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The first week of my new living arrangement was quite difficult. No, it wasn’t because I was extremely pregnant, and about to push out god knows what from my vagina. It also wasn’t because the lady of the house was demanding. I could say that my only chores were virtually non-existent. She’d occasionally ask me to come and sit on the couch next to her. She would frequently touch my stomach, her hand lingering there as she talked in a friendly and encouraging manner. I would have thought she was into me, or at least pregnant women, except that I had heard from the maid that she was a bit obsessed with babies.

Since both of her children seemed to be special cases, I wondered if her strange attitude around children was exactly what created them. Well, I hadn’t met them, so I couldn’t say if they were bad or good. However, I was interested in meeting them. The closer I could grow to every person in the family before the baby came, the better. Would she have the same obsession for a monster baby that she had for her husband’s baby? I didn’t know.

She certainly liked to talk about the baby. She asked questions about how I met her husband and how did it happen. Naturally, I acted uncomfortable with those questions, and she quickly dropped them. Although, she seemed to be fine talking about her husbands affairs, no normal woman would want to discuss such things. The concept of girls in a harem was definitely not something I followed. I might sleep around with many men, but ultimately, I had no thoughts about keeping them around permanently.

Guys were kind of weird about that. They wanted to bang a hot woman, and then keep her for themselves. That just seemed like a lot of work. Either you’d have to keep satisfying her, which would be exhausting, or you’d leave her miserable. Even as a sex goddess with an extreme appetite, I’d want to move on after sampling flavors for a while. Clinging on to someone just because you put your dick in them, or vice versa, seemed like the actions of someone who was insecure with their sexuality.

Anyway, her questions slowly morphed more into how the baby was doing. How long did I think it was? Did it kick me? How was I feeling? It was enough to answer, her, but it left me thinking more and more about what that maid had said the first day I was there. I was left with a lot of thoughts and no one I could trust to talk to about them.

Either way, these were the easy parts of my day. I lounged around, ate whatever the lady fed me and did whatever the lady asked. The difficult part came with the fact I hadn’t had sex in a week. That was an extreme record for me. I was up to masturbating five times a day just to stay sane. Of course, when the lady just wanted me to attend her for hours on end, I considered just pushing her down and letting her experience a pregnant woman. However, once I did that, there was no going back. I only had one chance to make things work in this demon family, and I couldn’t afford to ruin it.

“Aria!” A voice called from down the hall, and I could hear a bell ringing.

I had just lied down in my bed, and was starting to part my legs for a bit of play, when Lady Synaphany called for me again. I had already been on my feet half the day, and they were quite sore. That was to say, I was really aroused as the feeling of soreness was converted into pleasure, but if I put Lady Synaphany off, that would be counterproductive to my goal of endearing myself as much as possible.

At this point, I was fairly familiar with my expectations and the roles in the home. When Synaphany called, I needed to be present. If I delayed even a few moments, she wouldn’t say anything, but I’d get a look. It only reminded me of the maid’s previous words, and made me think it’d be best if I remained in the mistresses good grasses. No, she wouldn’t ask me to do any work, but it was my job nonetheless. I was her friend on demand.

With a small sigh, I got back up and without even putting on slippers, I walked down the cold tile hallways, my swollen feet pattering on the ground until I reached her room. I knocked lightly on the door.

“Who is it?” I heard from a voice on the inside.

I had to do this every time the door was closed. Even though she had just rung, I wasn’t allowed to enter her room unless I knocked and announced my presence. Even though the floor was icy cold and I was dancing back and forth, I was expected to follow this procedure every time. Despite my alleged role of friend, the divide between us was as clear as day.

“It is I, Aria,” I responded in a clear a loud voice.

“Come in.”

Only now could I open her door. I quickly scampered in, as her room had carpeting, unlike the hall. My feet were nearly red from cold. In this world, it wasn’t like there was central heating, and although many rooms had some means of heating, the hallways were often left as they were. Summer had passed by, and it was starting to get into the colder fall nights again. Synaphany was lying on her bed. When she saw me quickly move my feet to the warmer carpets, she made an annoyed sound.

“Aria, sweetie. You must take better care of yourself. You could hurt the baby! From now on, make sure you have sandals before you come to my call.”

While she said that, the only reason I hadn’t was that if I took the time to get properly prepared to answer her bell, I would end up getting that look. The look came off as disappointment mixed with displeasure. She’d always give a small shake of her head as if to say that she had expected better of you. I preferred this kind of chastising over that, and I had a feeling that Synaphany secretly liked to see me nearly hurt myself over serving her as quickly as possible.

An option would be to wear my shoes in bed so that when she called, I could run to her without issue. I had a distinct feeling if I tried it, her eyes would fall on my feet, and she’d make the assumption that I selected my comfort over serving her, and then I would get that look. It was exactly that kind of relationship we were having.

Why did I put up with it? Because I was extremely pregnant, and I had nowhere else to go. I couldn’t exactly seduce men at this point when my water could potentially break during sex. If I was outside and ended up having this baby, I couldn’t guarantee than either I or the baby would survive. I had heard that monster births were particularly brutal, and there was no guarantee that I would survive without the support of healers, even though I had a high-level body with many powerful special skills. In short, until the baby came, I needed this.

“Come… into my bed! Warm up!” She held open her covers, gesturing me in a way that one might ask an animal to jump into their bed for a cuddle.

I did as I was told, getting under the sheets as safely as I could as a particularly heavy pregnant woman. With the covers on me, I was starting to warm up. Synaphany turned to me and put her hand on my stomach once again. It was every time it was in reach that she touched it now. I had gotten used to being her thing to be touched. Hey! Comparatively, I had done far more degrading things to ensure my safety. This could be considered incredibly light, considering.

As for just seducing the woman and turning her into my puppet, there was no way I could do that until I understood her entire family. For that, I needed to meet her sons first. Furthermore, in a warped way, I sort of enjoyed being dominated a little bit. I already knew after everything I had experienced over the last year that my mind had already warped and I was a broken woman, so getting off on a demanding mistress was only expected for the likes of me.

“Aria, I have an announcement for you.” She suddenly spoke up, her free hand moving to my hair to stroke it.

“What is it, my lady?” I asked, trying to keep my sexual excitement in check.

“My son, he will be coming home tomorrow. I only just received the news.”

“Ah… yes, my lady.”

“Sleep with me, tonight, okay?”

“Y-yes, my lady.”

She continued to stroke my stomach until her eyes closed. However, I was no longer focused on her. Finally, there would be a man in the house who wasn’t elderly. I eagerly hoped the baby would come out so that I could start a sexual relationship with him.

Whether the world finally decided to give me what I wanted, or it had a cruel sense of irony, the very next morning, I went into labor. The baby was coming!

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