In a strange twist of fate, I’m actually cought up on all my chapters for once. I figured its the time of year to give, and also the time of year I’m broke, so here’s the Sponsor a Chapter Sale. I have the sponsor a chapter option open all year around, but from now until Christmas, I will offer ANY chapter for $20. 

I have exceptions… books that I’ve finished, as well as WoW and Enslaved. I’m sorry, those series just take longer to write. Anything else, from the concept chapters to something I just put out is fair game. This is anywhere from $10 to $30 off the original price. 

Depending on how popular this is, I’ll compile a backlog, and everything will be out by the end of the holidays. Specifically January 7th. (Jan 1-7 is my time off). 

If you’re interested, just put in an order.