Hey Guys,

I just wanted to apologize for the intermittent releases over the last month. I’ve just not had a lot of energy lately. We’ve been having some financial issues, and two weeks ago my wife fell and sprained her ankle, so I’ve mostly been responsible for taking care of everything.

I’ve been desperately trying to catch up, but I think at some point I just need to take a mulligan and start over. I’ll do what I can for the rest of the month and we’ll see how much I catch up, at that point, I might use those 7 days to catch up what I can, and anything I don’t finish is just lost to time. I’m sure the unhappy people that complain about every missed chapter will keep doing that, all while wondering why some chapters I can easily get done and others I can’t. After all, I am just a printer who constantly produces content by the word. :/

Anyway, I just wanted to officially state nothing is cancelled. I know every time I go two weeks without releasing something some people break into a panic. The stuff that doesn’t get written is the stuff that isn’t easy to write. I either am not sure how I want to continue, don’t find myself particularly inspired, or am just too tired by the time I get everything else that’s easier to produce done.

Thanks for continuing your support. I’m hoping the situation will improve shortly.