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Pregnancy was an act full of contradictions. You want to eat, often combinations of foods you never would have consumed in any other situation of your life, only to grow sick and throw them up every morning. While you feel fat, bloated, and unattractive, it is a time where people call you radiant. Entire communities exist of men sexually attracted to women with a pregnant appearance. When you’re at a point where you can barely move and nearly lethargic, you’re expected to do one of the most strenuous physical activities imaginable.

One thing the never told you about pregnancy was how unbearably horny you’d get sometimes, only for that bloated stomach to make the majority of positions unusable. Sex was never harder when I wanted it the most. Then again, I was the kind of girl who was always horny at any time of the day. It didn’t take any particular state to get me there, not since I had become a Seductress.

There was once a time that I recalled where I cared about appearances. I cared about such things as being called a slut or being seen as virtuous. Those aspects of my life died a long time ago, and what was left was a woman who was willing to do whatever she wanted when she wanted it. Life was too short, and in this world, too dangerous, to waste time on endeavors that didn’t bring me gratification and happiness.

That’s why I was on top, panting for breath as I held my eight-pound bowling ball while I sent a man’s cock plunging in and out of my crotch. Wet, erotic sounds filled the room, and he moaned excitedly as I gave him the ride of his life. I wasn’t such a fool that I worried about things like if his dick would hit the baby. Well, this guy, in particular, wasn’t nearly large enough where that would ever be a problem. Upon reflection, I had been going for smaller dick guys lately. Was I subconsciously trying to protect the baby?

Either way, just because his dick wasn’t a monster didn’t mean I couldn’t get enjoyment out of it. I’ve managed to get enjoyment out of an unbalanced washing machine, so I think we could manage. As a woman who was always horny, I started to think that there must be women of the exact opposite persuasion. These would be women who were never aroused. I wondered what kind of life that would be. I supposed it would be easier to get stuff done, but it really would be a grayer world without orgasms. It’d be like having pie without the cream.

I was an expert at sex at this point, with a status screen that would make most people of this world sweat. Sadly, despite being a second-tier at a maxed level, a person just short of being considered an elite, the vast majority of that ability did not work toward fighting. Make no mistake, that didn’t make me weak. If anything, it made me more dangerous. You could prepare for someone coming at you with a dagger. Although Cambions existed in this world and there was at least some level of control, that couldn’t prepare people for what I could do.

Right now, that only meant riding the cock of the innkeeper. I had to pay for my stay somehow. He was a portly, old man. To some women, this kind of thing may disgust them, but I had long since grown past caring about looks. It wasn’t that I couldn’t appreciate beauty, but it was the entertainment that I valued more than a slightly more attractive appearance.

In this case, an old man like him probably never thought he’d get a taste of such a beauty again in his life. He had a look of delight on his face and his face was bright red from the exertion of holding back from cumming. The appearance of my body, bouncing up and down on his cock, will be planted in his mind for the rest of his life. That kind of power and retention was something that excited me greatly.

My only regret is that my visage wasn’t at its perfection, a beauty that one would never see in a hundred years. I had changed my face into that of a more ordinary woman. Honestly, if he saw my real face, he probably would become charmed with a mere glance. I also had a round bowling ball in my gut, and my tits that had grown a size were a bit floppy, so my body wasn’t at its best either. Then again, I had started producing milk recently, and he licked and sucked on my nipples, even drinking a bit of the liquid. He was a man who enjoyed pregnant women.

At least, the pregnancy slowed me down a bit. If I was at my prime, I might have seriously given this old, fat man a heart attack. Even now, it was questionable if he wouldn’t pass out and die on me. That didn’t mean I’d stop. I had killed many men using sex, but I had never killed some with sex. I wished the man no harm, but I wasn’t against trying to fuck him to death.

“I’m cumming!” I cried out, my fingers clenching against his hairy chest.

“Ah… shit… your pussy is sucking me in.”

“That’s because my womb wants your cum.” I purred.

“Haha… isn’t it already occupied?” He gave a toothy grin.

“It’s not yours, daddy… please, I want your cum.” As I spoke, I stroked his cheek gently and gave him an extremely lustful look.

As well as sucking my nipples and tasting my milk, he also liked it when I called him daddy. I had gotten to know the man over the last week I had been staying here. His wife and child had both died in childbirth, so I think he had a bit of a complex regarding that. Perhaps, I fulfilled a deep part of him that he didn’t know he lost. I was his wife, the mother of his child, and his daughter all in one erotic package.

Was it healthy to bang a girl half his age and pretend she’s his daughter who was never born? I didn’t know, I’m not a psychologist. I was going to school to be a chemist, and even then, I didn’t complete my education. For now, I was perfectly happy to be his everything, although only in the bedroom. Outside of the bedroom, I had my own life and interests, and while I was happy acting out a little role-play, it wasn’t like I’d give my heart to anyone.

My hip slowed for a bit as an image of a certain man appeared in my mind. The last I saw him, I had beaten him to a bloody pulp. Should I call Min a man now? Min had once been a woman, but she had changed. From when I first met her in a goblin cave, a victim of the harsh mating practices of monsters in this world, she was unrecognizable now. The last time I had seen him, all I could see was a young man who fancied himself a hero. Young… heh… he was over a hundred years old. Elves lived long lives.

“Ahhhhhh… shit… shit… I’m cuuumming!” he cried out.

Slowing my gyrating hips was just the stimulation he needed to lose his seed. His hands grabbed my legs and squeeze as I felt his hot cum shoot up into my womb. The feel of it was always pleasing. I loved the sudden warm emerging inside me. The feel of it swelling and shrinking as it shoots. Some girls couldn’t feel anything that deep inside them, but I definitely could. One could say I was hyperaware of all of it.

“Amazing…” I said, putting on a show of delight.

My eyes rolled up in my head, my body shook in pleasure, my pussy clamped down on his cock, sucking up every last seed. Finally, I ended it by collapsing. Normally, I’d toss myself on top of him, pressing my face into his hairy chest while panting like an asthmatic. With a baby belly, I couldn’t do something like that. So, I fell onto my hands, which I pressed on either side of his body, letting my hair fall on to his chest as I gasped as I could barely stay on top of him.

This was all an act. My stamina was incredible, and I could do a dozen more rounds and never grow tired. I could have made the old man keep going too, infusing him with vitality. He might seriously have a heart attack if I did that, though. Besides, I didn’t have all day to fuck. This was just my last reward for the old man who boarded me for a week for free.

I should point out that I had money, and could afford to stay at the inn. However, what would be the fun in that? Unless I had time restraints, I paid for everything in sex. It was far more enjoyable using my body to get the things I want. Over the last few months, since I left the peace talks, I had fucked for food, clothing, a place to stay, a horse, and supplies. I had played with women and men. Some were demons, while others were humans. I had popped the cherries of village youths, fulfilled the raunchiest requests of village elders, turned women into lesbian sluts for a night, and even let a monster or two warm my campsite at night.

In a way, this was also my last fuck before a new life. Just outside the village was a large manor, and that manor was run by the late General Typhon’s family. Yesterday, I had gotten in touch with the lady of the manor, and she had accepted me with welcome arms into her family. With General Typhon’s letter, I had led her to believe the baby in my belly was her husband, and she was a kind enough woman to let me work in her manor as I raised his bastard son.

So, my nights of reckless sex would be coming to an end. My living expenses would be provided by the lady of the house, and I wouldn’t be going out and about. Although I had slept with the old innkeeper plenty of times, I wasn’t going to go around town becoming the town slut. That would dishonor Lord Typhon. Despite circumstances, I did respect him and didn’t want to do his household injustice.

“So, you’ll be leaving then?” The old man had finished coming and recovered his breath.

He was looking up at me with a slightly concerned expression. I let out a soft, disarming chuckle as I flopped to his side. He let out a cry, grabbing at my stomach.

“You should treat your body more gently.” He said, stroking my stomach like he was apologizing to it for having such a boorish mother.

“Aren’t you the one who has been being rough with my body? You even came into my baby’s home.” I shot back coquettishly.

His tense expression eased and he let out a chuckle. “You’re an amazing woman. I wish I was twenty years younger.”

“Why?” I responded, crossing my arms. “Do you think I’d marry you or something? You think I’m the couple type?”

He thought about it for a second and then grinned. “Not at all. I’d probably destroy myself trying… but what a rush.”

“You crazy old man. I’m not ruining your life over.”

“Hehe… well, then, let’s just be glad I’m too old.” He touched the back of my hand, his expression turning serious. “If there are any problems up there, just know you can always come back.”

“Are you trying to turn me into your mistress?” I asked, grinning.

“I mean it…” He gave me a serious look. “General Typhon was a good man, and he ran his territory well, but his sons are in charge now, and there is a lot of rumors about them. One has his head in the clouds with delusions of grandeur, and the other is… well, there are stories. He’s a womanizer and not the kind who you want setting his eye on you. Stories have it he’s a real sadist. He likes stealing women from their husbands.”

My eyes sparkled slightly. Rather than growing frightened, I found his words kind of exciting. My biggest fear was that my time in the mansion would be extremely boring. I quickly schooled my expression for the innkeeper’s sake though, giving him a gentle smile.

“I’ll be careful,” I warned him.

He finally settled down his worries, and I finally left his hold and started to get ready to leave. I finished packing my stuff, although there wasn’t much to pack. This was the day I would be moving into the mansion and become a maid under the Typhon family. This would be the start of the rest of my life. What was the worst that could happen? After all, when did anything bad ever happen to Aria the Seductress?

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