asked.

“No, I just came down her throat.”

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