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“Mmm! Mmm… Mmmm…” When I looked from the knife to the made, she grew hysterical, desperately fighting against her restraints.

Liquid started running down her leg, and it was clear she lost control as well. As for me, I made no move toward her. Instead, my eyes turned to Seris, watching him cautiously. He had a grin on his face as he watched me.

“What do you want from me?” I asked.

“I’m giving you a chance.” He responded, “Don’t you want it?”

His voice sounded extremely dangerous, which made me struggle to understand what angle he was coming from. At first, I thought he might try to get me to cut her, and then somehow reveal I’m sadistic and evil to his mother. Maybe, he’d kill me, claiming I was “attacking” the maid. Yet, none of that made too much sense. I was in a wheelchair now. Blaming me for tying up and murdering someone? It’d be hard to blame me, even if I was covered in blood. Rather, given his status, he didn’t have to prove anything, and could just accuse me and I’d pay the cost. None of this was necessary.

“She… should be punished according to the crime,” I said, feeling awkward under his soulless stare.

He shrugged. “Who’s to say what level of punishment she should receive? Ultimately, I am a lord, and you are the one who was wronged. I’d say that of anyone, we’re the most qualified to decide on her punishment.”

“Then… fire her. Kick her out of the house.” That was the best I could come up with.

It took a lot to fluster me in this world. I sometimes acted flustered, but it was ultimately always an act. However, in this case, I truly didn’t know how to act around this man. The only thing I knew for certain is that I had some boundaries that I wouldn’t cross. I had decided this was one of them a long time ago in a certain basement.

“Aria… aria…” he shook his head, “I’m very disappointed in you.”


He grabbed the knife from my hand and then turned it in his grasp. He lifted it to my face, shaking the blade under my nose while clicking his tongue.

“You believe this world is fair?” He asked.

Those words caught me off guard by a bit. I had never found this world to be fair. That was exactly why I had to stick to my bottom line. If I had no lines. I wouldn’t cross, then I had no ground to stand. Then again, this world had taken away my ability to stand, so what did it matter anyway? I couldn’t keep the bitterness from my face. Seris smiled, and then suddenly spun, stabbing the blade into the maid’s thigh.

“Mmmm!” She let out a muffled scream.

He continued to stab her. He was very specific about where his knife went, aiming for the legs and the arms and avoiding the main area. After striking her three more times, her scream continued until her body nearly went limp. Blood was running down her body now. He spun back to me, gesturing wilding with the bloody knife.

“You’re just a fool who wandered into this world. You have nothing. Your job, your baby, even your body was taken from you. You have no power.” He grabbed my hand and put the bloody knife in it, his eyes dancing excitedly. “This… this is the only power you can have. Use it… or it will be used on you.”

He let go of the knife. Once again, his words had struck me in ways he probably never could have guessed. I came from another world. I had been a fool. At some point, I had wanted to be a hero. It seemed like this world was really good and shoving me back on my ass. This last time, it had taken my legs, wanting me to stay down for good. This woman wanted to take advantage of a disabled woman. She wasn’t good in any sense of the word. On top of that, there was a continued threat he provided. His words were clear, either I could cut… or I’d be the next one hanging from that rack.

I moved my wheelchair closer to the maid. Seris looked on excitedly, licking his lips like he was ready for a show. The maid, meanwhile, looked on with desperate, pleading eyes. They were horrifying and ugly. I wanted to cut them out.

I lifted my knife, and I started to cut her. Slice after slice, I cut with skill and precision. I let anger flash on my face, and my knife lashed out aggressively. To Seris, it looked like I was slashing wildly, enraged, and beyond reason. This wasn’t the case at all. My mind was never clearer. I was acting for all it was worth, putting on a show.

Each cut might have seemed random, but who was I? I was a woman who trained at the sword. I had daggers skills as well, not to mention an assortment of sleight of hand techniques. My cuts were swift and aggressive, but also shallow. I sliced a certain area, causing blood to spurt across my face. I sliced another area which was bloody but would heal without a scar. I chose each cut and delivered them so deftly that they barely even hurt her.

The maid herself was shaking from fear, but she said nothing, frozen with shock. She was convinced she was dying now, and the numbness she felt was only the shock of her body being sliced apart.

“Wonderful!” Seris cried out, laughing. “Fucking beautiful. You’re psychotic!”

He tried to grab the knife from me, but I had been moving so much by rote, having shot off my mind so that I didn’t face the horror of what I was doing that I ended up cutting him. His face went from laughter to fury in an instant. His hand slapped me across the jaw so quickly and suddenly that I nearly dropped the knife. My jaw felt looser after his strike. He then wrestled the knife from my hand, grabbed me, and ripped me out of the chair.

I felt myself being thrown to the ground. With a thud, I hit it hard. My entire body, the parts I could feel, ached, and I felt dizzy and nauseous. What I was doing hadn’t been easy, even for me, so to suddenly be tossed around only compounded my misery.

I grabbed with my hands, trying to crawl to the wall so that I could sit up. Before I had a chance, I was pulled and spun around. Seris jumped on top of me. I could hear fabric ripping as he tore off my clothing roughly and aggressively. As he did so, his angry expression seemed to turn to one of glee. If I moved or got in his way at all, he slapped me again, each time, holding nothing back and causing me to grow dizzy once again.

Without any ceremony, he pulled out his dick, and it wasn’t until I could hear the wet squelching noises that I realized he was fucking me. I couldn’t feel anything down there, so his penis might as well have been air. He lifted my legs, bending me into a position where I could barely breathe. His knife went to my neck and as he fucked me roughly, his blade would occasionally nick me. There was blood everywhere, and it was anyone’s guess what was his, mine, or the maids.

As his fuck pounded into me, he began to painfully grab my nipples, shoving twisting them. Once again, he showed absolutely no restraint, causing immense pain and soreness as he used my body like a hole. I had fucked roughly before, but I never felt so helpless. Even the worst bandits at least seemed to care whether I lived or died. At some point, he choked me for nearly five minutes, and if I was a normal girl, I was pretty sure I would have died.

Finally, he pulled out. I had thought he had cum, but it wasn’t until he held his cock and it started to shoot out white stuff on my body that I realized he had saved it to just paint me white. When he finally finished, he stared down at my broken body and snorted.

“Go clean yourself up.”

Without another word, he put his dick away and then stepped over me, leaving the room. He left a woman in a wheelchair bruised and battered after raping her, while another woman was strapped to a rack, half flailed alive.

Five minutes after the door closed, my eyes snapped open. The only sound in the room was the long, hoarse, and muffled sobs of the woman on the rack. After thinking she would die, she ended witnessing me being brutalized just as badly. With a grunt, I got back up, slowly crawling across the bloody, cum-soaked ground and back to the chair. At least, he had left me the wheelchair.

I got back into my seat and then rolled over to the maid. She let out a panicked cry as I approached her, even though I didn’t even have a knife on me. I grabbed her arm. She tried to pull away, but she was helpless. My lips approached, and I started to lick her bloody skin. I used Cat’s Meow, closing all of the wounds on her body. As superficial as I made them, Cat’s Meow was more than enough to fix any damage.

Slowly, I worked on her body, one part at a time, cleaning her from head to toe. I removed the blood and the wounds. I did the best I could with the deep wounds, ultimately depending on giving her some life forth to help her heal them. At first, she had acted horrified and squeamish under my machinations, but she had finally grown used to it, and as all the pain finally dissipated the expression on her face grew complicated.

When she was finally healed with no visible wounds on her body, I undid her chains. I was someone who could not be bound, and somehow, this meant that I was able to remove other people’s chains fairly easily as well. Once she was finally off the rack, she looked over at me strangely. I was still naked, cum and blood across my face and body. I gestured to a robe she could put on.

“You’ll want to get out of here. Run. Change your name. Your appearance, if you can.”

She nodded and headed for the door, but as she reached it, she stopped, a guilty expression on her face. After a moment, she looked back at me.

“What about you? You can… you can come with me.”

“No. If we run, he may chase us. As is, I’ll tell him I killed you and cut you up, or something to the effect. I’m a good liar. He’ll probably believe me.”

She still didn’t leave, looking at me uncertainly.


“I wouldn’t take your apology even if you gave it. Show your sympathy to someone who gives a damn.”

“What… what will you do?”

“That’s no longer your concern,” I responded.

She nodded slowly, tears in her eyes, but she still turned and left the room. The door closed behind her, leaving me alone in the messed-up room. After a few minutes of silence, I started giggling to myself. I looked down on the floor to see a small puddle of liquid. It wasn’t blood, and it wasn’t his semen. That came from me. I came, I could still cum.

After all, the pain was converted to pleasure for me. Although I couldn’t feel anything down below, the way he roughly handled me, it had been a total turn-on! Even though his actions might have killed another woman, I wasn’t normal. I healed with ease, and I didn’t feel pain like other women. His actions were able to get me off. Rather than afraid, I felt excited. What was I going to do? I would get Seris to use me even more!

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