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After the maid fled and I cleaned up, I noticed he had left the knife on the floor when he walked away. I picked it up and pocketed it. Then, I snuck back to my room, as much as one could sneak in a wheelchair. Once I was clean and dressed again, I took a rest. The next day, once my bruises had healed, I got into my chair and left early in the morning. My aim was fairly simple. Now that I was mobile, I wanted to see my child. This was easier said than done. After all, if I just pushed myself on Synaphany, any goodwill she had given me might be lost entirely.

Although I had wanted to avoid depending on my skills, that was ultimately before I was paralyzed, found out her son was psychotic, and then had my baby stolen from me. After being raped on the floor of the mansion’s torture chamber, I decided a heavier hand was needed. Rolling up to my mistress’s bedroom, I found that just a crack was open.

I peered in through the crack only to see Synaphany cooing to something in her arms. I carefully tried to survey the room and could see that she didn’t have any maid with her at the time. It seemed like the baby was her obsession. Lifting my fingers, I quietly summoned rock a bye. Her eyes slowly closed, and she drifted off to sleep. With a snort, I opened the door and wheeled myself into her room. As I approached, I heard an awful screech come from her bosom.

I froze instantly, terrified she’d wake up despite my spell. Without thinking, I used Rock A Bye again, this time, on the baby in her hands. It quickly went silent. Seeing this, I didn’t know what to think. Rock a Bye was a skill that I could use on sexual partners. After gaining another special skill that allowed me to treat everything sexually, I was able to use the ability at will. However, didn’t that mean I considered this baby a sexual partner? Even my child was sucked into my sexual delusions?

I couldn’t disguise the disgust on my face, although it was directed at myself. With a sigh, I continued to approach the mistress of the house. When the baby cried, she had shifted slightly, but her answer had been to push the baby up against her breast. I realized that she had her boob out, and she was attempting to breastfeed the baby. Since the woman wasn’t pregnant or having a baby, her tits were baron, so she had no reason to have a baby sucking on her nipple. She did it purely for her satisfaction.

As I grew closer, I got a better look at her breast, and I gasped instinctively. Her boob was battered and bruised. It was covered in bite marks and cuts. It looked like a wilderbeast had at her boob for several hours. Was that caused by the baby? I had heard that first-generation demons were feral, but would it be to this extent? Adding to that the completely unnecessary nature of feeding the baby, at it was clear how unhinged Synaphony was.

“Just what kind of place did you send me to, Lord Typhon,” I muttered to myself.

Finally, I reached out, hesitating slightly as I pulled back the bundle she was holding to her chest, revealing the baby underneath. When I saw it, the expression on my face wasn’t one of love or joy. Rather, I was a bit nauseous. The child had recently bit her nipple, causing a distinct bite mark, as well as some blood running down its lips. It was completely red, with two demonic horns coming out of its head. Its face was wrinkled and ugly, and when it sighed, it’s open mouth revealed sharp teeth.

“It’s… a monster.” I breathed.

This was the thing I had brought into this world? I had heard that mother’s instinctively and unconditionally loved their children. The first time you saw them, you’d give them your heart completely. How could that be the case with this thing? I felt no love or joy. I only felt revulsion and just a hint of fear.

The baby’s eyes suddenly snapped open. Even Rock A Bye was only able to hold it quiet for a moment. Its eyes were completely black, with no whiteness at all. It truly was a perfect picture of a hellspawn. The most alarming thing about it though was its size. It had only been born a bit over a week ago, but it already looked about six months old, complete with a full set of teeth. It didn’t immediately begin to cry. Instead, it seemed to watch me, while I looked at it.

I had a strange feeling like it recognized me, and knew who its true mother was. I shook my head, my hand reaching out. I didn’t want to touch it though. I wanted to strangle it. This was something that never should have been brought into this world. This was an abomination. I had let it go to term because I didn’t have a choice, but now that I saw it, I realized just how awful these things were. It had taken away my legs, and now it was just a monster.  

“What are you doing?” I froze as my hand was halfway to the baby.

I looked over at the door to see the head maid. She was the same woman who had threatened me on the first day I arrived. Rather than look surprised at my appearance, she had a snobbish, cruel look on in her eyes, like she was up to no good.

“I see, you wish to rob my lady.” She chuckled darkly.


She shrugged. “You’re in my lady’s room, uninvited. You wish to steal from her. Perhaps, you want the necklace on her neck, or… maybe you want to steal the baby in her arms!”

The girl gasped, but it was a mocking gasp and one that said she didn’t care what the reason was.

“I was just looking at my baby,” I said, pulling away and turning my wheelchair to face her.

“It’s not yours anymore.” She laughed. “Everything is my mistress’s, and you’re no longer welcomed here. You should have just left when you could have.”

I flashed to yesterday, and for a moment I was worried she knew about the dungeon. Then, I realized that it was impossible. That was something related to Seris, and there was no way he shared it with this old, hateful hag. She walked up to me and then grabbed my wheelchair, pulling it out into the hallway. With an evil grin, she swung me around like she had complete control of the situation. Grabbing both of the arm handles of my chair, she leaned into me, hovering over me menacingly.

“If I wake up mistress now and she sees you in here, that’s all the proof she needs to get rid of you. I already told you that you’re not wanted now that the baby arrived. You can’t even produce milk or walk. You’re a waste… the lord’s stupid slut who outlived her purpose the second she got off my lord’s cock. We already gave you so many medicines and precious support, and yet here you are, showing your true colors.”

“Has the mistress told you these things?” I asked.

“Hmph… she doesn’t have to. I have worked under her my entire life. I was the milkmaid for her children, and I do what she wants, even when she doesn’t say it. You’re just a waste here.”

“So, you’re asking me to leave?”

She chuckled. “Leave? How could you leave in your current state? No, I expect you to stay. However, from now on, you’ll be my slave. I’m getting old, and I need someone to take care of me. Unfortunately, all of those young pretty whores that mistress hired are too full of themselves and too busy, but you who has no use, you’ll be mine.”

“I’m in a wheelchair…” I said helplessly.

She made an ugly face. “It’s sad, I know, that the best I can get is some disabled bitch, but your hands work. You can scrub my back, and rub my feet, and satisfy other areas of my body. If you work hard, I won’t tell her about your little mishap. I’ll even make sure you’ll continue to be fed and cared for.”

She reached out and grabbed my hair pulling it back painfully. “Your mine now, do you understand? What is your answer?”

“It seems like you’ve pushed me in a corner.” I sighed.

“Then, you can start by changing my commode. I won’t be giving you any water. You’ll just have to lick it clean with your tongue!” She chuckled.

“You misunderstand.” I shook my head. “When you push someone in a corner, they become desperate. However, how often does someone with no way out act reasonably? How often do they submit? When someone is desperate, they will do anything to survive. Even lines they never thought they would have crossed become easy.”


I suddenly reached out and grabbed her hair, in the same manner, she grabbed mine, causing her to cry out. “And my bar crashed bottom a long time ago!”

I slashed out with the knife I had in my pocket. It was a single cut across her neck. My knife-work was filled with skill, and she wasn’t even able to call out as blood spurted from her neck onto my face. She looked in wide-eyed shock as she grabbed her neck, trying to stop the flow of blood as she struggled to breathe. Both were hopeless feats. She turned to the door, where Mistress was still sleeping. She wanted to run in, at least revealing my deed. However, her strength left her quickly.

Without even being able to take a step, she collapsed to the ground, reaching out aimlessly for the door, which was still far too distant to reach. As her body laid on the floor, it spasmed several times, followed by a slow death gurgle.

“It looks like I’m going to have to clean up your messes after all,” I said, licking the blood from the knife in my hand.

As I leaned down to grab the maid and pick her up, it was just my luck that someone walked around the corner of the room. Of anyone it could be, it ended up being Seris. As soon as he saw the bloody corpse, me covered in blood and trying to pick her up in my wheelchair, an imperceptible grin formed on his lips. He didn’t look startled, but rather, intrigued.

Slowly stroking his chin, he looked me up and down. “How interesting…”

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