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Now, it came to my attention that, yes, if I really wanted it badly, I could have used Pheromones. This would have driven at least a couple of the men to come at me. Likely, a fight would have broken out. Some would have died, and the ‘winner’ would have rewarded himself with me. However, so far, my Pheromones only really worked on stupid goblins and people who have already had the Seduction spell on them a few times. I really didn’t know if it’d work on everyone, or if some would resist me as Dox did earlier.

Plus, if I did things that way, I wouldn’t be getting very much experience. I needed to prey on every guy, not just one. For that, I was already forming a plan. The plan depended on them taking me back to their hideout, so I went along with them without any struggle. I also saved my stamina for when I needed to use Seduction.

As we walked along, I used the Examine skill on each of the men. Their ages seemed to range from 20 to 50. Their levels also ranged from 10-30. Fifteen of them were classified as thieves. The lowest level was a level, 10 bandits. Dox was the highest-level bandit at 22. Based on who deferred to who, I reasoned out that bandit is likely a second-tier job, whereas thief was first-tier. That meant that level 10 bandit was a level 40 in reality. Even after examining 20 thieves and bandits, my skill still didn’t level. I wish I had used Examine on the merchants before they dragged me away.

They dragged me for at least two hours before we entered the camp. It looked like I was being dragged through a thick brush. That awarded me a few cuts and scrapes. As soon as the brush gave way, there was a small wooden fort with two towers. I say fort, but it looked like logs that were piled up to resemble a wall. The towers were built into trees, a small wooden platform tied at the top of each tree, allowing a man to stand on each one.

These thieves had enough sense to have a lookout. Surprisingly, they didn’t have enough sense to blindfold me. Did they think that I didn’t have any sense of direction? What if I was a princess and they did ransom me back. I could just lead an army to their doorstep. A single torch could burn the place to the ground.

We entered between the two trees into a small clearing that was lined with tents. This was hardly a small group of thieves. There were at least 200-300 people living here. It also wasn’t all smelly men. There were a few women and even a baby. As I passed a tent, I heard a slapping sound and the combined voices of a man and a woman moaning.

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Dox, the guy who’s been leading me jerked the rope. I had been veering off towards that tent inadvertently. I got back in line but also gave an unsatisfied frown. The other men around me didn’t notice. They had heard the noises and were making lewd jokes. A few let out a jeer or two aimed to embarrass the people in there. They didn’t stop, so that left me guessing these guys didn’t mind public displays of affection too much.

At the end of the camp, a very large tent sat. I called it a tent because that was what it technically was, but by the size, it looked like a mansion. It covered the size of about ten or twenty tents, with several tents placed on the side and connected with other hallway-like tents. The front flap was high enough to walk through without bending over, and Dox dragged me right through into the tent.

The tent was built up like a miniaturized throne room. A seat was sitting at the end and there was a man on it. He reminded me a bit of Ricardo, with thick arms and a strong build. He was considerably more attractive though, with a strong stubbled chin, and long curly brown hair that fell down his back. He was wearing a fur cloak, even though it wasn’t that cold, and he had a full leather plate mail with interlocking metal in it. He had a commanding air about him that immediately made me wet.

I struck with the Seduction ability. I only intended to use it once. After that, I’d try seducing him the old-fashioned way. The effects of Seduction were still scary. I wanted him to like me enough that he wouldn’t kill me, not like me enough to keep me locked in a cellar and punish me whenever I looked at another man.

“Boss,” Dox fell to one knee briefly before standing back up. “I brought you the princess, as promised.”

The man he called Boss looked at me with doubt in his eyes. I began to panic a bit. Maybe he recognized what the princess looked like. Thus, I decided to use the power of reverse psychology.

“I keep telling him, I’m not this princess you speak of. Unhand me!” Despite saying that, I used the haughtiest tone I could muster.

The boss seemed to grin at that, the caution in his eyes turning into surprise.

“Who is this “princess” you speak of, anyway?” I asked.

It was pushing it. I was pretending to be a princess pretending to not be the princess in order to gain information about the princess. As he leered at me with upraised eyes that made me want to tear off his clothing and ride him right there, I took the time to use Examine.

Examine Skill has increased to level 3.

Name: Nova

Sex: Male

Total Level: 72

Class: Bandit King

Class Level: 12

Sexual Partners: 23

Yes! I finally leveled it up! So I was right, there was a total level and then a class level! That made things easier to understand. However, if he’s level 72 that means he’s a third tier? Gulp! He could rip me apart. It looks like I’m starting to observe sexual information too. Given my tendencies, I expected this. It’s just another theory of mine, but I’m betting what skills do affect the kind of person you are. Someone who was a fighter using Examine might gravitate towards weaknesses, strengths, weapons… since I’m a seductress, my Examine focuses on the information I need.

I gave Dox a quick once-over with Examine as well, just for clarification.

Name: Dox

Sex: Male

Total Level: 52

Class: Bandit

Class Level: 22

Sexual Partners: 1

Just one? Oh, poor Dox. We’ll need to spend some time doubling that real soon.

“What have you done, Dox?” Nova barked.

I was giving him a lewd look out of the corner of my eye just as Nova said this, so Dox jerked to attention, quite flustered.

“I didn’t touch her! It must have been from a fall during the initial attack. I checked and she has no wounds. I think the blood is from one of her guards!”

At the going rate, this guy was going to execute Dox too. That would be really unfortunate, especially before I raised his partners up to two.

“He didn’t touch me! I-I thought I could pretend to be dead by covering myself like this and destroying my clothing, but he caught me before I could!” I threw out the lie.

I hit him with the Seduction skill a second time as well. If he was into me enough, he’d start to believe me, I hoped. So far, the expression in his eyes wasn’t changing. If the ability was working, he was very good at hiding his feelings. After a moment of uncomfortable silence, his face broke into a relaxed grin.

“Is that so? Well, I can’t have a princess looking like this! They’ll think I’ve been abusing her, and that means less money!”

His voice was very jovial. There was a sharpness in his eyes though. Talking to him was a lot different than all the previous men I had talked to in this world. He seemed very aware of himself. It was a keenness that made me feel uneasy. In fact, the entire situation kind of felt odd, like his eyes didn’t quite match the expressions on his face. Dox seemed to catch on to the unusual atmosphere as well.

“So… then… we’re good?” Dox asked cautiously.

“Of course!” The Bandit King laughed. “You’ve done your part marvelously. Jenai, come!”

With the bark of a command, a curtain was pushed aside and a woman emerged. She was a few years older than me, very pretty, and wearing an outfit that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. She had dark olive skin, to match her dark eyes and dark black hair. She exuded exoticness, her short stature and small body felt completely displaced by large breasts that seemed almost impossible on a girl that small.  She had a strange choker around her neck, and despite wearing a string bikini that only just covered the bulk of her breasts and a stringy thong that would have shown pelvic hair if she had had any to speak of, the outfit still managed to look gaudy, adorned with gold and jewels.

“Yes, my master?” She went down, prostrating herself in front of him until she was practically lying down face first.

There was a twinkle in his eyes as he gazed down at her. It was surprisingly devoid of any kind of lust. Even Dox’s eyes wandered from her breasts to her thighs and back, but this Bandit King treated her like she was nothing special. I fought the urge to use the Seduction skill one more time. Was it even working? Well, he hadn’t killed me so far, so it had to be doing something. Maybe he was gay…

“Rise,” he ordered, and she lifted herself up.

Immediately, he grabbed her and pulled her against his body. She offered no resistance as he kissed her roughly, his tongue exploring her mouth, his hands groping her basically naked body, fingers casually moving under the strips of cloth that would have kept her privates private. So much for gay. It was clearly a statement. He owned her. Her body was completely his. There was nothing she had that wasn’t his. It was kind of hot. It only reminded me of how long it had been since my last release.

“Orders, master?” She asked once again, her face not reacting as his hands groped her openly in front of Dox and myself.

After a moment, he sighed and dropped his hands. “Get this one cleaned up. Make sure she is fit enough for a princess. I plan to take care of her very well.”

Nova went back to the throne, dismissing the group with a wave of his hand. As Dox turned to leave, breathing a sigh of relief that he wasn’t in some kind of trouble. The girl, Jenai, approached me, putting out her hand. Before I took it, I used Examine, clearly curious about the kind of woman this Jenai was.

Name: Jenai

Sex: Female

Total Level: 12

Class: Servant

Class Level: 12

Sexual Partners: 3

I couldn’t wait until my Examine went up and I could get more juicy information. It seemed like Jenai was treated very well. I imagined servants like her might get passed around throughout the bandit camp. I expected her sexual partners to be in the hundreds. Since she wasn’t, it meant this Nova treated women well. That gave me a better impression of him, although my darker inner personality was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t be given the rounds. A hundred unique cocks, imagine the amount of experience. That could be 2, maybe even 3 levels.

She led me to a large basin that was empty. She muttered some words and water began to flow from her hand into the tub. I almost exclaimed in surprise. That was magic. That was legitimately magic! I had suspected magic existed from the moment I had run into a goblin. Really, I knew it existed from my talks with Darius. However, this was my first time actually seeing it.

The stream of water that flowed from her hand seemed to come from nowhere. It fell at about the same speed as a facet, and the tub, large enough that it’d go up to my chest, took about fifteen minutes to fill. I had no clue how spell points worked. She seemed to be able to cast the spell continuously. The thing was she was only level 12 too! I’m only 5 levels away from that. Will I be able to learn magic too? I mean, she’s only a tier 1, right? So, if a servant can learn magic, then anyone can, right?

I wanted to ask her a million questions, but in the end, I kept my mouth shut and my chin up. I was pretending to be a princess. She seemed loyal to Nova, and I couldn’t expect her not to tell him anything. I used Seduction on her once. I had never used Seduction on a woman. Perhaps it would work differently than men. When the time came, perhaps seducing her will get her to help me escape if that was necessary at all.

She glanced at me and gave a warm smile. Her eyes did change a bit. A moment prior, when she looked at me, it was like she was looking at a rock. Now, she actually looked at me and had the decency to smile. That seemed like a pretty big effect. Since I used it twice on Nova, is he really craving me right now? Maybe he wants me to clean up so he can ravage me in bed. The thought sent shivers down my spine, which I tried to not show in front of Jenai.

After she was done filling the tub, she stuck her hand in. It took a while for me to realize what she was doing. It wasn’t until steam started rising from the bath that it clicked home. She was heating the bath! That had to be, what, fire? Or was heating water just another kind of water spell? I wanted to learn magic, I really did! I almost attacked her with more Seduction. However, I was still worried that if I used Seduction too frequently, people could tell their mind was being tampered with. I should stick to once a day. I already kicked myself for using it twice on Nova. I already felt my stamina was a bit low as a result.

Once the bath was sufficiently steamy, she moved over to me, reaching up to pull off my clothing. I flinched at that but immediately stopped resisting. Mental Fortitude meant that it didn’t really bug me. It was really just a habit. A princess would have someone dress them. That should be obvious. I let her put off all my clothing until I stood naked in the room, steadily becoming warm from the steam.

Once finished, she gave me a bow, a much smaller one compared to the prostrating she had done to Nova, and then walked back out. I eagerly worked my way into the tub. It was so hot and comfortable. She had also put some kind of flowery scent in it. There was a soap bar on the side, a rag, and what was that? I hadn’t seen it before, but when I realized what it was, I got even more excited.

Lying down near the soap, knocked on its side, was a small, smooth cylinder with rounded edges. It was made of some kind of rock smoothed to the point of being practically glass, and it was undoubtedly shaped like a penis. It was a sex toy! I couldn’t think of any other identity for it. I casually swiped the object, switching my title to Solo Player.

Masturbation Skill has increased to level 2.

About five minutes later, Jenai returned, laying out what I thought was a change of clothes and a towel. I was already done, of course. It had been a while, and with a hot steamy tub and a toy to boot, I was satisfied very quickly. After that, I took to trying to clean myself. To my surprise, I didn’t need to shave at all. After last shaving nearly a week ago, my legs remained perfectly smooth. I wondered if this was an effect of my class, and if so, why did it only take effect after shaving for the first time?

I scrubbed thoroughly, not wanting to let Nova down. If my little Seduction ability worked, then tonight might be a role-playing event I could only dream of. The poor innocent virgin princess gets violated by the Bandit King. After Jenai left, I went a second round with the toy. It was probably her toy, to begin with. Sorry Jenai, I’ll be taking it with me! I don’t know how long it’ll take to find something else that would work and the experience bonus is important to me!

After thoroughly washing my body, and smelling better than I had since I’ve been to this world, I got up and dried myself. When I picked up the outfit, I almost grabbed the dildo again for a third round. This outfit was not something a princess would ever wear. It left a bit more to the imagination than Jenai’s outfit, but only a little. It was a top piece that bared my belly button, and a bottom piece that barely went low enough to cover my butt cheeks. It was made out of silk, and could only be described as sexy lingerie.

With him dressing me like this, it was very clear what he wanted to do with me. I hummed excitedly as I put myself in the outfit. The only thing that was missing was some makeup and a couple of accessories. After two hits of Seduction, it probably wasn’t needed, but a seductress had to bring out her A-game, after all.

Jenai came to get me a few minutes later. As for the dildo, you probably imagine my outfit left very few hiding spots for it. I’ll leave it to your imagination on how I was able to sneak it out of the bathroom. I moved across the tent towards another tent-like hallway. At the end of it, Jenai looked through a curtain before turning back and giving me a small bow.

“You may proceed.”

Her face was fairly emotionless. It didn’t offer any concern for the princess who’s about to be violated. Perhaps her eyes held a tenseness that they wouldn’t have had before my Seduction. I’ll have to use it on her a few more times. I hoped I might be able to turn her into a confidant.

I entered the flap, and a moment later my eyes popped at another room the size of the throne room. This one had a full king-sized bed sitting in the middle. It was filled with red and gold and was as gaudy as the outfit he put Jenai in. The man himself sat in the middle of the bed. His chest was bare and he only wore a small loincloth which covered all the best parts.

He swung his legs over the side of the bed as I came in and an excited look flashed in his eyes. “Well, hello princess. I must say, you are far more beautiful than the rumors suggest.”

I tried to blush, despite not feeling embarrassed, but I didn’t know if I succeeded. Instead, I decided to continue to play the damsel in distress.

“Oh my! What are you doing? What do you plan to do to me?” I asked excitedly, hoping it came off as distressed.

He smirked, standing up and approaching me with a swagger. “I’m going to interrogate you.”

“Me-my, what questions? I’m just a princess, I don’t think I’d know anything.”

His eyes flashed and at that second, I realized that I had made a mistake. A knife flashed out from behind him and a moment later he had his arms wrapped around me from behind, the knife pressed hard against my throat.

“I know you’re no Princess, so why don’t you start by telling me exactly who you are!” He gave a dark smile, and I let out a little gulp.

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