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“Your dick feels so good in my ass,” I moaned in pleasure.

“No, see, I can still tell. Your inflection changes when you say ass.” Nova sighed and gave me a hard smack on the ass.

Of course, I had told a lie. I was on my hands and knees, moaning quite enthusiastically, even while Nova was lecturing me. Of course, he was thrusting into me quite roughly, and the feeling of each thrust hit me in just the right spot that my brain could barely work. However, he was undoubtedly thrusting into my vagina, not my ass. I had thought the little lie would work.

It had already been a few days now. Since that first night with Nova, we had been going at it like rabbits. Meanwhile, he didn’t waste a second to shove as much information into me as he could while he also shoved as much of his dick into me as I could take. He really was big, and I was happy it wasn’t my ass he was fucking at that particular time.

The lessons changed periodically based on the mood he was in. Sometimes, he would drone on about politics, the names of people I’m supposed to know, and the way the upper class worked. He’d talk about landmasses, kingdoms, and such. When I started to drift off, he’d twist my nipples particularly hard, always eliciting a moan and yelp from me. When he wasn’t talking politics, I’d ask him questions about skills, which he’d answer amongst huffs of breath.

Right now, we were practicing my Deception ability. I’d tell lies, truths, and half-truths. If he caught me lying, I’d get punished. The current punishment was a smack on the ass, but that was only after my nipples had become too tender from all of his abuse. It sounded bad, but I wasn’t hating it. My butt was getting a bit sore though, and I was motivated to not get any more smacks, less he comes up with a new form of punishment.

“My name is Aria…” I moaned biting the pillow my face was in as I did.

“Of course, if you’re giving obvious truths, don’t even bother.”

“I went to Gilten University to become a Chemist!” I let out a cry as his dick hit me in exactly the right spot.

“What are Universities…” He panted. “And what are Chemists?”

“U-universities, oh god, yeah, they’re places of education where you learn how to do your future… mmmm… your future, oh, please there, right there, yes… keep it up!”

“Future what? You need to be able to think even under mental duress!”

I didn’t know if this was exactly the same kind of thing, but I didn’t want my butt to be smacked so I hurried with an answer. “Future jobs… and chemists, we mix things… to… To make other things!”

I finally got it out before letting out another cry. I could feel my pussy clamping down on his cock, my body convulsing as pleasure shot up and down my body. I came, breathing hard into the pillow, little moans coming out, my knuckles white from squeezing on the edge of the bed.

“Is that like an alchemist?” He asked.

Nova had slowed down his thrusts, leaving his cock inside of me, but only moving in and out at a far more reasonable pace as I recovered. Even with my 5X stamina, I couldn’t compete with Nova. A third tier had unbelievably high stamina. It was almost unfair. Despite that, he still said I could go longer than any girl he’d ever been with. I didn’t know if it was flattery, but he said if he’d treated any other girl like he treated me, they’d be a wreck right now. Was it wrong to feel a little pride with that statement?

“Y-yeah… I guess.” I let out a sigh, my pulsating womanhood finally getting under control.

The tent flap was pushed to the side all of a sudden, and someone walked in. “Jericoi is here to see you for the meeting…”

This was Jenai. As always, I didn’t feel any embarrassment at Jenai seeing me bent over on top of a bed, with Nova balls deep inside me, my face flushed from a recent orgasm. She came in and out of the tent freely, even in the middle of our sexual encounters. She showed no expression of concern, either sympathy or jealousy, over Nova giving me attention. In fact, she basically ignored me unless Nova made a direct order.

I used the seduction power on her three times now. Either Nova didn’t know I was using the power unless it was on him, or he didn’t care. Either way, I still wanted to learn magic from her if I could. Plus, having a friend wasn’t always bad. These last two days, I had basically been confined to Nova’s room. If she hadn’t been regularly bringing us meals, I’d have starved in here.

“Jenai, practice deception with Aria here. Make sure to punish her if she makes a mistake.” After he said that, he gave me one really good slap on the ass, the sound echoing in the small room.

“Ow! What was that for?” I whined.

“You forgot to tell a lie last time!” He shook his head in disappointment, although the edges of his lips were curled upward in enjoyment.

Jenai gave a low bow to him. He moved up to and grabbed her. He aggressively molested her body, squeezing her ass as he thoroughly kissed her, his dick wet with semen and my womanhood rubbing her bare stomach. Even if she didn’t react, I had to admit it made me slightly jealous. Finally, he released her and threw on pants and a shirt before leaving the room. I let out a sigh, rubbing my red behind before sitting up.

“Telling lies, and catching lies, are both parts of the deception skill,” Jenai stated, giving me a nod and sitting next to me. “I will tell you two lies and one truth. You must pick out the right one.”

I nodded excitedly, ready to start leveling up my deception with someone a bit less aggressive.

“First off, I lost my virginity when I was only 12. Second, I became a servant of Novaunwillingly. Third, I admire you greatly.”

I thought about the three questions. Even though I had used seduction on her several times, I doubt she admired me. Even when seduction did work, it always came off more like an obsession. I also really doubted she’d become Nova’s servant willingly. She had to be coerced, the same as me. On top of that, losing virginity at 12… it just seemed too cruel, which really fit into this kind of world.

“The truth is your virginity!”

The girl twisted her mouth and raised her hand. I winced, preparing to be struck in the face. When the strike didn’t land, I opened one eye. Jenai was lowering her hand back down.

“Mistakes happen,” she said coldly, “Now you try.”

I was a little shocked that she didn’t strike me in the face. Was seduction really working like that? It occurred to me that if her deception skill was really high, maybe she really was seduced, she just was very good at hiding it.

“Okay! I lost my virginity at 17! I once had sex with a girl! And I stole your dildo!”

Jenai frowned. “Those are all true.”

I grinned, “Does that mean I pass? One of them was a lie, I passed!”

Deception Skill has increased to level 3.

Jenai shook her head for a second. “That was good. I almost believed it. All three were the truth though. Saying one was a lie was, in fact, the lie. What is a dildo?”

I froze. I’m not sure why I told the truth there. Mentioning it like that seemed to be a way to get it off my conscious. Even with Nova riding me hard, I still tried to equip Solo Player and use the dildo once a day for the experience.

After a moment, I decided to fess up and describe the item, even taking it out where I hid it in a drawer in Nova’s room.

Jenai shrugged. “I did not know that this thing was this sex toy, dildo, you speak of. That item is Nova’s. He likes to violate women he takes with it. I do not think it was designed for that purpose, but it is interesting that you use it in the same way he did. He has not noticed it is gone. Do not worry, I will not tell him.”

I let out a breath of air. I wasn’t embarrassed, never embarrassed, but other feelings of shock, concern, and fear gave me an almost embarrassed feeling to the situation. In order to get past it, I decided to concentrate once again, putting all my effort into deception.

Jenai started talking again. “Now listen carefully and focus your deception ability, two lies, one truth (lie). First, my father beat me when I was very young (truth). Second, I’m jealous of the attention Nova gives you (false), and third, I like buttplay (truth).

“You’re really not jealous?” I said in surprise.

Jenai also seemed to be taken aback at my sudden statement. However, it seemed to suddenly kick in and work. If I focused on the deception ability, as soon as the words were said I got kind of a strong flash on whether it’s a truth or a lie. This must have been a result of the increase in Deception ability.

“Um… you lied two. Two of those were true and only one was the lie,” I finished.

Jenai nodded cautiously. “That was good. I will start having to be more careful with the lies I give you.”

We continued to go back and forth like this. My Deception, unfortunately, didn’t level again that night, but I was able to get away with a lie about half the time now, and with level 3, I could catch every lie she told as long as I was focusing. When I was wrong, Jenai never attempted to strike me. While her demeanor was still pretty icy, I started to get a better sense of her personality. The kindness she showed wasn’t in her attitude but in her choices.

After I started catching the lies, she started being more careful about what personal information she let out. I found that she did lose her virginity at 14. She was a slave, whose slave caravan had been raided by the thieves. Nova had taken a liking to her and put her under his wing. He got her status turned to servant, and she’s been loyal ever since.

By the time Nova returned, I was quite proud of my progress. I could catch any lie as long as I concentrated. However, I realized that concentration was the last thing on my mind while he was pumping away. As soon as his dick was inside me, my mind turned to mush.

He was quite aggressive that night. It turned out the talk he had really wound him up. After a while, he pushed me away and lied down on the bed, an annoyed look in his eyes. His rock-hard chest was only a little sweaty after already thirty minutes of thrusting into me. I had cum twice, but he hadn’t done anything.

I didn’t know him personally very well, and I really didn’t know what to say to him. He was a bandit king that certainly fell out of my range of knowledge. I feared anything he was upset about might lead to more uncomfortable talks about skinning people and the like. I tried to ignore all the bad stuff and just focus on the luxuries. It dawned on me that this might be the kind of behavior for a mobster boss’ wife or something.

I shrugged moving up close to him cautiously. Like a bomb that might suddenly explode, I very cautiously touched his body. My hand touched his smooth chest and ran down his pecs and chest, while I leaned over and lightly kissed the side of his neck, taking in the earthy scent his body gave off. He didn’t resist, glancing off as if in a daze, so my hand continued to lower down his body, eventually settling with a grip around his dick. He wasn’t completely hard, but he was already halfway there.

It only took a few movements of my hand before he was ready to go again. His dick was still a little wet with my own juices from the pile driving he had given me before, so I used it to help stroke up and down on his cock, while my tongue continued to play against his neck. Eventually, I licked my palm and brought it back down, adding a little more lube to the motions. When I got it right, I had a fist around his cock. I say fist, but with his girth, my fingers couldn’t touch all the way around, no matter how tight I squeezed.

As one hand worked its way up and down his shaft, the other calmly stroked his hard chest. The movements weren’t hard enough to be called a massage, but they were firm enough that they pressed against his skin and made their presence known. After a minute or so of this, he finally let out a satisfied moan, closing his eyes.

Handjob Skill has increased to level 2.

As I moved my hand, I put my head down on his chest. I listened to his heartbeat with one ear and the sound of his ragged breathing with the other. Meanwhile, my hand worked up and down his shaft, moving faster and faster. The increased level seemed to refine my movements. It was hard to describe, but my fingers seemed to work in a way that both tired my wrist less, and improved the act itself, leading to a greater effect on him. I kept listening as his breathing quickened. Just as his breath started to turn rough, and I was certain I was going to bring him to orgasm, I was pushed to the side.

A moment later, the bandit king was on top of me. His hard body was pushed up against mine. He pushed his large dick up against my womanhood, and I spread my legs open to welcome him. My hands grabbed onto the sides of his abs, only just a little slick with sweat from the day. His scent was intoxicating, an aroma of smoke and earth. He grabbed the bottom of my chin, and slowly brought my lips against his, my nose becoming filled with his rich scent.

Just as his lips pressed against mine, he thrust into me, and his enormous member slid into my body, filling me up to the brim. His dick size probably sat at the limit of what I could take comfortably. It made me a little regretful that I hadn’t picked up that skill that would have let me adjust my size.

The pair of us continued to wrestle with our tongues. Meanwhile, he thrust in and out of me. Unlike my experiences with Ricardo, I wasn’t attempting to power struggle with him. In fact, I let Nova have my body entirely. I was lost in the rhythm and orgasmic pleasure that racked through my body. He took every ounce of my body, touching, teasing, kissing, sucking, and fucking, and I gave it all to him.

His dick thrust into me over and over again, and even after I came, he kept going, showing no signs of slowing as my juices squirted out and ran down my buttcrack. We occasionally broke from kissing. He’d suck my neck, giving me hickeys. I’d kiss his neck, digging my nails into his back as I came another time. Still, he never slowed down.

That night, I didn’t give up though. I used every ability I had to pleasure him. My body was his thing, and I did everything I could to bring him the pleasure he wanted. In the end, the pair of us exploded together. I erupted in a mind-blowing orgasm, my pussy clamping tight just as his cock began to throb in climax, hot seed entering deep inside of me. He seemed to cum for minutes, and he was still shooting his load deep inside me as some of it fell out and streaked down my thighs and butt. I had already come four or five times, and I was sure the bed under us was drenched in my lust.

Vaginal Intercourse Skill has increased to level 4.

When his cock finally shot its last bit, his hard muscles finally relaxed a bit. He let out a sigh and collapsed on top of me. I pressed my naked body against his hard, warm muscles, and fell asleep with his dick still deep inside of me. For that moment, I was glad I had ended up with Nova. If things could stay like that, I could live happily. Of course, I was a fool. What did I expect when I followed after a man known for his ability to lie?

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