Yurtdışı Yatırım

I am conducting a survey to decide on my future writing. It’s not final yet. I realize putting my survey in the ‘Whizzer is Dead’ post might miss some people, so here’s another place I’m going to post it.

As far as the future, new chapters may be coming out sooner than you think. I’ve more/less decided to start Volume 2 of NTR Crush as soon as the PDF is released which comes out next month on the 16th. I also may start a few new novels as well. We’ll start out slowly and see how it goes.

Take the Survey Here

The second piece of news is that on Saturday at 5 pm I’ll be doing a live Q+A on discord. I’m just trying it out. Have no clue how it will go. It might last ten minutes, it might go on for an hour. You can ask me questions, hear my voice with tone, so on and so on…

Join Discord Here

Lastly, a lot of people on the survey have mentioned my ‘breakdown’. It came to my realization that many people do not read PoC, and thus did not see the end of it. Simply put, my behavior was an act, or at the very least exaggerated intentionally. I don’t want to spoil it for people who still plan to read PoC, but just be aware I’ve intentionally been negative, argumentative, and as at least four survey responses called me, “prissy” for the last… roughly year. That was intended to be at it’s worst during the last month of PoC, which is now finished. The angry posts (all signed DG), the angry comments, even my conversations in discord… were intentionally confrontational.

This regrettably spilled into WoW, but remember, I started down this path long before I started writing WoW. Also, notice that WoW and NTR crush are not authored by Whizzer, but Whatsawhizzer… which is my name. I’ve been trying to keep the two separate for some time now. I guess the thing that’s important is that PoC is over and the “tantrums” will stop. It was part of a story, and it’s over now.

Thanks for all of the support, especially those who stuck around instead of jumping ship the second they couldn’t get another WoW chapter (which is coming out tomorrow, btw, look forward to a bonus chapter of WoW $5 tier). And even if you don’t support, thank you for reading and sticking around. I am glad you enjoy the content. You guys are great!