Hey Guys,

I know it seems like I’m only writing MDL and Apocalypse lately. Just been a lot of issues that have slowed down writing. I got COVID, then my kids got COVID, then Patreon stirred up trouble. Looks like my end-of-the-year curse where the first month or two of the new year I have a bunch of problems still exists. (Anyone who has been with me long enough knows that in 2019, 2020 and 2021 my website was knocked out for nearly a week between December and January for varying reasons.)

My cat started sneezing blood and I’ve been dealing with that last two days. I will try to focus on the missing work tomorrow. The 24th through the 28th I’ll have extra time, and 31st through 5th is my week off, so I should be able to catch up, and if the stars align, create that mythical buffer that makes everything release on time.

I know most of you are fine with whatever pace I write at, but I still feel the need to explain things when I don’t feel I’m meeting the goals I strive for. I definately know my Premium chapter release have been crap the last month. I apologize, and I do believe I can get at most of the releases out this month before the 31st. Just been a rocky few weeks.



P.S. I’ve mentioned this elswhere, but Patreon went after me last week, and their “issue” was Incest on an Island. They literally would not allow me to collect money with them as long as I had Incest on MY OWN site. This is why its been temporarily removed as one of my works.

Once the dust settles, I will probably bring it back under a different name. I have removed all links I can find to Patreon from my site and vice versa, so I should be able to bring it back without causing issues, but its Patreon and they feel they can control their users, so who knows.

I will continue to release the codes on Patreon, but I’m switching over to Subscribestar otherwise. Patreon will still continue to provide codes and “work”, but I am no longer posting any announcements or anything over there. If you have troubleshooting issues, you’re on your own. However, Subscribestar and Patreon interact with my site in the exact same way, so it doesn’t matter which you use, and the troubleshooting for Subscribestar works with Patreon and vice versa.