Hey Guys,

For anyone who was interested in the results of my biannual survey, I wanted to reveal a few of the decisions I made about the future. This sums up a few things I said in my livestream where I reviewed the survey, and it also shows a couple of things I didn’t mention or was pointed out in the newsletter.

  1. I’m going to make an effort to build chapters so that every release occurs “on time” at 9 pm. I’ve explained before that Early Access is not a guaranteed release time, but I’d be lying if I said that my late releases doesn’t sometimes echo to Just the Tip too. Considering is 10 pm and I’m still writing todays MDL, I hope you understand it will take time. Regretfully, I was not able to get cought up and use the week I had off. I did a lot of other tasks that had been being held off for too long instead.
  2. People requested an “announcement” page for the stories they read, letting them know when the latest and last chapter came out. I did this in the easiest and least obstrusive way I could. I added it to the already existing novel summaries. You can get to this page and the ones for free and members novels by clicking the labeled links in the menu. This page includes the summary, the tags, and the link to each book. Now it includes the most recent posts too. I bet many of you didn’t even realize those lead to pages which had all of that information. Now you do.
  3. I’m interested in creating a 2D drawn version of the story Xperiment. I might spruce up the erotica in the story too, and include pictures of anime girls rather than the real images that it originally included. I’m looking into it. That is all.
  4. Once MOTH finishes, which should occur at latest February, it will be Incest on an Island that will be picked up as a weekly story. As I’ve said before, the story is not going to be a long running series. It should be done in 40 or so chapters, so it’ll actually probably be the next story I finish.
  5. The other story closest to being finished is Tales of a Demon Queen. It still likely has a year left though at the current release rate. I anticipate it being a hundred chapters or so finished, but we’ll see.
  6. Enslaved V3 is also nearing the end. That’s only a month or two away. Then, WOW V5, the FINAL VOLUME, will come out. I’m working on the bonus chapters for V4 now. That series will probably finish around the same time as Demon Queen.
  7. The next eBook to come out will be My Dungeon Life V14. I also plan to release Power of Creation, V1: First Person Edition, and Hawtnes Volume 3. I hope to get at least two of those out this month.
  8. Harym is working on the last set of resources. Once that is done, I will start working on the cards. I’m still going to have him redraw the waifus, but I can at least get an entire set done once the resources are complete. At that point, I’ll look for a programmer who can turn it into a game for me. Expect a Kickstarter sometime in summer.
  9. I have no immediate plans for Automatic Girlfriend or Reincarnated Demon Lord, but as some of these other novels finish, they may eventually become series of their own. I am working on a cover for Reincarnated Demon Lord though.
  10. Thank you all for your continued support. I hope to be able to afford a house next year, and with a house I hope to have enough space that I can have an office. An office space for me to work would be lovely.