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“Aria, oh, you don’t have to carry all that heavy stuff? You should have let me send some servants with you! You’re pregnant! Put it down, put it down.”

As I approached the entrance to the Typhon estate, the lady of the house opened the door and immediately started fretting over me. Of course, if I had taken servants with me, I wouldn’t have been able to give my farewell to the innkeeper, along with various other things. She didn’t let me take another step though until I dropped everything right there in front of the manner. Apparently, help would retrieve it and take it into my room. I worried a bit. Some of the things I packed were not things I wanted others to see. I might lose my innocent maid appearance in front of the lady.

“Mrs. Typhon…”

“No… please, call me Synaphany. You don’t need to be so modest. You’re home now.”

Synaphany was a prim and proper lady, and I had to give her credit for how well she held herself. Of course, I had trained to be a lady myself, and could probably put on just as good of a show, but my deceptive arts told me that in her case, it was genuine. I wasn’t acting like a lady right now anyway. My current mask was that of a youthful woman, awed by how large and ornate this home was. I was just an innocent and dumb maid.

That would be the mask I’d wear as long as I lived there. If this home worked out, maybe I’d slowly reveal my true personality, but there were things about my past I could never tell anyone. If I did, her welcoming gestures would quickly turn to spurn. Well, even my true face was something I didn’t dare to show. Whether it was the demon realm or the human realm, it was too well known.

Fortunately, I could hide my appearance behind a façade that no one would ever suspect. The first rule of the deceptive arts, if you can’t believe the life, how can you expect other people to believe the lie. Thus, I was silly maid girl who was impregnated by Lord Typhon shortly before he died.

As for the name Aria, while I admitted it was a red flag that pointed to me for anyone who searched too closely, the letter of introduction used that name, so I had no choice but to go with it. Either way, no one would would expect the meager, excitable pregnant maid to be the same woman who killed Lord Typhon and crushed both armors in the peace talks. How could I be so bold as to walk into his very house after killing him? Well, at least, that’s what I hoped other people thought.

Synphany gave me a tour of the Typhon estate. Compared to the Devon’s castle, it was probably about half the size. There were a dozen or so servants already, and I would be brought on as yet another. They wore a variety of outfits based on their job, but everyone one had the house sigil, two swords across a horned ram. However, given my level of pregnancy, I wouldn’t be expected to do much work for a while.

I was shown the kitchens, which were large with enough space for several people to work. I peered out a back window and was able to see an ornate garden in the back, with a pergola, a long patio, and several ornate fountains. It definitely gave a grandness that I didn’t often see in the human realm. There was also an adjacent stables, a guardhouse, and a slaves quarters. Thinking back, some of the servants I had seen where wearing collars. They might have actually been slaves.

“Of course, if you’re giving milk, perhaps you could be a nurse maid.” Synaphany prattled on as she showed me each room after another.

I smiled politely, but there was no way I was going to be some baby’s nurse maid. I wasn’t even convinced I would do my baby. What? I had let an old man suck on them, but not my baby? That was kind of the point. They were extremely sensitive, and I was perpetually aroused. What would it look like if I was orgasming over babies? I did have some limits to my depravity, and that went far passed them.

“You came at a time with both of my son’s are currently away.” Something Synaphany said caught my ear.

“Yes, Lord Typhon mentioned his sons,” I said.

He had mentioned marrying one of them. That wasn’t something I cared to think about. I had scoured the letter he gave me before giving it to them to make sure he made no mention of marriage. It was unlikely I’d be one of their brides now, especially given that I was having a baby that was supposed to be Typhon’s.

Of course, the baby wasn’t Typhon’s, but that was a hurdle I’d worry about later. I knew this because the child was growing way too rapidly. It had only been months, but I was already nearly to term. I couldn’t tell if it’d be another day or another week. The baby grew much faster than demon and human babies, but much slower than goblin babies. It was one of the first things I had checked. The father had to be some kind of monster, but I had no clue which monster was the father. It could have been any number of orcs, trolls, or even devils.

I didn’t know what type of demon line Typhon and his wife belonged to. Their horns were small and they didn’t have any animal features. Whatever their line, it would be rather weak. I hoped it was a demon that looked like Typhon. If I was lucky, it might be years before they realized it wasn’t Typhon’s baby. Then, I would give some sob story about being raped by a monster, and hopefully, they’d feel sympathy for me, not anger. Wouldn’t it be a poor maid to hope the baby was her Master’s and not that of a monster that raped her? With my level of deception, I was confident I could sell it.

“Bradrick is currently out right now. He’s on a quest from the Adventurer’s Guild. As for Seris, well, he’ll show up eventually.” Synaphany’s expression flickered as she spoke about her sons.

It was clear there was love there, but also a certain degree of worry. I wasn’t worried though. I’d handle both of them. Even though I was their father’s former mistress, I wouldn’t mind seducing and playing with them.

“Which is the oldest?” I asked.

“Bradrick. He’s a good man. Strong. He hasn’t heard about… about his father’s death yet.” Her expression darkened slightly. “When he does, I hope he’ll stop adventuring and come home to take over the household.”

Bradrick sounded like the one who was worth pursuing. If I played my cards right, I could become the wife of the head of the Typhon household. That was one option. The other was to find a way to get in touch with Tigon and seduce him. He was said to be the most powerful man in the demon realm. Although I had no proof, I had been told he was the one who ordered the Truthsayer to kill Typhon. It was suiting that I turned the man into my puppet.

“What about the younger one?”

I knew that if I focused on Bradrick, then it would become suspicious. I would take any advantage I could get, and if that meant I had to play with the younger brother, that was fine too. I hadn’t tasted a father and his sons since Nydia.

“Seris is…” She stopped, her expression looking distant for a second. “Why don’t I show you where you will be staying?”

I raised an eyebrow, but I decided not to press. I had already got the feeling that he was difficult. I didn’t know what that meant though. I had to meet him to understand her hesitation.

Since he wasn’t home, I decided it didn’t matter. I’d do what Lord Typhon suggested, and simply get familiar with this place for now. As for my next move, I would need to decide. It had been so long since I felt like I was in complete control. I had to create an army and slaughter thousands to get there, but now I had the freedom to decide.

I nodded to Synaphany and let her bring me to the room I was staying in. I had been expecting to be lead to a small servant’s quarters, which were hiding along the back of the mansion, and not in an area visible to the main rooms. Instead, she took me to the west wing where the guest rooms were located and brought me into one of the nicer rooms.

“My room is just down the hall. You won’t have to go far if you require anything.” She said with a smile.

“My lady, this is too much.” I gasped, covering my mouth in a show of modesty.

“Now, now… you’re holding the baby of my late husband. How could I not care about his last progeny?” She responded gently, reaching out and touching my stomach.

“You’ve been, so kind.” I squeezed out a tear, trying to look every part the abused woman.

Her hand gently stroked my stomach. “Don’t worry, my dear. You’ve been through so much… haven’t you? Ohh… you must be starving.”

I put my arms around her and hugged her, sniffling pathetically. The closer I got with this lady, the better off I’d be. In the past, I might have acted a bit more subtle, but I didn’t have the time to be subtle now. With a monster baby, there was no telling. It might be another month, or I could pop that night. I had to endear myself to my hostess as much as I could.

“I am a little peckish,” I responded, not able to resist smelling her body.

She was a beautiful woman. I wondered how much work it’d take to get her into my bed. I mean, if I wanted to, I could use my skills and completely overwhelm her, but that would risk exposing myself. I also had a sense of gratitude for Typhon, so manipulating his wife was something I was unwilling to do. Don’t get me wrong, I’d seduce her and turn her into my little playmate if things went that direction, but I wouldn’t use skills to do it.

She let go of me, and then pulled out a handkerchief and wiped my tears. “Why don’t you get settled in for today. You should rest. I’ll send you some food. Just take care of the baby, okay?”

“Okay…” I responded, still looking tearful, but appreciative.

Once Synaphany left, I let the act drop and stretched my arms in a relaxed manner. Although I was very pregnant and should be full of pains, I was also a level sixty. My constitution, stamina, and capacity to heal were beyond compare. The normal aches and pains were being converted into pleasure, which only made me a tad randy. If the servants had brought a perfect bag up yet, I might have pulled out a few toys while I waited. If they made me wait much longer, I might be grabbing one of the servants to play with. The servant, I might have to seduce, if for no other reason, than to keep them quiet as they functioned as my secret sex relief.

As I was having such thoughts, there was a knock, and a maid came in. I recognized her as the woman who answered the door when I first came to this place. Unlike Synaphany, she had been extremely distrusting and had made sure my letter and sigil were authenticated several times. Even then, I wasn’t sure if she would have let me see Synaphany if she hadn’t happened to have noticed someone at the door.

“The lady ordered your meal.” She responded flatly.

I looked over at her. Unlike the lady, she wasn’t attractive at all. She was about the same age as Synaphy, but with none of the beauty. She was a woman who had worked her whole life, and she looked at it. If one compared my looks with her own, even the disguise I was currently using, there was no comparison. I nodded and smiled at her, but I didn’t receive one in return as she put the tray down on my nightstand. The woman turned away and walked to the door, but when she got there, she stopped.

“The lady Synphany loves babies. She’ll do anything for them.” She said in a slightly empty voice. “Don’t confuse that with thinking she cares about you.”

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“You’re the ladies plaything of the month. Once the baby comes out, you will be nothing more than a servant, and will be punished any time you aren’t the perfect mother.”

“A threat?” My eyes narrowed.

“A warning… you’re not the first pregnant stray my lady dragged in. Don’t expect this treatment a day passed labor. That is all.” She walked out of the room without letting me respond.

I couldn’t tell if she was saying it as a means of crushing me or trying to protect me from being crushed. However, if she thought I was like any other pregnant hopeless woman, then she was going to be in for a surprise!

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