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“Rise and Shine! It’s time to give me a little more appreciation.”

I was woken by the pain of someone slapping my ass with all their might. No sooner did I bring my head up then my pants were pulled down. I was lying on my stomach at the moment, and someone was behind me, grabbing at my ass. He grabbed the side of my hips, so I got up on my knees to help him out.

A second later, he was sliding his dick into me. Of course, I was already wet. I was wet every morning these days. After weeks of being woken up like this by my goblin lover, one could consider these actions as downright polite. I was no stranger to doggie style. I knew who was behind me. Of course, it was Ricardo. And of course, he did this in a pathetic way to establish dominance. It was kind of cute how he thought he could break me. It was like a puppy growling at you. You just wanted to kiss it.

He had barely slammed his cock in three times before I was already working my hips. My body rocked on his cock and I was pushing myself back onto his dick as hard as he was thrusting. At first, it caused him to lose balance. He fell back on his knees, but rather than letting his cock fall out, I backed up too. This put us in a brand-new position with me on top. However, before I unlocked the position, he realized he was losing and slapped my ass again, shoving me back onto my arms.

He began to slap my ass a lot, five, ten times. Each slap resounded through the morning. If the others hadn’t woken already, they were certainly woken now by the resounding noise of my ass being slapped. Each slap was accompanied by a pleasurable squeal from me. There was no doubt in the sound of my voice that I wasn’t loving it. Of course, it hurt. That guy had big arms, and he was slapping it hard. My ass was glowing red, numerous handprints clearly shown.

Pain Resistance has increased to level 3.

However, the pain was useful too. It kept me focused. It kept me from succumbing to pleasure. It kept me moving my hips and riding his cock just the way, I liked. He seemed to realize while he was focusing on hitting me that he was losing control again. He stopped spanking my ass and grabbed my hips, trying to bring things back to how we started.

Before he could manage, I changed my hip motions again. I pushed back hard on his cock, grinding my pussy into him. A moment later, he blew his load, a warm feeling bursting inside of me. A flash of irritation showed on my face, I was barely getting started, damn it! But fortunately, he couldn’t see me in this position. That was one of the benefits of doggie.

After he blew his load inside of me, nearly collapsing on top of me in ecstasy, he made a deep breath, pulled out, tied up his pants, and walked away without saying a single thing. I used one of the blankets to wipe up, then pulled up my pants as well. When I finally stood up, Shay moved over and gave my hand a tight squeeze, sympathy marked on her face. I was just disappointed I didn’t cum. However, the moment was gone and with everyone up now, I couldn’t even quietly finger myself to satisfaction.

We had breakfast. Ricardo was whistling and looking chipper. I kept my face flat and nondescript. Everyone else tried their hardest to avoid looking at us. This kind of mood seemed to fit Ricardo fine, and he happily ate breakfast while ignoring the tense atmosphere.

We started walking again, and we had only gone about an hour when I suddenly got struck from the side. I was shoved down onto the floor. Ricardo ripped my clothing off, and yes, he even tore the pants getting them off.

Only a few seconds of floppy fumbling, and he was inside of me. Of course, those few seconds were more than enough for me to re-orientate myself. Everybody was shocked and Marvis protested, but Ricardo gave them dark looks and then continued to thrust away with me under him. He was trying to surprise me. He wanted me overwhelmed. Maybe he wanted me crying and flustered.

He failed. By the end, both of us were moaning, my legs were wrapped around him, and I was sucking his neck. I ended up giving him a hickey. When he exploded inside of me, I started to climax, and thanks to the false start that morning I was so excited that my face broke into an ecstatic smile.

I realized I had messed up at that point. Everyone but Ricardo had seen the look on my face. They had all been trying to look away, but near the end, they couldn’t help but peak. And what they saw was me moaning, a look of pure pleasure on my face, my eyes excited and lusty. Before, they had convinced themselves I was a victim, being pushed down by a monstrous man they couldn’t do anything about. Now, they were no longer so sure.

After that, Ricardo’s three-party members stopped complaining. I was saddened to see Shay stopped sympathizing with me either. She had a look on her face that looked like a mixture of amazement and disgust. She couldn’t quite understand what she was looking at, but it repelled her sensibility. The only person who didn’t start treating me differently was Min. Her face remained completely devoid of emotions. She’d stick right next to me except when I was being pushed down. Then she’d merely watch, her face wooden and unchanging.

And I was pushed down a lot. At least five times a day. I seemed to have awakened something in Ricardo because his sexual appetite was growing. It didn’t matter where or with what. He’d suddenly throw me at a tree and take me from behind as I clung to the trunk. That one unlocked a new position.

Position Unlocked: Ben Dover

As he thrust his dick into me aggressively, each move making a loud, wet thwacking sound, and I moaned accordingly. My hands were wrapped around the trunk and which each thrust my upper body was pushed against the rough bark. I was earning a few scratches from the experience, but I didn’t really mind as his dick was feeling really good.

It’s not like he ever tried to make the experience enjoyable for me, but at this particular moment, he was hitting the right spot and was making me crazy. I shook my ass as he plowed into me, and even came a second time before he blew his load into me.

However, he usually wasn’t that creative. It was mostly down to doggy or missionary, based on whether he approached from the front or the back. He’d occasionally make me go down on him. No matter how he came, I still ended up cumming too. Well, at least half the time. I had to help with my fingers a few times too. He didn’t exactly last very long. Every encounter took only a few minutes, then I’d wipe off, pull up my pants which we now accumulating a few rips and barely stayed on, and we’d walk on. I didn’t compliment him. There was no dirty talk. It was just random instances of being tossed to the floor and fucked. I couldn’t say I hated it, even if he had a short fuse and continually blew his load early.

Blow Job Skill has increased to level 3.

Deepthroat Skill has increased to level 2.

Vaginal Intercourse Skill has increased to level 3.

Of course, my stats kept going up, which only meant I was getting better at it. With the increases in blowjob and deepthroat, I could get him off twice as fast. The first time probably took close to five minutes. Now I could do it in two or less.

The one thing I didn’t do was use Seduction anymore. The Seduction skill scared me. I was afraid to see what he’d do if I increased it anymore. There were two things I could say about my berserker lover. The first was that he never stuck it in my ass. If he had, I’m sure I’d adapt, but for some reason from which I never asked, he left that hole alone. The second was that he never attempted to cause damage. Oh, he’d bite me, or slapped my ass, although I did the same to him, although the difference in our size and levels meant my attempts to slap his ass could barely be felt, but at no point did he ever try to seriously hurt me. He could have slapped me until my ass bled, he could have bit my nipples, or used a knife. He could have seriously caused harm. Instead, he chose to keep everything in the realm of just rough sex. It made me feel a little bit better about him, but only a little bit.

“Tracks…” He said, leaning over and looking at the ground.

I couldn’t see anything, and today did not appear to be the day that I gained a tracking skill. It was the ninth day of our journey. It had been five days since I had become Ricardo’s lover. We had already done it twice that day, and it was getting about time for a third. I found myself anticipating it. I longed for the moment I’d suddenly be shoved to the dirt ground and plowed.

“Marvis, you and I will go ahead and check to see where they lead. It is fire wolves. If we’re lucky, they might have a lair we can ransack, recover some of our lost income from this trip.” Ricardo nodded to Marvis. “The rest of you, stay here and shut up.”

The two other men nodded and Marvis and Ricardo walked off. That left the three girls under the watch of Davius and Damus. They started setting up a small camp. Shay helped too. After she stopped feeling sorry for my predicament, she started becoming desperate to prove her usefulness to the party of men. The problem was that every action Shay made was being perceived differently by the men. To her, she was desperately helping so that they wouldn’t sell her to slaves. To them, it looked like she was making excuses to be closer to them. I could see the hunger in their eyes, and I feared she’d get into a situation similar to mine. Not that I hated my situation, but I’ve already accepted I’m probably not a gold star example anyone should take after. At least, I hadn’t lost the capacity to empathize.

“You, Aria, go off and get some wood for the fire.”

I blinked in surprise as Davius commanded me. Since Ricardo claimed me, he hadn’t made a single attempt to talk to me. I had seen him watching me and Ricardo very closely during our very public spouts. He also had envious eyes as he watched. Since Ricardo had started treating me like a sex doll, he had kept me close. Therefore, it seemed strange to suddenly let me go out and collect wood alone. I shrugged and moved off.

“Hey!” He shouted before I disappeared into the forest. “You better not run.”

It came off as a threat, which isn’t really the tone you should take with someone you saved, but it didn’t bother me. It had never even occurred to me to run. Admittedly, we were supposed to be only a day or two out from Marxville. I suspected that once we reached the town, there might be some issues. I doubted Ricardo was going to be willing to let me go free. At least, I’d avoid being sold as a slave, but I knew something was going to happen eventually.

Still, I really only had the vaguest idea of how to get there. I could speak the language, but could I read it? I didn’t have any money, what would I do? No, prostituting was not an option for me. Sorry girls, I do have my standards, and while I’d have sex for experience points, sex for money seems to go outside of them.

As I was contemplating what to do once I reached Marxville, I continued to pick up sticks and logs. It wasn’t long before I had as many as I could carry and started heading back. Before I was halfway back to camp, Davius emerged out of the forest. He looked me up and down nervously.

“Y-you trying to escape?” He demanded.

I looked at him like he was being an idiot. It was clear that I wasn’t. It was also clear he just made an excuse to meet me in the woods. Personally, I had no loyalty to Ricardo, and for a moment the greed of a first-time bonus flashed in my eyes. Given how much Ricardo had used me, I should be leveling soon. That kind of thought flashed through my mind.

I dropped the sticks to the side. “Oh, you want this then?”

I opened the top of my shirt just a bit, jutting out my chest and making it very clear I was referring to my body. Davius lost his composure for a second, gulping before shaking his head in recovery.

“Yo-you’re Ricardo’s,” he said nervously.

I barked a laugh. “I’m not Ricardo’s. He said it himself. I’m just showing my appreciation. I could show you some appreciation too?”

At that moment, I struck him with the Seduction skill. I was formulating a plan now. I could get out of this.

I removed my clothing and stood there in the middle of the forest completely naked. Of course, this was barely a drop in the water compared to my time with the goblins or even my time with Ricardo. Davius’s will broke down and he raced over to me, taking me up in his arms. I finally got to run my hands through his hair as we kissed and went to the ground. He stuck his dick inside of me and I was immediately a bit disappointed. He was small. So small! Damus and Ricardo were about even, but he was even an inch smaller than Marvis, who was really a bit below average if I’m being honest, although I admittedly didn’t know what average meant in this world.

He also barely lasted a minute. I barely did anything, just 10-20 humps and he was panting and a moment later, he wore a strained, red face. I quickly realized that looks aren’t everything. So far, the best-looking guy was the worst lover.

Disease Resistance has increased to level 1.

You have acquired Genital Warts.

What the fuck? I shoved him off of me and he fell to the side. STDs! STDs exist in this world? Not just that, but I just got one! Just like that? And to probably one of the least satisfying fucks yet. I had sex with twenty goblins and I’m fine, and one handsome guy later I have a disease now? Oh, but now I have disease resistance. As if you fucking helped earlier!

All the rough sex I’ve been forced to deal with, and this is the first time I’m actually genuinely pissed. He seemed quite pleased with himself, not even realizing I was staring daggers at him. I was just about to berate him and let him know how pissed I was when there was a scream. The pair of us looked at each other in surprise before tossing on clothing and running off towards the scream. We ended up a little to the right of the camp.

We came across Damus, he had his sword out and was pointing it down at Shay. She was on the ground. Her shirt was ripped open and her pants were pulled off. Damus hadn’t tucked his dick back in either, so it painted a very clear picture of what was going on. With Shay in tears and panic in her eyes, I grew even more furious. I already fucked Damus, and now he was trying to rape another girl? However, before I could berate him, he spoke.

“She’s pregnant!”

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