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Once I had woken up, my recover ended up being extremely fast. Well, it had to be when I had a broken skill like Perfection. However, I couldn’t immediately act fine, so I faked my recovery gradually. I was inpatient though, so by the next day, I could sit up in bed and eat normally. I regained all of the motion in my arms and upper body. However, my lower body was completely numb, and when it came to moving my legs, that was impossible. This left me perplexed. Perfection should have restored me completely, yet I was still paralyzed from the neck down. I had tried dozens of times and dozens of different ways, using all three perfections, but my legs were completely useless.

Perhaps, this wouldn’t have bothered me too much, except that along with me being unable to feel my lower half, this also affected a certain area. That’s right. I couldn’t feel my pussy at all. Using my fingers, I explored the area completely, but it might as well have been someone else’s vagina. Admittedly, that was kind of fun for a bit, but it didn’t give me quite the same satisfaction. My pussy was still wet, I was still horny, but I was unable to finish myself off. It was quite torturous.

It almost felt like some kind of divine retribution. I tried to use sex as a weapon, so the world decided to paralyze me so that I could never act sexually anymore. It definitely fit in with the cruelty that I had already come to expect from this world. I’d never be able to fuck again unless there was a way to fix myself.

Synaphany had already sent in the best magicians she was willing to hire. I was a maid, so they were only willing to pay so much to fix my condition. In the end, no one they hired was able to do the job. I found myself thinking about Reinhardt at that point. He was a powerful alchemist, and had taught me everything I knew. After the third day of me being stranded in bed, I wrote a letter and sent it to him. I didn’t know where he was in the demon world, so I merely told him what happened and sent him the letter. It could be months before I got a response, or maybe never. It wasn’t like this was a world where mail went quickly.

As was, another maid had been given the duty of taking care of me. It was clear by the look in her eye that she didn’t hold me with much respect. After all, I had suddenly shown up only a few weeks ago claiming to be the mistress of the mansion’s lord. The lady of the house had given me a great deal of attention and no chores. Then, as soon as the baby was born, I wasn’t even responsible for taking care of it. On top of that, I only created more work for the existing maids. One could say that even if it wasn’t jealousy per se, they had a cold demeanor to me.

The one who was my primary caretaker did what she had to do, but giving me three meals and taking out the bedpan was about the most she was willing. I had considered seducing her and turning her into my person servant, but the main reason I hadn’t actually came down to Seris. He hadn’t talked to me or threatened me since that first time, but he did have a habit of walking by my hallway as the door opened. I found him in the yard a few times as well. I had been in this room the entire time, yet I had ‘seen’ him far too many times for comfort.

This normally wouldn’t be a problem, except that I couldn’t see into his level. I had used identify on him, and all I got were question marks. This meant he was either an unfathomably high level, or more likely, he had some kind of artifact on him that kept my Examine from working. He had to at least be the same level I was, if not larger. From what I knew, his brother was a 3rd tier, and he should have been as well.

Given his strength, and how he seemed to have an eye on me at all times, I couldn’t exactly go around making slaves, not could I? If her behavior toward me suddenly shifted, it might create questions. Even subtly manipulating her until she just liked me might be seen by him. I just didn’t know what his abilities were, and my own position was far too fragile. If I did anything that would cause someone suspicion, then my mask might end up falling. If I was exposed as Aria, then that would be dangerous. Even my letter to Reinheart was written in a very subtle way. I wouldn’t have even revealed myself to him if it didn’t come down to my ability to walk and more importantly, have sex.

As a week passed by, I began to realize that my legs weren’t coming back, and I couldn’t stay in this bed either. Furthermore, while I had heard the tears of my baby crying, Synaphany had never once brought her to me. When I asked about her, the maid always just responded stiffly that he was healthy and doing well.

“Before you go, I have some requests,” I said toward the maid.

She gave me a dirty look, but she thankfully kept her mouth shut as she waited for me to speak. I picked up a list of things I wrote down and handed it to her. When she read it, her eyes popped open and then narrowed.

“What are you trying to build? A wagon?” She responded.

I tossed a small bag of coin at the maid. She lifted her hand and just managed to catch it. She felt the weight of the coins in her hand, and her eyes went wide.

“This is my own personal savings,” I said. “There is extra there that can be considered payment. Just go to town and get me what I need, okay?”

“Fine. I will.”

I leaned back and sighed as she left the room. The list I had given her wasn’t complicated. It was just a comfortable chair, wheels, and binding. My intent was obvious. I was going to build myself a wheelchair. Up until this point, no one had offered me one, and I had never seen one in this world. People in my condition were either healed by clerics or abandoned to die. There were probably very few situations where someone like me came around.

I didn’t think the maid would put the request to Synaphany, and I wasn’t even sure if Synaphany would approve now that my value as a maid and baby carrier plummeted. Thus, I decided to pay for it myself. If I wanted to be able to get out of this room and start living my life again, this was the way to do it. I could probably start making alchemic potions again, and eventually, I’d be able to make something that could heal myself. In the meantime, I could even pay rent.

Synaphany may have decided I had no value after pushing out the baby, but once she realized I was a capable alchemist, she should quickly see that my value was astronomical. Alchemists were rare and sought after. Did I fear that revealing my alchemist abilities would help people find me? It was a possibility, but I wasn’t known as an alchemist to all of those people from the talks. I was known as a sword fighter and a slave. Some might have known me for my sexual prowess. How could they ever think a wheelchair-bound maid alchemist was the same woman who wiped out two armies?

“Too many risks.” I sighed, but I had to take them.

The maid didn’t return the next day nor the day after. It was another maid who took care of my needs. I had thought that she’d be back the same day, or even if she was lazy, would do it the following day. On the third day, I started asking about her. The maid replacing her didn’t seem to have an answer. She claimed that she was suddenly told my Seris to start taking care of my needs. What did Seris have to do with any of this? I didn’t have to wait too long for an answer though.

That night, the door opened, and a wheeled chair came rolling into my room. It looked far better than the one I had planned to build in my head. From the ground up, it had been built for the intended use I had wanted it for. The only thing that gave me pause was that the person pushing it was Seris. He had a strange grin on his face as he pushed the chair over to me.

“Aria, it’s been a while since you’ve been boarded up in this room. Get in.” He said, his eyes flashing dangerously.

It wasn’t like I had much of a choice, but I genuinely did want to leave the room. I just didn’t know what he was doing with my wheelchair. I sat up and brought my legs over the side of the bed. He didn’t lift a finger to help as I tried to transfer myself to the chair. It wasn’t until I was off the bed that I realized just how much it ached from lying in a bed for over a week. After a few minutes of struggle, I finally did manage to get myself into the chair. Even if I was in a weakened condition, I was still a level sixty with a strength that exceeded a normal human.

Before I could even settle, he was pushing me right out the door. We ended up in the hallway. It was dark out now, and the only way to see without running into anything was to depend on candlelight. That didn’t seem to be a concern of his, and he moved down the hallway swiftly. We had turned two hallways before he started talking.

“I found the list you had written. It was easy enough to figure out what you desired. Chairs like these are usually reserved for nobility that are crippled. It cost me quite a lot to get it.”

“I would have built one,” I responded, feeling a bit nervous with the man who had once choked me now controlling my chair while standing behind me.

“Getting around in some homemade thing you put together?” His voice was filled with arrogant amusement. “That wouldn’t do at all, not at all. Think of the image of this household?”

His words didn’t make me feel any better. He wasn’t a good person, and he didn’t have any good feelings about me at all. He considered my presence to be an embarrassment, so how could I think he’d suddenly buy me a wheelchair out of the goodness of his heart. Plus, he was taking me to a somewhat unfamiliar part of the mansion. I was starting to feel a bit anxious.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked.

“In good time.” He chuckled. “Although I have to say, while your creativity was sound in what you wanted to build, there was just one mistake.”

He stopped there, clearly wanting me to interject and engage with him in this little game he was playing.

“What mistake?” I asked flatly.

“Of course, you trusted the wrong woman.” He laughed.

I frowned, not sure what he was talking about. At this point, we were in an area that was no longer decorated. It felt more like the battlements around a castle. The walls were pure brick, and the door in front of us was made of metal and had bars across the front. When he stopped, he walked in front of me and kneeled. As he did so, he rested his arms on my lap and looked in my eyes.

“That maid you entrusted your life savings too? She pocketed your money. I had dug your list out of the trash where she had thrown it. She had bought herself jewelry and pretty dress with your money.”

A flash of anger danced across my face. It was the reaction he was waiting for, apparently, because he laughed, clapping his hands. Of all the things I had thought, I had never predicted that the maid would just steal the money. I supposed if it came between her and me, she had been here longer. Who would Synaphany believe?

“Do you want vengeance on her?” He asked, grinning.

“She should be punished.” I agreed.

“Then, we’re in agreement!” With that, he pushed open the door and pulled me inside.

My chair rolled forward into the middle of the room. It was only as my eyes adjusted, I realized that we were in some kind of dungeon room. I had seen something like this room once before. When I was in Nidia and went to the late-night sex parties, I had once wandered into the basement area where I found them capturing and torturing people. There was a familiar rack, and on it was the maid who had been missing the last two days.

She was tied up to the rack, completely naked, with a gag stuffed her mouth. When she saw me, she let out a squeal, tears falling down her cheeks. She tried to struggle against her confines, but it was useless. As I looked at her in shock, Seris pressed something into my hand. I looked down to see that it was a small knife.

“Shall we begin?” He asked, a demented grin on his face.

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