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Current Available Perks – (1 minion point)

Demon’s Strength – Gains the strength and physical status equal to a demon.

Female Demon – Skin turns color (random), and gains horns, appearing like a demon.

Regeneration – Heals from wounds and physical damage quicker. It does not include internal injuries or amputations.

Incubator – Gains extremely high fertility.

Hair Control – No need to shave. Hair only grows where you want it.

Pain Reduction – Feels less pain. Higher pain threshold.

Low Metabolism – Needs to eat less. Can go days without eating.

Improved Moral – Easier to please.

Iron Stomach – Can eat anything. Gain my sustenance from items.

It looked like the minion system wasn’t really designed with the idea of sex slaves. At least, nothing on the list was overtly sexual other than the incubator.

I supposed, breeding minions in order to make an army is something someone with minions would do.

Other than that, everything sounded like your typical perks which could help someone out. However, I had to consider each perk in the context of the business.

I had 1 minion point, and I could put it into one perk. It was really tough deciding what was best for Elizabeth. In the end, I even discussed it with her.

Of course, I didn’t reveal my minion ability. Instead, I just asked her if she could get stronger, how did she want to.

“Master… I’m used to pain, and I’ve gone many days without eating. If I could have any ability, it would be an iron stomach.”


“Mm… while Master feeds me well, I worry that one day the food won’t come anymore. If I could eat anything, then I could keep up the energy to keep working for my daughter.”

I didn’t plan to throw her away, but she seemed to still be living with this mentality that she might be back on the street.

I didn’t really care. It was called a perk for a reason. Other than an incubator and Female Demon which I didn’t even offer her, it didn’t matter to me what she picked.

Thus, I selected Iron Stomach. I gave her a vial with water in it and told her to drink it, then claimed it gave her that perk. Well, I’d rather she believed it came from a bottle than that I had some kind of superpowers.

“What should I eat to test it out?” She asked excitedly.

“I don’t know, here’s a rock.”

It was the only thing lying around that didn’t cost money. She took it and bit into it. I immediately realized she’d wreck her teeth that way, but as I went to stop her.


Iron stomach didn’t just give her a stomach that can process anything, but teeth that can crack it.

“Mm… it doesn’t taste bad. I wonder if other things taste different? Maybe I can eat dirt!”

“Let’s not worry about that right now.”

I didn’t really want to watch her eat dirt or something, so I decided to postpone any more trials until later.

Instead, I had the girls go outside. I instructed them to go get water down the street. While they were doing that, I went into my build menu and spent 50 drakes to increase the size. The building grew. It was now 500 square feet. Looking at the price, it’d be a dragon if I wanted to grow it again. However, now it was the size of a small apartment.

Going back into the cottage, I couldn’t help but whistle at how much more space there was. The entire building grew evenly, so my room gained size along with everything else. I used 25 drakes and constructed a second room.

Rooms didn’t increase the size of the building. They just constructed walls and a door. You could also move these walls, but that took a few drakes per move. So, making rooms was a bit of a commodity.

When the girls returned, they made noises of surprise.

“M-master!” Elizabeth gasped.

“Master is amazing!’ It was that easy for Diana to accept.

“This room is now your private room. When we have guests, Diana must remain in here.” I explained.

I had designed the back of the cottage to have three rooms. I had only paid for two, but they each took up 1/6th of the cottage or 1/3rd of the width. So, with 2/3rd of the width being two rooms, I simply hung a curtain to create the third room. I put Elizabeth’s chair in that room, and it was now her workroom.

I ordered a counter that went in front of our two rooms.  Now, it genuinely looked like a store. I ordered a few more chairs, leaving one behind the counter for me to sit, and then a few waiting stools with a table.

The problem was, I had used up about all of the 120 drakes I had doing that. We’d need to bring in more money soon. At least I didn’t need to worry about feeding Elizabeth if push came to shove.

I summoned 2 more chalkboards and began to write on them.

The first one stated “Code of Conduct”. I wrote it in demon. Although I called it demon, after getting a few guides, I had learned that like their currency, their language was called draconic. I wondered what their relation to dragons was. Once I listed all of the rules and the fees/conditions associated with breaking rules, I went to the second board.

I had started this one before but had gotten distracted when guests came in. This board was labeled “Services.” Right then, I put Blow Job, and then I wrote the cost of 50 drakes. It was time to raise it.

We’d be adding more services soon, but I wanted things a bit more stable before I took on that responsibility.

As for the third board, I put it in front of Elizabeth and Diana.

“What is this, Master?” Elizabeth asked.

“The pair of you are going to need to learn draconic,” I explained. “Every day, before we open, I’m going to spend a few hours teaching you. Elizabeth, all you need to learn is how to be conversational and how to read. As for you Diana… since you’re young, you need to learn everything.”


“Math, science, language… I’m investing in you now so later you’ll be able to serve me.”

“M-master…” Diana’s eyes watered and then she made a fist. “I’ll definitely satisfy Master with my mouth, just like mommy!”

“Oh!’ Elizabeth made a noise and covered her mouth.

“No…” I shook my head. “Your job is different. I’m making you into a manager?”


“I believe your mom doesn’t want you to do what she does. So, I’m going to teach you to be useful so you never have to sell your body like your mother.”

“Devon…” Elizabeth gave me a look.

[Your minion’s faith in you has increased!]

[You are now a level 2 Minion Master.]

[Your status has increased! Your minion’s status has increased. You can now have 2 minions.]

Apparently, other than leveling my minion, I could level too. By gaining more minions and earning their affection, I became a stronger Minion Master. This made me stronger, but it also made my minions stronger.

“You really will keep my daughter from selling her body?”

“Yup. When I get older, it’d be better if she managed this place.”

She nodded slowly and then turned to her daughter, “Honey, you’re going to bed.”

“Eh? It’s still a little early!” Diana whined.

“I need to show Master my appreciation, so please go to bed a bit early tonight.”

Elizabeth cleaned her body, washed her mouth with saltwater, and then came to my room naked. I had apparently said things she liked. She thoroughly showed me her appreciation for the remainder of the night.

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