Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“Um… is this the place where you can get your thing washed?” A green, short demon asked.

“Yeah, I guess so,”  I responded, sitting behind the counter with a bored expression on my face.

Another week had passed. We had two new guests at that time, but today it seemed to have picked up since we got three back to back.

At this moment, one was being serviced behind the curtain, one was sitting in a chair out here, and then this new one walked in.

That might not seem like a lot, but since I had increased my rate to 50 drakes, I got five times the income I had been getting before. After today, we were back up to 3 dragons.

I was thinking about expanding the size of the place again. I also wanted to start giving the girls an allowance. They were learning draconic steadily, and I wanted them to have some of their own spending money.

Of course, given this world, I’d still need to buy everything for them, but it might encourage them to be a little more independent. 

There was a ding, and the demon came out from the curtain. I had bought a bell and string and put it in there too. She could ding it when she was ready for the next man.

If she dinged two or more times, it was her telling me that she was in danger and needed help.

She had never dinged it twice. Although I told her to inform me if any of the guys were rough with her, her idea of rough and mine were different though.

The guy two days ago had been pretty aggressive. She even had a few bruises on her shoulders. However, when I asked her, she said it was an acceptable level.

I’d had to see at what point it became an unacceptable level. I ended up charging that guy a dragon, which he was a bit angry about, but it’s in my code of conduct.

The next demon got up and excitedly went to meet Elizabeth behind the current.

“Ah… well, I suppose you can guarantee it, so it’s worth it.” He said nervously.

“What is that?”

“I’m talking about the trash humans on the street!” He responded. “They say they’ll wash your dick, but some run off with your coins, or even bite down and make it hurt!”

My eyes widened. “Are you saying there are other hookers… ahem… member cleaners working on the street?”

He shook his head. “Nothing like this place. It’s clean, for starters. Just some human trash on the side of the road has been giving out offers. Rumor has it you have to respect the human here or you get charged a dragon. Is that true?”

“It is.”

He shook his head. “Doesn’t matter. This place smells clean. I heard the human is clean and pretty too.”

Where there was a business venture, there was bound to be copycats. I hadn’t even gotten off the ground and apparently, other human women had caught wind that you could get money or food if you “cleaned” a demon’s member.

Thus, desperate women were starting to emulate the shop. However, the street was dangerous, for demons and humans alike. Humans were looking to exploit the demons whenever possible, and the demons had no codes of conduct on the street like I had started. This was seriously a frustrating problem.

While I contemplated what the man told me, I heard Elizabeth’s muffled noises as she sucked on a john’s cock. She finished him quickly and then the newest guy entered for his go. About fifteen minutes, later, she had finished up with everyone in the shop. The man came out with a glowing smile. He complimented the shop and said he’d definitely be returning. A bit later, Elizabeth came out of the back while rubbing her jaw.

“Is everything okay?” I asked.

“Y-yes… Master…” She responded.

“Remember what I said. Always be honest with me, even if you don’t think I will like the answer.”

She jumped for a second, but then lowered her eyes and spoke, “Ah… it’s just… my mouth is a little sore. Demon cocks are drier than humans, and a bit rough on my lips.”

I could see that after three cocks in a row, her lips were very puffy and a crack was starting to form. I pulled up the builder’s menu and thankfully found chapstick. I was a whopping 10 drakes, but I wouldn’t trust anything this world had. I had her apply it to her lips.

“It looks like we’re going to need to do two things,” I explained to her.

“What’s that, Master?”

“First, it’s about time we start offering new services. It’s only a manner of time before the girls out there realize they can sell other parts. We want to be on top of the game.”

“Ah… so that time has come.” A complicated look formed on Elizabeth’s face.

Up until now, the only demon she slept with was me. She could justify that in her mind considering everything I was doing for her. Perhaps she excused blowjobs since it was just her mouth anyway. Once things went the next step, there was no more denying her role as a prostitute.

“Actually, I’m not planning on starting with vaginal.”

“Eh… r-really?”

“Although I’m worried about the competition, it’s not that big of a deal. Even if a girl offered her body, a demon wouldn’t know what to do with it. They’re definitely going to have to move up to sex. At the moment, the demons are still unaccustomed to the idea of sexual pleasure. They can justify it in their own minds under the grounds of a pleasurable cleaning, but asking them to stick it into a vagina is probably outside their realm of comfort and understanding. Those girls will probably be refused.”

“Is that so…”

“Yeah… Demons are essentially like children when it comes to sex. They were born for war. Now that there is no war, they can only emulate humanity. This is why they use money, farm, run shops. They had seen humans doing these things, so they are emulating the humans. However, your race must have been good at keeping sex behind closed doors, as the demons were never exposed to that side of humanity.”

“This might be true…” Elizabeth responded uncertainly. “But I have to wonder, how does Master know so much about sex where other demons are clueless?”

“Eh…” I made a face as she asked a question I wasn’t really prepared to answer.

The real answer, that I was a human before being brought to this world, was something that I couldn’t tell anyone, even a minion. It wasn’t that she wouldn’t believe me or couldn’t keep it a secret. It was more than the second I recognized myself as a human, I’d be forming a mental wedge between myself and the demons. For the moment, I needed to remain in the mindset of a demon if I wished to sell them on the female sex.

“Master… you don’t need to answer that question. It was inappropriate for me to ask!” Elizabeth bowed.

“Don’t worry about it,” I responded, casually waving her concerns away.

“Ah… Master, what was the second thing you needed to do?”

“That is, of course, finding a second girl.”

“Y-you’re replacing me?” her eyes widened in fear, “it’s okay! It’s not too much! I can definitely take on my clients! I’m sorry I complained, Master!”

I took a step back as I realized she was very near tears. Apparently, she felt threatened by me looking for a new girl. I was trying to make it so everything didn’t fall on her shoulders, but she felt the opposite of relieved.

“You and I are already bound. I will continue to use you. However, you can’t possibly service every demon in the city. I would need more women in other flavors to entice the demons. You will always be my first minion, you understand?”

“Ah… yes…” She nodded, but she didn’t look completely convinced.

That sort of trust will just have to come with time. In the meantime, she’ll do her job and I’ll do mine.

 “I’m closing for the day. Spend some time with your daughter. Get some sun, it’s good for you.”

“What will Master be doing?”

“I’m going to expand the shop,” I responded, looking at the dragons in my hand. “Then, I’m going to set up so you can start adding your second service.”

“What will that be?”

“Premium Cock Cleaning.” I was starting to give up on standard nomenclature.


“Well, that’s how the demons will see it. You’d probably understand it under its real name. The Boob Job!”

“Oh, my!”

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