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“My lady. They’re ready,” The maid said, lowering her head respectfully.

I glanced back at her, my eyes lingering on her slim body. I found myself wondering what she looked like naked, although that was the case with most people. Her cat-like tail switched back and forth, and her feline-like ears twitched as I took in her body. Eventually, her cheeks started to redden under my look, but I didn’t show any modesty in my appraisal.

“Come to my room tonight,” I said in a stern voice.

Her body shook, a flash of terror filling her expression, but she nodded. “Yes, my lady.”

I ignored those expressions these days. I wasn’t sure if it was that I got used to them, or if it was some class trait from when I classed up to become a Demon Queen. Just as a Seductress radiated lust, and Enchantress radiated control, a Demon Queen radiated fear and submission. I finally broke my eyes from her, and I could hear her taking a deep breath as if she hadn’t been breathing while I had my eyes on her. Perhaps, she hadn’t been.

I, for one, rarely breathed these days. Since my chest didn’t move, it made my gaze and demeanor seem even more intense. You didn’t realize how much of yourself you gave away with a breath until you stopped doing it. With a single gasp, you could give away terror, anticipation, or lewdness. For me, a woman who was constantly aroused to the level that I likely even put nymphomaniacs to shame, it was my perverted desires that might leak out.

Every moment of my life was sexual agony. With every level I gained, so did my sexual desire. The only reason that I was able to maintain my cool was that with every level I also gained increased control. Being able to control my lust didn’t mean I didn’t have it. In truth, I wanted to mount every man I saw. I wanted to roughly grab the hair of any woman and shove her mouth against my crotch and make her pleasure me. I wanted to lick pussy, suck dick, and eat ass. It didn’t matter what, I wanted it all every second of every day.

Yet, today was a day of responsibility. I could have violent orgies with multiple sexual partners for hours on end on other days. Thus, I tightened my legs and wore heavily fortified underwear able to contain my lust so that it didn’t run down my legs. My hair was decorated like I was going to a wedding. I put on my best dress, a beautiful and delicate red thing that accentuated every curve of my voluptuous body. I carefully applied makeup, using all the skills of deception, except instead of obscuring and hiding my features, I did the opposite and accentuated them. Most of all, I took down all of my guards, allowing my erotic scent to fill the room, my seductive aura to invade the senses, and my supernatural appearance to delight the eyes.

My charm was at its full, a supernatural level that was never meant for this world. The maid at the door wore a charm necklace, like everyone who worked in the demon lord’s castle. It kept her from becoming a victim to the status of a higher class being like me. Even then, she refused to look at me. My beauty was at a level that a single slip and someone would fall hopelessly in love. They would lose control and become slobbering slaves to my body.

Part of her nervousness was because she was the third maid I lost this week. The last one had only just happened. The woman who had been doing my hair had used a mirror to look at me. She seemed to have thought I was like a basilisk, and that by not looking at me directly, she could somehow avoid my curse. Sadly, the only curse I had was being too beautiful. Regardless of sex, I was too attractive to look at, too alluring to smell, and too tempting to deny, To anyone in the 1st class, I was like a goddess of worship.

By the time she finished my hair, the woman went nuts and stabbed out her own eyes. I tried to stop her, but as she was pulled from my room, she shouted about having seen true beauty and how nothing in this world would ever be worth looking at again. That was a unique one, I had to admit. Not everyone reacted that way. Some went mad, trying to kill me or themselves. Others instantly became my servants, bowing and scrapping at every command.

A maid like that wasn’t bad. I’d rather she loved me obsessively than gouge out her eyes. My first maid ended up in that state of desperate admiration, and I had managed to keep her for weeks. That was when she started becoming erratic. She was stealing my underwear, my clothing, and my… well, everything. She was eventually found out as her quarters were filled with a shrine to me, and ultimately, she was removed from the castle.

That was, of course, back when I was still married to the Demon King, and he took control of the goings-on behind my back. I didn’t learn about a lot of that stuff until recently since his death. Now, I was about to be officially elected as the ruler of the demon realm. I would no longer be a Demon Queen in class, but a Demon Queen in practice.

So, there was no question why the girl here was scared. Tonight, I planned to seduce her using my abilities. If I made her my slave, I would have more control of her. The past maids had always been passively seduced. I wanted to try something new this time. Maybe, if I just turned her into my puppet, then she could at least act as my maid. Because, upon losing my last maid, I had to depend on a flaky source to get ready.

“I’m almost ready,” I responded, closing my eyes and shivering for a second. “Ahh…. Finished.”

The maid let out a cry of surprise as my dress raised seemingly on its own, and a tan-skinned woman some lifted her head out from between her legs. As she pulled my underwear back up, she licked her wet lips.

“Mistress always tastes the best.” Jenai purred.

“Jenai… I told you that I needed you to help prepare me for the talk, not eat my cunt.” I sighed helplessly.

“You never asked me to stop.” She replied mischievously.

“No, I didn’t,” I responded, grabbing her and kissing her, my hands roaming over her body unashamedly even as the maid watched.

Jenai might have been a slutty like wraith, but she was the only woman who didn’t go crazy over my beauty. She had been with me from the beginning and I owned every part of her. My hands explored every part of her, and it took a clearing throat behind me to snap me back to focus. Right, those old demon aristocrats were waiting on me. I wanted them to wait, but there wasn’t enough time to do that.

I said it was a day of responsibility, not a day of abstinence. Just some oral sex before I left was downright tame for me. The maid clearing her throat had caught Jenai’s interest. She had looked up at the maid with the downcast eyes. Suddenly, she disappeared, and when she reappeared, she was directly behind the maid. She immediately wrapped her arms around the maid, who let out a cry of shock.

“What do we have here? A pretty little doe.”

“I-I’m a maid to our Queen!” She gasped as Jenai grabbed one of her breasts.

“Oh, really, so you’ll do whatever the queen wants?” Jenai bit her cat ear.

“Y-yes! I am loyal to the queen.”

“Jenai… quit teasing the poor girl.” I sighed.

Rather than respond, she slid her hand down the girl’s skirt. It was clear her finger found the maid’s honeypot and penetrated it. The girl let out a cry, bending over, but Jenai didn’t let her pull away.

“What are you saying? This little slut is all hot. She’s already wet and horny thinking about her queen. How indecent!”

“Not true! The maid girl cried, her ears twitching wildly.

Jenai pulled out two fingers, which appeared to be wet and covered in feminine stuff. “Is that so? Then what is this?”

The girl opened her mouth, but Jenai stuck those two fingers in it. “Suck it. Eat it. Taste your sluttiness.”

The girl started to lick Jenai’s fingers, her eyes started to go slack, and her expression started to grow lewd.

“I hate you, Jenai.” I sighed, seeing that it was already too late for this maid.

With just a few touches, she was already been reduced to a plaything.

“No, you don’t.” Jenai stuck out her tongue. “I’ll train her properly for Mistress. When you come back from that boring meeting, you can play with her to your heart’s content. I’ll make sure she’s perfectly obedient.”

As she said this, she already had her other hand rubbing the maid’s crotch, and while the maid sucked on her fingers, she fingerfucked the maid.

“Do as you will,” I responded with a shrug.

Jenai tore off the maid’s clothing and tossed her on the bed, while I left the room and started heading down the hallway, no deficient and escort. Any employee in the castle who saw me coming would immediately run the other direction, afraid to get close to me.

How much this world changed. It had only been about a year since I had come to this world. At the time, I was immediately taken in as goblin breeding stock. I rose to the princess of a country, only to die and be reborn. I left the human realm and entered the realm of demons, only to end up a slave. When the peace talks all went to hell, I fled to the home of the kindly general.

I wish I could have said his entire family was that kind. Pregnant and alone, I ended up falling into a life of bondage and pain. I thought I had hit rock bottom, but how could I know that the bottom was even deeper than I imagined? There was the breeding farm. Those days were horrific. Then, the Demon King came. He wasn’t the worst husband, but he did stand in the way of what I wanted to accomplish.

Still, he had taught me a few things. He had an entire legacy he wanted to accomplish. I had decided that the only way I would have a place in this world was if I changed it, and it was the Demon King who had shown me the way. He had failed to achieve the dream he had started, but that was fine. His ultimate goal had been shallow. He just wanted immortality and power for eternity. How boring. What he called a goal, I called a means to an end. I would finish what he started, by any means necessary, and then I would finally do what I set out to do.

After all, who would be a better fit to change the world than a newly-created god?

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