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After cumming, I had worked my way up onto the bed. By the time that Seris returned, I was ready and waiting for him. He stared at me, his eyes filled with a dangerous and explosive light. It was impossible to tell what he would do next. I wish I understood why it excited me so much. I knew this was dangerous. If I was smarter, perhaps I would have run away. However, I was just a cripple now, and there was nowhere left for me to go.

“Who said you could lie on my bed?” he finally snarled.

More anger? My heart grew excited as he shouted at me and looked at me with disgust.

“Master, you ordered me to get on your bed,” I responded, my eyes flashing with fear.

“You stupid bitch!” His steps sounded loudly on the floor as he stormed over to me.

I thought he would hit me, but as he raised his hand, he stopped. He suddenly reached down and pulled out his cock.

“Why don’t you make yourself useful, whore!” He snarled, grabbing the back of my hair and shoving his dick into my mouth.

I couldn’t have predicted a moment ago I’d be having his cock shoved down my throat. It was so unpredictable. Even when it came to Nova, the goblins, or even Ricardo had a pattern to their actions. As for Seris, I didn’t feel like I could predict his actions. Perhaps, even he didn’t know what he was going to do next.

I moaned orgasmically as his cock slid in and out of my lips. I used all of my skills, although there were limitations since he had a grip on my head and was thrusting into my mouth. He fucked my face roughly, and I loved every minute of it. Tears fell down my face, and I gagged a few times. This was all deceptive. My gag reflex was long gone and I didn’t even need to breathe. Seris could fuck my face all he wanted, but I had to make it look like I was under duress. There was a certain fun to this too.

As he blew his load down my throat, I swallowed it all hungrily. It tasted delightful, and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the taste of cum. I remember a time it was only bearable, but now the hot thick stuff was extremely pleasing in both feel and taste. When I finished swallowing, he pulled his cock out. He looked down at me with an insolent expression, and I looked up at him with tear-filled eyes and swollen red lips. For a second, his expression turned into one of a strange confusion. It only lasted a moment before he sneered.

“Well, at least you can manage that much.” He grudgingly acknowledged.

“I’m glad Master is pleased.” I breathed.

He backhanded me. “Don’t get conceded! You’re still nothing but a bitch!”

He continued to berate me for a bit, and when he recovered, he got on top and fucked me. As he did so, he choked my neck. I let myself stop absorbing oxygen with my mana breathing just a bit, and let myself grow dizzy. It was strangely euphoric. Although I couldn’t feel anything below. I was certain my pussy was twitching as I came. I ended up pushing things too far, or maybe it was better to say he pushed things to the point a normal woman would already be dead. I ended up passing out.

When I woke up, I was no longer in his room. I had been placed in that dungeon room with the chains, the one where that maid had been sliced. I wasn’t on the rack though. I was restrained to the bed, completely naked. I didn’t know how much time passed, but he returned and raped me again. He took my ass, my pussy, my mouth, and my tits. He would hit me, cut me, spit on me, and bite me. It was wonderful.

I had lost all track of time. I only waited in the dark for the next time Master would come to rape me. Calling it rape was merely my own way of increasing excitement. It was true that he never asked, but it was also true I was always willing. I was filled with anticipation and desire. Every second of my day was just waiting until he returned.

Although he was abusive to the point of monstrous, there wasn’t a wound my body couldn’t heal. No matter how much he choked, I never asphyxiated. No matter what he stuck in me, it’d be healed by his next visit. No matter what mess I was left in, I’d be completely clean and immaculate when he returned. At first, his eyes had held a maniacal glee, happily abusing me. After a few days, that glee seemed to change.

At first, his expression had turned to a frown. Then, it had turned strange. Then, it started to look incredulous. It had to be weeks that had passed, maybe even months. My life had just been the cold, naked dark with occasional bouts of sex. He did feed me from time to time, but it was tossed on the floor or my bed, and I had to lick it off.

I didn’t know why I let myself stay in this state. Noone could truly bind me. If I wanted, I could escape the handcuff with ease. I could leave this mansion. However, I didn’t. I didn’t want to leave him. I didn’t want to leave the bouts of joy surrounding the abuse. Deep down, I knew it was sick. Even as far as BDSM relationships with, this was insane. I also didn’t care.

Then, Seris did the cruelest thing to me that I could imagine. He stopped coming. Although days were an abstract concept in the darkroom, I’d say he usually came three times a day. Now, he didn’t come at all. Nearly a week passed. I waited, not making a sound, for him to return. There was no food, no water. My body was far more resilient than a normal person, but even I had my limits. I started to grow delirious. I could see things moving in the dark.

I saw Devon there. I also saw Min. I even saw Nova, Tibult, and Fanreek. They all taunted or insulted me. It didn’t feel good like when Seris did it. It hurt instead. I wept in the dark, and it had nothing to do with the abuse. With nothing to take my mind away from things, all I could think of was the past.

“What are you?” A voice emerged from the dark.

I squinted, but it was impossible to see who it was. I smiled instead, trying to give my most seductive look.

“I’m Master’s dirty little whore.” I panted.

“You should be dead.”

“How can I die… Master still needs me.” My answers were weak and nonsensical.

My brain was completely unfocused, and my mouth seemed to move without thought.

“I’m broken.” The voice said. “I’m fucked up. I murder women. I torture servants. Don’t you hate that?”

“I’m broken too… I’m fucked up. I murder. I torture… I hate myself… but how can I hate others…” I muttered in broken, tired words.

I felt a hand behind my neck, lifting my head. The liquid went down my throat. It was something akin to a broth. In my hunger and thirst, I swallowed it all down, taking it in large, aggressive gulps. The hand went away, and my head fell back on the pillow. Soon, I passed out.

When I woke again, I was wearing clothing, and I felt warm. I could smell fresh food on the nightstand next to me. I slowly rose, reaching for the tray. As I did so, my eyes landed on Seris. He was sitting in a chair next to me, watching me with a dark expression, his hands clasped in front of his chin. I instinctively pulled away from the food like I had been burned. I immediately lowered my head until it touched the bed.

“No… no…” he stood up, grabbing a piece of beef.

He grabbed my wrist, forcing me up, and then he pushed the food into my mouth. I took it as he shoved his thumb in my mouth. As I swallowed the meat, I sucked on his thumb. His face wasn’t filled with anger. Rather, it looked lost and confused.

“Aria…” He panted, removing his thumb from my mouth.


“No… call me, Seris.”


He closed his eyes for a second, shaking, and then opened them again. “How can there be such a woman?’


“Aria, tell me you love me.”

“I love you.”

“Tell me you want me.”

“I want you.”

“Tell me you want to die.”

“I don’t.”

His eyes flashed. He grabbed me and shoved me back onto the bed. His lips pressed tightly against mine painfully. After a brief moment, he pulled away, biting my lower lip and pulling it. His bite was enough it was bleeding. As he let go of it, he looked down at me, breathing hard, his hands holding my wrists to either side. I licked my lips, the bloody wound closing instantly, my eyes never leaving his.

He leaned into me and then whispered in my ear. “Your illusion is gone.”

I jumped in surprise, my expression finally twisting to one of shock. It was only a moment before it recovered, but Seris let out a laugh.

“When you were starving and dehydrated, you let it slip. I see the true you now.”

I kept my lips closed, waiting for him to say whatever he wanted to say.

“It took a while, but I found out who you are… what you are.” He explained. “Some call you the mother of monsters. They say you killed my father.”

“They lie!” I hissed.

He laughed again. “That’s probably true, not that it matters.”

“What do you want?” I asked.

“You…” He responded simply.

“You already have me.”

“Do I?” He asked, but his laugh seemed almost self-deprecating this time. “You’re the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re truly the perfect woman.”

“I’m not…” I looked away awkwardly, finding this conversation less acceptable than the weeks of abuse.

“You have won my heart.” He grinned. “You’re the woman for me.”


“You can take everything I can give. You’re beautiful. Sexual. Erotic. Smart. Innocent. Aggressive. Submissive. You’re everything I could ever want in a woman. It was even before you disguise disappeared that I felt this way, and now you’re only more beautiful. Although I tried to destroy you, I failed and ended up falling for you instead. Isn’t that stupid?”

“I… fucked your father, you know?”

His expression darkened, and then he smiled. “You want me angry at you. How peculiar. You aren’t the least bit afraid of my abuse. I could cut you, choke you, starve you… and you’ll smile at me. Yet, loving you… I can see the fear in your eyes.”

“…” I didn’t respond.

Love was something I no longer deserved. Perhaps, I had tolerated our relationship up until now because I felt it was one where love couldn’t possibly exist. Now that he was suddenly acting differently, all I could feel was bitterness. What was I afraid of? I was afraid of gaining things only so I could lose them again.

“Aria, I love you.” He laughed. “You… you will become my wife. Just you wait.”

He kissed me, and soon our clothes came off. This time, he didn’t hit me or hurt me. Although he was a little rough, this could be considered downright gentle. I could feel everything, and yet, in the end, I didn’t cum. After he finished inside me, he smiled one last time and then left the room. The restraint that had held me to the bed had come off, and he hadn’t put it back on. Perhaps, he thought that without the wheelchair, I was stranded there, not that it would have stopped me.

I put my feet over the bed, and then put down one foot after another on the ground, standing up. After so long in bed, my legs were a little unstable, but they were able to support me. The numbness I had felt for a month or so disappeared. I had suspected for some time that my condition was all in my head, but I guess it took reaching this state for me to finally accept that.

Even in the most screwed up relationship, I could manage, I still somehow seduced him. I let out a sigh. One thing was for sure, I wasn’t going to get married. It seemed like it was time to move on.

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