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“What now?” I asked.

“Hmm?” Seris raised an eyebrow, seemingly unaffected by the macabre seen in front of him, nor me glaring at him defiantly.

I readied myself for whatever came next. Just because I had been caught didn’t mean I wouldn’t go down swinging. Although I had plans to set myself up here, they had only gone from wrong to worst. Now that I knew that I had no love for the baby, I had nothing holding me here other than convenience. I had crawled my way out of worse places, so if I was ready to flay his mind and turn him into a slave if I had to.

However, there was a part of me genuinely curious about what he would do. This man had been unpredictable. He was frightening, but in a way that intrigued. I hadn’t felt such a thrill since my time with Nova. It was probably strange to want to be around a man who might snap my neck at any moment, but it was safe to say that my tastes had long warped into something perverse. To me, his unpredictability made him interested.

I didn’t strike immediately, even as he started to walk toward me. There was something in the back of my mind that kept me from doing so. It was a feeling like while I was curious about him, he was curious about me just the same. It was like if two career criminals ran into each other while trying to rob the same bank. Neither was willing to call the other out, but nor would they let the other come out on top!

He lightly reached the door to his mom’s room, opening it a crack and glancing in at the woman who was still sleeping. She must have lost a lot of sleep taking care of such a monster. It had destroyed her breast, so she had to be in pain as well.

“It’s a disgusting thing, isn’t it?” He asked, seemingly relaxed despite the blood maid nearly at his feet.

“Yes,” I responded. “I hate it.”

He blinked, shooting me an amused look. “Even you agree? Hmm… tell me, what did she do?”

He didn’t look down, but it was clear he was talking about the maid.

“She tried to blackmail me.”

He grinned. “Then she deserved death. Traitors aren’t tolerated in our household.”

I didn’t join him as he smiled. Instead, I continued to watch him warily.

“I’ll clean up your little mess today.” He said. “Go clean up, and then come to my room.”

His words were asking to help but were telling me what to do. In truth, I didn’t have a choice much at all. I merely nodded, and then turned my wheelchair around and returned to my room. I slowly peeled off my clothing, shoved it into my metal bedpan, and then set it all on fire using magic. Once the clothing was nothing but ash, I grabbed the washbasin filled with this morning’s water and I cleaned myself carefully and precisely.

Of course, I could have used my skills to instantly clean my body. Immaculate would have expelled every dirty part of me. I didn’t use any of it. For some reason, I had a feeling like Seris was watching me. There was no way that could be possible unless he had some kind of skill like my own Voyeur. After thinking about it for a moment, I decided to make sure. I used my Voyeur to spy on him. The scene in front of my eyes warped from my room where I sat naked in front of my mere to some area in the back of the mansion.

Seris had his shirt off, his chiseled chest was quite enviable, and he looked quite sexy with his smooth chest, a slight sheen of sweat, and the light demonic features which exuded danger and power. He had a shovel in his hand and was digging a hole. Next to him was a body wrapped in bloody sheets, the maid who had killed. He did this with experience as if this wasn’t the first person he had ever buried. If I had to do this, it would have taken a day and a night at least.

As I watched him, I felt formless, able to move as he moved. After being stuck in a wheelchair and bed, it was freeing to be in this form. Although my ability to move around was constrained by him, it still felt less restricting than being in my body. Maybe, I should send Jenai out and follow along for the ride. Without realizing it, I had started to hate my own body.

Seris picked up one last shovel of dirt and then straightened, digging the spade into the ground. I watched, curious about what he was doing as he stood there. Suddenly, he turned and looked directly at me, and smiled. My Voyeur ended in an instant. I nearly jumped out of my chair as my mouth fell open. That had to be a coincidence. There was no way that he had been able to see through that. Even Nova had never known I could watch him.

Then again, every person had their unique special skills. It was a complete mixed bag, and any strong individual could have any number of special abilities. Seris might have some way of detecting when he was spied on or being able to spy on others. That might be it, although I hoped it wasn’t. That would make things a lot less convenient for me, after all. At any point, Seris could be watching me. How could I ever relax knowing that?

With nothing else to do about it, I found my last outfit. They had only spared me two, and these had been before I had the baby, so they were extremely baggy around my middle, making room for the baby. I checked my body in the mirror. I wasn’t the supernatural beauty who could break kingdoms. In fact, I looked like a rather plain and nondescript girl.

My deception reached a level that I could suppress my charm at will. t was one of the talents I had worked on before reaching the Tibult estate.  On top of that, I used a mixture of illusion, dream, and deception to hide my appearance. It was at a level where even a Cambion wouldn’t be able to tell this wasn’t my true face. There was truly nothing special about me and nothing that should have intrigued this Seris so much. He shouldn’t have been able to see through my disguise. Even if he had a special ability, I was confident that my ability to deceive was greater!

Well, there was nothing to do about it now. With a small sigh, I used the Perfection skill. It allowed me to restore my body to a perfect state. This was sufficient to heal all wounds, but it also served to recover all lost stamina, and most importantly, restore my mind to a perfect state. It was truly a cheat skill. So, why had I not regained the ability to use my legs? The area below was as numb as the day the baby came out. It was truly a mystery.

I left the room and then did as Seris commanded. I found little point in intentionally disobeying him. There was no telling how he would react. He might even be amused if I resisted, but he could just as easily be furious and take it out on me. Although a part of me wanted to piss him off on purpose just to see what he would do, the truth was that I didn’t know the man particularly well. I didn’t know where his limits were, and if I pushed him too far, there was no going back.

When I reached the door, it opened, revealing the smiling Seris on the other side. I was a bit surprised. I had thought he’d be outside still, but he seemingly had already finished, cleaned up, and no revealed himself to me in a state nearly as perfect as my own. Before I could utter a word, he grabbed my chair and pulled me into his room, shutting the door behind him. I allowed him to pull me around, not resisting at all. Resisting him would only be a waste of time and effort. Even if he planned to fuck me again, I didn’t intend to resist. I hoped he was as rough as last time so that I could orgasm again.

He walked around and then kneeled in front of me, that grin still filling his face. “Do you know why I’ve brought you here?”

I shook my head. “No.”

“The reason is pretty simple. I asked Mother for permission to take you on as my servant. She agreed. Therefore, you’re mine now.” There was something dark and malevolent with the way that he said those words, but my expression remained unmoved.

“Then, my lord.” I lowered my head.

“You will call me Master!” he said casually. “As for your duty, you only have one purpose. To please me!”

My eyes flashed for a moment, but I didn’t say anything.

“Oh, what? Did you think that because I helped you out of your little problems, that I was going to go back on what I first said?” He asked teasingly. “You’re going to become my sex doll, my little onahole. I’ll use every part of you for my sexual gratification. What do you think of that?”

I met his eyes, but I still hadn’t reacted much at all. However, my mind was racing toward his peculiar actions. It seems like he was trying to endear himself to me. Was this the so-called cycle of hope and despair? Had he only been helping me so that I had hope, only for him to rip it all away and watch me fall into despair? Whatever reaction he was hoping for, he didn’t get it from me. His expression turned ugly.

He grabbed my chair and tilted it forward. I flew forward and landed on the floor in a heap.

“You think you can act cold forever? I will see you break!” He laughed. “Now… get on my bed. I’m going to fuck you!”

Without a word, I started to crawl toward the bed. I had barely managed to move a foot when his foot dropped on one of my hands. He stepped on it mercilessly. He reached down and grabbed my head, pulling my hair forcing my head up to look at him.

“Who said you could go so slowly? You’re nothing but a dumb bitch!” He spat on my face and then shoved my head down.

I barely managed to keep my nose from slamming into the floor and breaking. Gritting my teeth, I shook as he came around and kicked my side, causing me to skid across the ground.

“Come on! Move it, slut!” I reached out again, my hand shaking as it was swollen and hurt.

He went into a drawer and pulled out a whip. As I tried to crawl to his bed, he lashed down with the whip. It beat onto my back. The lashes weren’t at the level that they broke through my clothing, but they left a stinging slap with each one. Every time one landed, my body shook. The closer I got to my destination, the harder and harder he hit and kicked me. Meanwhile, cruel obscenities fled from his mouth.

I finally couldn’t take it anymore, and my body formed into a fetal position as he beat me more and more. He continued for five minutes as my body shook. Finally, I stopped moving, and a thick puddle formed under me. He looked down with disgust.

“Huh… you can only take this much. Couldn’t even get on my bed. You’re below a whore. How disappointing.”

He put his whip away, looked down at me one last time with a snort. “We’ll begin again when you wake up.”

He left, slamming the door. As soon as he left, my body began to straighten and my face was revealed. My face was a mess, bright red, filled with tears and snot, but rather than scared, beaten, or confused… the expression on my face was filled absolute sexual agony. As I lied back, my insides twitched excitedly in the after throws of orgasm after orgasm, the puddle of lust under me growing even larger. He hadn’t even stuck it in me. How could such a thing feel so pleasurable? I gently wiped the spit on my face, and then licked my finger.

“How interesting.” I grinned.

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